3 Free Boxes of Monkey Bars

3 Free Boxes of Monkey Bars

I honestly don’t need to say a word about these free boxes of Monkey Bars snack food. The embedded video that auto plays on their site should be all the unintentional humor you need.

Here’s a store locator to see if they’re sold in your area. Just a heads up: it might take the locator a good minute or two to display the search results. Also, only select areas qualify. My address in NYC didn’t, but my family’s down south did. *shrug*

Has anybody seen these? They’re supposed to be in Walmart, HEB, and Target though most reports online are from people who only found them in Target.

  • Cath

    Thanks for adding the store locator link. They don’t seem to sell them at all the Targets (??), and the ones they do list near me are too far to be worth driving to for Monkey bars. But, as freebies, go, 15 bars is a pretty good haul.


    they are AWESOME..

  • disqus_ITJdHw4Xh6

    That DID take a while to post locator results! I’m not a fan of putting a phone number on these kinds of things, but when I didn’t, it said it needed one since they’ll call to confirm my information before shipping the coupons. I’d really rather not. :P I’m going to check my local Target before committing.

  • Monkey Bars

    This is Monkey Bars here! We’re only in 315 Target stores at the moment, but meeting with Target on Aug 26 to hopefully get into all of them!! Don’t worry, we won’t spam your phone! Promise! :)

  • Kristie

    I have seen them at HEB.

  • Monkey Bars

    Thanks for the shout out! Yay!

  • Britta

    I bought them for my sister once who is a monkey fan in general as a joke and she loved them! Filling the form out now…excited to try them myself. I’m in Los Angeles and I think I’ve seen them at every Target here.

  • A

    keeps giving me error messages when i try to get to the page :(

  • Nicole

    Just curious, how long should it take for a confirmation e-mail? Hope it went trough. Excited about the monkey bars.

  • Pamm

    In Arizona they’re in Basha’s stores. The store locator came up fast, but the page for the coupons won’t load at all. Maybe HIFers crashed it?

  • Emily

    How do i know whether or not im going to get any? Still awaiting that conformation email

  • Kelli

    I can’t get the page to load ????

  • Callie

    None in my region of the country (coastal NC), but in Greensboro, 60ish miles away. Probably not worth the drive. :/

  • AJB

    The stores that do sell them will probably run out of stock very quickly.

  • Nicole

    I signed up yesterday, received confirmation e-mail this evening and they said that they are not in a location near me. Monkey Bars, are you reading this? I have an HEB 7 miles away that I have purchased monkey bars from in the last month! Anyways, I hope some people are getting their coupons. They gave me a promo code for 37%off an online order.

  • Britta

    UPDATE: So strange- got the follow-up email from Monkey Bars saying they do not sell them in my area :( I see them all the time at our Target Stores. :/ Oh well.

  • Stickbug

    I used the locator and it indicated that they carry them at the target in the town next to me. So I filled out the form and got a reply that they don’t carry them at a store near me. Weird.

  • braveheart812

    SO. how do you get them for free…with a coupon or just walk in when they ring up, the price will be $0.00??

  • http://www.heyitsfree.net Goob

    They’ll mail a coupon if you live in an area where they sell them!

  • braveheart812

    Thanks Goob!
    I called the number listed on the bottom of the website and asked if I could enter that way, as the website was overloaded and would not accept my request. The gentleman on the phone was super nice and helpful, asked the same questions that were on the online form and said I should be on the lookout for my coupons within the next week!!!

  • lauriela

    When will I get an email or a call its been a few days now!

  • Nicole

    I called the number at the bottom of the website and explained to them about being denied the coupons for a store not being in my area. The gentleman that helped me
    was awesomely plesent and signed me up. They should ship by Monday. Thank you Monkey Bars!

  • Sue

    It’s been over a week. No email, no phone call. I know they sell them at a Target near me, so what’s the problem? This is not cool…

  • Sue

    I just tried again for the second time and still can’t get this to work! What happened to the Monkey Bars rep that posted here before? I could use some help…Has anyone actually gotten their sample or is this just bogus?