215 Free Kellogg’s Family Rewards

Free Kellogg's Points

Oh boy, oh boy, OH BOY!

Huh? Oh, no, I’m not excited over the 20 free Kellogg’s Family Rewards points I just received thanks to code SPIDEYEXCITEMENT. I found something way better just now – a free Cheeto under my desk!

Edit: Geez, there are a bunch of new codes I missed actually! They are:

  • SPRINGONTHECOLOR – 20 points
  • APRILFOOLSREWARD – 25 points
  • APRILFOOLSDAYFUN – 150 points

Don’t forget I’ve listed all the current free Kellogg’s codes for anybody who hasn’t signed up yet!

  • cindy

    Thanks Goob..They all worked fine for me :)

  • lhrdst1

    Thanks Goob – all the codes worked for me!