10 Free iTunes Songs

Today has been beyond slow in terms of freebies. I found this 10 free iTunes summer songs offer yesterday and initially wasn’t going to post it, but geez there’s just nothing out there today. Basically, you have to become a fan of iTunes on Facebook and then they’ll give you a code to download the 10 songs, which happen to be:

  • Bat For Lashes – Daniel
  • Ben Kweller – Wantin’ Her Again
  • Blind Pilot – Go On, Say It
  • Dave Matthews Band – Cornbread
  • Dave Matthews Band – Dancing Nancies
  • The Decemberists – The Rake’s Song
  • Elizabeth & The Catapult – Taller Children
  • Gomez – Airstream Driver
  • Other Lives – Black Tables
  • White Rabbits – Percussion Gun

Sweet, music I’ve never heard of!

  • Amy T

    No wonder they’re free…. :-)

  • Lacey

    What? Who?

  • Kelli

    I became a fan but have not recieved the code :-(

  • InfoMac

    Here’s another freebie for today, hopefully you won’t feel so slow =/


    Goob: We’ve actually already posted that freebie. You have to copy & paste it into your browser in order to get to the signup page.

  • Kimberly

    Yeah, me either. Maybe I am just overlooking something obvious (but not to me).

  • Elizabeth

    I became a fan but have not received the code, either Is it supposed come through my facebook inbox? or to the email account listed in my profile?

  • Sheri

    Who hasn’t heard of DMB?! Only one of the highest grossing bands of the last few years. Dancing Nancies is great!

  • Gina

    I’ve heard of DMB but none of the other bands.

  • Mel

    Once you become a fan there is a place farther down the fan page to click that says Spring into summer music mix. Then you click that, then click allow for the app on facebook and it brings up the Itunes store. It starts the download for you right away without putting the physical code in.

    I love DMB, so hopefully the others will be similar!

  • Fellina

    The Decemberists are in indie rock band from Portland, oregon…and…they…ROCK!!!! They are my favorite band, I’ve seen them 3x and am going to see them again in July.
    I was SO excited to see them get this kind of exposure!!!
    BTW, The Rake Song, is a very ‘dark’ song, maybe their darkest…they have a wicked sence of humor!!

  • Fellina

    I’m a FB newbie, how do you ‘become a fan’???

  • Samantha

    I don’t have a FB :(

  • Kelli

    Go to search in upper right hand corner and type in itues. Then click on become a fan.

  • Kelli


  • Messa

    Since things are so slow, why not post this?

    “My much longer post on earning some extra cash isn’t going to be ready for another week or two as I’m trying to be as thorough as possible.”

    Times are tight….YouData rocks, we need more like that…..Brother, can you spare a post on how to make some extra cash?

    Goob: That post will be ready shortly!

  • Hey Goob! I love your site and just tagged/awarded you as the “Queen of ALL Things Awe-Summmm!” on my free samples blog. Sorry, the traveling award doesn’t have a “King” option. :) Congratulations! He he.


  • Kimberly

    Mel, I did the become a fan stuff. Then I looked at my facebook page info tab…clicked on the Free on itunes at the bottom. At Free on itunes page, I don’t find anything like your directions above…am I on the wrong page, or what am I doing wrong? Nothing seems to open the itunes store. Thanks so much!

  • fanniefarkle

    this one is over per post on my news feed on fb

  • C

    Offer is now 20 songs (unknowns, of course).