Budget Busters #1 – Coupon Book

EDIT: So obviously the 2009 Entertainment Book is no longer available, however you can get the newest version here!

So Budget Busters is going to be a new series where I explain ways to save money while spending money: coupon, lowering your utility bills, trading items instead of buying them new, stuff like that. This first one covered the new Entertainment 2009 Coupon Book that basically has the following pros & cons:


  • Comes with $20,000+ in coupons.
  • You can look at the coupons in your area’s book before you get it! This is a huge bonus and that I think some people overlook. You essentially know exactly what you’re getting upfront.
  • Many of the coupons can only be found in this booklet and are worth more than most circular coupons. (free entree instead of only an appetizer, etc)
  • Each book is area specific (mine is for the D.C. region only), so around half of the coupons are for locally owned and small stores.
  • Coupons expire on Nov 1, 2009 at the earliest, so you have almost a year to use them.


  • Costs between $16-20, but comes with free shipping.
  • Some of the coupons for on-line retailers can be found by Googling.
  • Most restaurant coupons are BOGO, so it’s not that great for a single person.

I gave an example in the video of how I ate at my favorite Mexican hole in the wall recently for my birthday and used a BOGO coupon for a free $10 entree. That’s already half of the cost it took to purchase the coupon booklet and after I use the second BOGO coupon in a few months, I’ll have recouped the price of purchase. After that, every time I use one of the other hundreds of coupons, it’s like free money.

So at the very least, check out your region’s Entertainment 2009 Coupon Book and see if the coupons in your area interest you! If so, order a book while it’s still on sale for 30% off WITH free shipping!

I also announced the winner of the $50 Target gift card, which was Deem2. Thank you to everyone who participated and if you’re now following me on Twitter, send me a message and I’ll gladly reply!

There’s also one last hidden clue in the video about something else coming up, but I can’t say anything more about that :D

  • Great job on the video! You might want to shorten it a bit. My attention span is just enough for 3 minutes of guy’s talking, not more (5 minutes if it is a girl) ;-)

    (Goob: Trust me, I agree! This will be the last 9 minute video I upload.)

  • KFM

    Awww… I’m right between Clearwater/St. Petersburg, Orlando, and Sarasota, so everything’s at least 30 miles from my house.. :(

  • emmgandy

    Grrr. I used to sell these as a little school girl. This may be just the edge to my BUYING one though. I am bummed at the idea that my local book is $30 on sale. Why oh why is Sacramento more that DC? Have to see if my tax check comes this week.

    Thanks for the more in-depth info!

    (Goob: I think the price might be based on the total value of coupons inside. So while my book had $20,000+ in coupons, the Sacramento might have $25,000+.)

  • bill

    that link is sending me to a “win an ipod site”

    (Goob: Really? Just checked all three and they work fine for me. Any chance you live out of the US?)

  • Jackie Reitnauer

    Yo one always needs a good excuse to bust through a huge stack o pillows!

    I’ve really always gone back and forth on the Entertainment Book. Not sure I use it enough to recoup the value. Also, it might incite me to go out to eat when I wouldn’t have normally.

    Only one thing – might want to turn up the sound output a bit. I had my volume all the way up on Youtube and my laptop and it still sounded low.

    Then again, my husband decided to play with the cats while I was listening…

    (Goob: Yeah, sorry for the low volume. I still don’t know why it’s so soft, I had my microphone input turned up. I probably messed up a setting or two though, good to know for the future vids :) )

  • Jackie Reitnauer

    I just can not shut up, can I?!

    I also wanted to say that sometimes I do split the cost of these types of books (they also have the “KidStuff” coupon book as a fundraiser for my son’s school) with my mom or other relatives. Makes it much more with it.

    Lastly …. Re-tweet cheaters! =P

  • I bought one of these last december and have already been using it a lot. What I did was buy it in a local bookstore so that I could check it out to see if the book was worth while. And if it is I would by it in a store like borders where you can find a coupon of 20-40% off. Great savings towards getting savings!

  • macrotec

    I signed up for the Entertainment book 20yrs ago and got the Lifetime membership $76.00 But I don’t think it’s offered any more.
    Also, the coupons expire on Nov. 1 and the send the new book about a month in advance.

  • danielle

    These are geat for ski coupons. They have better deals than the $10 “Gems Card” in many cases, for places like Loveland, WinterPark, Copper, and others. Some have blackout dates, but many don’t. Even if all you use the Entertainment book for is for skiing, it’s worth buying.

  • David Kohn

    Wow, the first time I got an Entertainment book was about 15 years ago…and I get way more than 6 times the price in savings every year.

    I live in Toronto so there’s a ton of great things to do with the various attractions and restaurants. Still, I end up giving away coupons to friends and my sister because I just can’t use them all and there’s stuff that friends want that I’ll never use. Well worth it. (Just make sure to keep it handy…at the end of the year, I’m always scrambling to use the best of the coupons before they expire.)

  • Alexandra

    Thanks, Goob – great video! I love these coupon books, but haven’t bought one in years because we lived in a remote area for awhile, where we wouldn’t have been able to use anything. I think the best thing about the coupon book, even better than the saving money part, believe it or not, is discovering little hole-in-the-wall places that you would never know about otherwise. Thanks again for reminding me about these books; I’m ordering mine today. :D

  • cathy mennitt

    I remember the coupons expiring on Nov.1 as well. Once you buy next years(maybe in Sept, you can use them right away and that gives you over a year to use them up. In my family we even traded them as my Mom would give us all a book for Chrismtmas. I don’t get the book now in Vero Beach FL as all the coupons are for an area about an hour away. I got one last year and I only used the 5 of Publix. What a waste of a gift, if you can’t at least earn your(or the gift givers money back). Check out the area book first and then order. When I did use the book, I got my mother’s moneys worth back with just the coupons on one page. That was the 1/2 price dry cleaners. You could use them once a month for a max. of $5.00 each month.

  • I’ve been getting these books for a few years now and I often use the movie tickets or other things of that nature to get birthday gifts too- just na idea to pass along-

  • Vanessa

    Does anyone know how long this book takes to ship?

  • Deni

    All three links keep sending me to a free iphone too. It opens to this site… http://mygiftresource.com/ Who knows, maybe I need to run my anti-virus program.
    I just googled the name and found it anyhow.

  • bill

    all i get is a page to win a free iphone at http://mygiftresource.com/

  • Vanessa, mine took about five days to arrive.

    Deni & Bill, I haven’t the slightest reason why the three links are redirecting you there because that is NOT where I’m linking to! Where do you both live?

  • Susan

    Morning, I keep getting the error that "Internet Explorer cannot display the webpage." I've tried several times with the same message. Any ideas?

    Thank you!

  • james pedersen

    please send coupon book

  • james

    link takes me to betty crocker :(

  • wowed

    OMG!! You have the bushiest & HUGEST eyebrows I have ever seen… Seriously get em waxed or something!! they’re the only feature visible on your whole damn face! WOW

  • link took me to Pillsbury ? Which was ok I guess-signed up for the coupons through their company -O’well

  • Sorry about the link mishap, they should be working now.

  • Lani

    I have used the Entertain book for yrs, also there are many ways to get it at a discount, I paid 19.00 this yr … the coupons are great and many many deals to be found in it. Thanks ;)