Budget Busters #4 – All You Magazine

All You Magazine

My obsession with All You magazine started last month when Hiffer Shaynon said HIF was mentioned in the April issue. I ended up getting a subscription and the June issue arrived today. After flipping through it, there’s only one thing I have to say: hello Couponville. According to All You’s own site, there are over $100 in coupons in this month’s edition ($102.61 to be exact).

So I’ve started to view All You similar to a newspaper subscription. Just like you pay to have coupons delivered to you every Sunday, it makes sense to find the lowest price for an All You subscription so that you can take advantage of their coupons.

Amazon currently sells it for $19.95 a year, which is still a good deal. But if you don’t mind a few extra steps, you can get a one year subscription for $14.37!

  • Sign up with Big Crumbs.
  • After logging in, search for magazines.com
  • Click on the orange “shop now” button and you’ll be taken to magazines.com
  • Now search for All You and you’ll see it listed as $19.97.
  • Make your purchase and then head back to Big Crumbs. Within two weeks, your account will be credited with 28% of your purchase, or about $5.60.
  • This means your final price is $14.37 for a one year subscription!

The $5.60 rebate from Big Crumbs will be sent to you via Paypal. From start to finish, it took about five weeks for me to receive my rebate and my first issue. You’ll only need to use a few coupons to recoup the cost and seeing as how you’ll get 12 issues each with $100 in savings, chances are you’ll come out ahead.

  • AnnieBee79

    I love All You! In fact, that is how I found HIF! Sometimes the coupons are so great that I go out and purchase additional copies of the issue just for the coupons. The value of the coupons far outweighs the cost of the magazine. I have also found that, occasionally in the news stand version there are different (and better) coupons than in the subscription version.

  • Tina

    Yes, the version they sell at walmart often has extra coupons tucked inside. I love this mag. I got it for $10 thru my son’s school fundraiser.

  • Ashley

    They also have the coupons online!

  • Crystal

    My sister let me borrow her issue when I went to visit her in Cali, and it accidentally ended up back here in Buffalo with me :)

  • rlwl68

    I love ALL YOU! It’s awesome!

  • Joann

    AND BETTER YET- If you buy a subscription, you get another one for a friend, for FREE. So if you split the subscription cost with that friend, it only costs $7 + change!!!

  • Joann

    Oh- to get the extra FREE subscription, go online to their website, subscribe, and ask to be billed instead of paying up front. When you get the bill, it will have that additional subscription offer for FREE printed on the bill. Then you just fill in the extra persons name.

  • Tanya

    I subscribe to All you and LOVE it! I am an avid couponer (is that even a word? :-} ) I saved $32 and some change yesterday @ Walmart and many of the coupons came from All You. You can go directly to their website and subscribe. Also, on there website is a link for All You daily samples– great freebies. Last but not least, Thank you Goob for all that you do!

  • Crystal

    Has anyone tried to use the Walmart coupons anywhere else? Or do you have to use them exclusively at Walmart?

  • Jiya

    You can sometimes find All You subscription deals through magazines sold by schools for fundraisers — I got a two year subscription to All You through my son’s school for the same price as a one year subscription on Amazon.

  • MZ

    You can use the WalMart coupons at other stores, I’ve never had any trouble. Sorry to be a Debbie Downer, but All-You used to be a LOT better. This past year, the coupons have gotten more and more sparse.

  • Patrick B

    If you don’t want to use the Crumb option, you can still get a nice discount. When you order a free trial you get two issues. However they give you the option to pay now and will take $5 off. This put the final price at around $14,.90 which is still an awesome deal.

  • Michelle

    You can get a year of All You at http://www.allyou.com for $14.90 instantly if you pay with your credit card, plus the spring into fitness action plan. Just click on the magazine cover in the top right box that says free trial.

  • Patricia R

    You can also order it at http://www.myreadforthecure.com/ for $10.00. At that site all the magazines are 10.00 and 10% of each magazine ordered goes to Susan B Komen for the cure of breast cancer. I’ve already started receiving 2 magazines from them.

  • Patricia R

    that particular magazine was for just 6 issues, so not a great deal on that one. I just don’t see a way to delete my post. Sorry about that

  • AnnieBee79

    MZ (#11), I TOTALLY agree with you! It used to be WAY better. I thought I was the only one who thought that! I still love it, but there used to be more high value coupons, free items, mail in rebates, etc. I’ve even thought about writing to them to comment on that.

  • Trish

    You can get 25% back by going through Ebates and then order it from ValueMags.com ($19.97). Six months ago (11/30/09) you said you were going to write something about Ebates.

  • JessiBessi93

    If you go on http://www.landofmags.com and go to the 2-year-specials, you can get a two-year subscription for $19.80 with the promo code: SEP10

  • Shaynon

    Always keeping my eye out for hif mentionings! Your welcome Goob! I got a great deal on my current supscription. In the Nov or Dec issue they have a gift supscription. You renew your own and give a gift for 20 dollars. So i only paid 10 for mine! And i gave the gift to an awesome friend! This is the best magazine out there!

  • Shaynon

    ps…to my last post….All you is the best magazine out there…next to ABC soaps in depth!

  • Shannon

    For anyone that uses bing.com – they offer 40% cash back, making 11.98 for 1-year. I just searched All You subscription and a link was up top for ordering through magazines.com.

  • Ddavid

    Or you can sign up get two trial months for FREE & cancel your bill when it comes if you don’t like it.

  • Thanks to Patricia, this is a good deal of 10 dollars.
    I will try it.

  • Lisa Hunter

    I got my 2 year subscription for $20.00 through QSP.com and my daughters school got a percentage of the sale

  • Lisa L.

    I have just been picking this magazine up off the newsstand for a couple of years. Cover price is about $2.25 at Walmart and the coupon values always FAR offset the price of the mag.