160 Free Stouffer’s Dinner Club Points

Here’s a points program I don’t write about often since they rarely release free codes. You can get 160 free Stouffer’s Dinner Club points via the four codes below.


Their prize selection is sparse, but I still use the free oven mitt I got a year ago. Not for cooking, of course. I’m still not sure which room in my apartment is supposed to be the kitchen.

  • Diane

    Thanks Goob!

  • mags

    i only got 120,dang.

  • mags

    nevermind,the points collector didn’t read all of them that i typed in.it’s all good now :] thanks goob!

  • Kendra


  • Beth

    Thanks, 10 more point and I can get something gooooodddd :)

  • Susan P.

    Says Lasagna and Satisfying have already been used but I’ve never used words before only codes from packages. ???

  • shelley

    great! that was a lot faster than buying and eating 8+ meals! appreciate the tip!

  • Jenn

    Might be a while until I accrue enough points for anything good, but thanks!

  • There are also monthly surveys, it seems…those would add up. I signed up today and now have 390 points!

  • Marley

    it told me that REWARDINGDINNER had already been used and I couldn’t redeem it for some reason…but the others all worked! Thanks!

  • maddie

    Awesome thanks! my mom and grandparents give me all of their codes so this help me get something good!

  • Shari

    Received the following message:

    You must be logged in to view this page. Registered users may login below.

    Tried to join but webpage never loaded.


    Also enter subsparty10 and FARMERSHARVEST for more points

  • D

    Did Goob’s 4, plus #13 Terri’s 2 for 200 points!! Thanks!


    Woo-hoo – 410 points just from all the codes and taking three surveys.

  • joni

    thanks got enough to get the blanket shows how much of this stuff I eat :-)

  • RobinsTigger

    Thanks for the points. #13….Thanks for your contribution!! Got points from your codes as well!

  • Sandy

    Only 1090 points til I can get a DVD. Oh, this should be fun… :P

  • Margo

    WHERE are guys FINDING all those great FREE WORD CODES for the Stouffer’s Dinner Club? I am thrilled to have just gotten 200 free points, for the four codes in the main blog, and the two more from #13. Thanks so much, but are there more of these anywhere?

  • Kay

    I really want that blanket, they should give out free points more often haha

  • Lori

    Thanks GOOB and #13. With your help I got 300 points. As soon as I open 2 Stouffer’s products, I’ll leave the new codes here. it says on their websitw that each product is worth 20 points so we can all get an extra 40 points.There’s a couple decent things there but they are a lot of points.

  • diane


  • Carol

    I think its great that we can save our points and donate them to help other people. last year I could donate 14,000 points to help feed Amercia. It was great . I will keep donating.

  • FARMERSHARVEST also added points!

  • sorry, I saw someone else post this….sorry for the repost. :\

  • Kabyy

    so im a few years late lol but they are ending soon ( i just got the email) i forget about them copletly but those love bird salt n pepper shakers are calling my name!!!

    where can I get more codes?