15 Free CFL Lightbulbs for Duke Energy Users

Duke Energy is giving their users 15 free CFL lightbulbs which is nice for Duke Energy users and irritating for everyone else like me. I tested my luck and called my power company asking where I could pick up free light bulbs. They laughed and made a counter proposal of “pay your bill by tonight or we’re shutting off your power.” Well now where’s the fun in that?

  • For once, I’m glad I have Duke energy! (don’t tell anyone I said that)

  • Mellocup

    Oh yes, got mine about a month ago. Great Freebie!

  • Jenn Z

    I have duke, but it’s not available in my state….shoot.

  • missy

    I dont have duke but they need too much info anyway !

  • Margaret

    They said I qualified for 12 bulbs. I sent the link to my daughter-in-law who lives in the same city and she qualified for 15 bulbs.

  • Katie

    Sweet! I only qualified for 12, but hey…12 is better than 0! Thanks!

  • MrsCobine

    I don’t qualify, but I think this is a GREAT IDEA!
    I hope all energy companies will do the same=)

  • Heather

    since im in the midde of renovating my new house and have 2 duke energy bills under my account i qualified for 30 bulbs……but can anyone tell me how exactly is duke gonna know whether you use your bulbs at your house only or not?

  • wanda

    thanks for the free bulb i need to save anything i can . Its really been hard this year.

  • Edna Hyland

    Received my CFL bulbs but would like the email address or phone number for my niece to call for some. Please email me the contact and I will send it to her. My 15 are great and the 20 watt replaced a 100 watt bulb and the CFL is so much easier to read by. Thank you.

  • I’m not a Duke customer, but your tip got me thinking that maybe my electric company would do something similar. Turns out they do. Maybe that would work for other people to.Thanks again for the tip about free cfl bulbs!

  • mary jane sauls

    i live at 9345 deer path lane kernersville NC 27284
    yes i would like to get these free bulbs please
    thank you
    mary sauls

  • mary jane sauls

    no comment \

    thank you

  • Mike

    Duke does not offer free cfls to all customers Indiana is one they don’t offer they to >>>>>>

  • richard morgan

    Yes I would like some freebies, Shelby nc. 1328 crestview dr.

  • i wont to no is how do u type in to where to get tha free floresent bulbs? i tryed to get them on tha phone and thet wud cut me off right in tha middle of dialing tha dam numbers im sorry but this is in correct pls hang up and try it a gin thay did it 4 times wanting your account nu and your soc number i thing it full of eltoro poo poo,

  • Michael

    Yes I would like to have some freebies, Salisbury, NC 3425 Stokes Ferry Rd.

  • charles a warren

    don’t have a website

  • brenda norris

    I would greatly appreciate the free bulbs as I am interested in saving energy. Duke Energy is to be commended for this offer!!

  • Midge

    How do you get the free bulbs?

  • Thomas Williams

    I would like to do more on saving energy. Thank you, Duke Energy for the help in these hard times.

  • Thomas Williams

    Oh Yes I would love to get free CFL Lightbulbs.

  • john d mitchen

    please send me my free light blubs

  • donna greene

    please send me some free light blubs

  • donna greene

    yes i would love some free light blubs

  • h crosswhite

    please send free light blubs

  • I like the duke energy service in an emergency , they are always there in our time of need, Thank you ,,,,,,,,,,

  • donald lamb

    i would like free light bulbs thank you!!!!!!!!!

  • douglas callicutt

    send free light blubs thanks

  • douglas callicutt

    send free light bulbs thanks

  • david parrish

    many thanks for the free lightbulbs. i am very grateful!!!!


  • shirlee

    please send me my free light bulbs, thank you

  • Vickie Burris

    Hey, Don’t you all likes us peeps in In. I have Duke Energy and have had for the past 38 1/2 yrs. so I would like for the first time every some free light bulbs too (energy effi.) Thank you so much. Hope to hear something soon,,,

  • Paul Moss

    Yes I would like to receive the free light bulbs

  • patricia k. koger

    yes i would like to receive the free light bulbs

  • patricia k. koger

    yes i would like to receive the 15 free light bulbs…

  • patricia k. koger

    yes i would like to receive the 15 free light bulbs

  • robert l gray sr.

    yes i would like toget the free light bulbs

  • ruth seawright

    i would like some free light bulbs please thanks

  • Hal Hallman

    account number 663110

  • kenneth crowder

    Thank You

  • mavis-white

    would like 15 free light bulbs.

  • mavis-white

    Thanks in advance for the light bulbs.
    Mavis White

  • teddy york

    hank you much for the bulbs, a great effort.

  • riccy quezada

    I would like to receive the bulbs free

  • Brenda Truesdale

    I need some bulbs to save on my bill

  • Brenda Truesdale

    Send me some. Free light bulbs and i didn’t receive my free bulbs i would like some thanks