25 Free Kellogg’s Codes

Free Kellogg's Points

25 free Kellogg’s codes can be in your Family Rewards account today thanks to code KFRLOVESPOPTARTS. You know what? I think we should accrue interest on our free points. I’d be a millionaire by now! Okay, thousandaire. Fine, fine, you’re right. I’d still be broke 😀

Don’t forget that all the current free Kellogg’s codes can be found here.

  • Sam

    Now if only I could log in! :( Apparently, they are still having issues.

  • Old

    So ticked, they are making us change our passwords and sending the link to our email. The email account I used was deleted because of lack of use and now I can’t log in and I lost thousands of points! This REALLY ticks me off!

  • Gruneichtime

    Why don’t you get them on the phone and explain what happened. Even if they don’t give you all your points back, maybe they will compensate some points for your lose. At least you will not be starting over from scratch…….Good Luck.