Black Bear Diner Birthday Freebie

Black Bear Diner Birthday Freebie

Updated on 03-03-2015

This is how I picture the Black Bear Diner birthday freebie.

Goob enters diner and sits at nearby table as the server approaches.
Server: What can I get you today?
Goob: I’ll have waffles and coffee. Oh, it’s my birthday too!
Server: *eyes narrow* …is that so?
Server snaps his fingers three times then walks away briskly.
Goob: Uh…
The entire diner empties in a panic as Goob remains seated, dumbfounded.
Goob: So, am I gonna get my food?
The front door explodes into a shower of glass as a black bear enters.

Unfortunately it’s just a silly dessert.

Signup Freebie: Free bear claw and cup of coffee
Birthday Freebie: Free Bearthday Breakfast (pancakes or waffles, eggs, and bacon or sausage)

Remember, we have a full list of free birthday food!

  • Lisa

    That’s life, Goob. Some days you eat the bear, and some days the bear eats you. Or your dessert. :D

  • JanelleMartinelli

    Seems to not be working anymore :(

  • Goob

     @JanelleMartinelli The link had just changed, I updated it now.

  • Nikki

    on you’ve called this the Black Dear Diner. Just so you know

  • That typo only took me two years to fix! Thanks :)

  • Darlene Butchyk and my birthday is November 2 and I like your food lots and thank begin nice and you are all nice people

  • Emilie Dupuis

    Do they have to send you an email or do you just bring in your ID?