Black Angus Steakhouse Birthday Freebie

Black Angus Steakhouse Birthday Freebie

Updated on 05-29-2014

I live on the east coast so there’s no way for me to physically verify that Black Angus Steakhouse exists. For that matter, I still have my doubts about New Mexico. I guess the only way to determine if it’s a giant ruse is to join their eClub and get a free birthday BOGO steak dinner coupon.

Signup Freebie: Free dessert with purchase of an entree.
Birthday Freebie: Free steak dinner with a purchase of an additional entree of equal or greater value, up to $19.99.

Remember, we have a full list of free birthday food!

  • Kristine

    Used to have them in Colorado but all locations shut down. Sad thing is – my parents (who live in TX) got me a gift card for there. What am I supposed to do with it now?

  • Joe

    They have good food, been to the Tucson location a few times.

  • Tara

    Black Angus does exist. There is one here in Virginia Beach. Food is pretty good.

  • DarkMasterFox

    I live in California and we have a a couple in my area 😀

  • mad4bunnies

    Sorry, but The Black Angus in Virginia Beach is not the same as the steakhouse chain. I grew up in Washington state with Black Angus restaurants everywhere. (It used to be called Stuart Anderson’s Black Angus Restaurant.) Their food was always excellent! Sadly, I have not been to one in a very long time….

  • Marco

    Wooohooo, the nearest one for me is only 1543.28 miles!!! free steak dinner, here i come!!! oh well, i guess i will wait for the next freebie that’s a little closer to me. Thx Goob as always for all you do

  • hanifa gantert

    Great steak diner

  • Kristine

    Ah, this restaurant is the one thing I miss about California!!

  • Sara

    They do have on in New Mexico I have lived here all my life !

  • Arlan

    I have been at Black Angus in Los Angeles and in Fresno, and have always been
    pleased with the food and service.

  • barbara betz

    I singed up for my birthday for free dinner with Black Angus. How do I know if you got the signup. My husband is signed up for his, but I can’t find mine. My birthday is December 15th. Do you have this on file? Thanks.

  • vw

    Black Angus has been around along time. The steaks are good. The coupons are real.

  • Jennie

    Black Angus does exist … at least, here in AZ. :)

  • Larry

    Black Angus does exist in NM. There is one location in Albuquerque on Wyoming Blvd. and we have used the free birthday offer. Its a nice place and good food. This is legit

  • NY2AZ

    I am in Arizona and it exists here.

  • jeff

    not sure if they are in NV

  • Greg

    It exists all over Southern California