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Free Unilever Spray Deoderant

Free Unilever Spray Deoderant

Walmart is offering free Unilever dry-spray deoderant from their brands Dove, Degree, & Axe. You’ll need to watch a 36 second video before accessing the signup form, but you can also close your eyes. Mwahaha! Goob, forever the rebel … as long as it’s not too hard.

If the signup button doesn’t activate after watching the video, you may need to disable any Ad-blocking plugins you have installed or try another browser. For some reason it wouldn’t work for me in Chrome, but then worked fine when I tried an Incognito window.

The last time Unilever and Walmart ran this promo, they gave our samples far larger than the trial-sized freebies we’re used to. Fingers crossed that’s the same today.

Free Schwarzkopf Shampoo

Free Schwarzkopf Shampoo

I’m fairly certain I spelled everything correct in today’s free essence Ultime Diamond color & Radiance shampoo offer, so mission accomplished for today!

They have 100,000 samples available on their Facebook page, however you are not required to like or share the page. Simply head on over and fill out the form, easy as can be.

Free P&G Everyday

Free P&G Everyday Program

Procter & Gamble don’t quite give out the same number of samples and coupons as they used to, but it’s worth mentioning that their free P&G Everyday program is still alive and kicking! Actually their freebie form seems bugged at the moment, but it was working earlier this week and has been around for a few years, so I have faith they’ll get it fixed. Unlike my faith in the Packers offense! It’s not cool that I can use the same sentence two weeks in a row!

Wait, what? Where was I? Oh yeah, the free P&G Everyday whatchamacallit. You can print coupons from there and request freebies multiple times a year. It’s definitely worth having a free account already set up since their freebies tend to go fast.

Free Na’Scent Ostomy Odor Eliminator

Free Na'Scent Ostomy Odor Eliminator

I’ve read the About page for this free Na’Scent ostomy odor eliminator and I still have no idea what the heck it does. But we can get two free samples of it and knock out some … pesky? ostomy for those who … suffer? from it. I really bad at this whole multitasking business while watching football.

Free Cottonelle Safe Flush Wipes

Free Cottonelle Safe Flush Wipes

There free Cottonelle safe flush wipes use “SafeFlush technology.” Wow. Computer chips are getting smaller and cheaper every day.

I swear I’ve posted this before, but I can’t find it anywhere in HIF’s archives. Like I would have easily bet $100 that I’d find this offer in the archives. Heck, you have to have an account to get this freebie and I already had one. I know I’ve been on the Internet for a long time, but it’s not like I go around making toiler paper accounts in my spare time.

Free Michael Kors Scented Gold Tattoo

Free Michael Kors Gold Tattoo

So today’s free Michael Kors scented gold tattoo smells like gold? The heck does gold even smell like? Yet another one of life’s mysteries that I never expected to ponder as I rolled out of bed this morning.

[thanks to Hiffer Susan for sending this in!]

Free Equate Feminine Products

free equate sample

This freebie from Nov 2013 has returned!

Walmart has four different batches of free Equate feminine products to choose from – teen, new mom, active woman, and sensitive bladder – but you’ll have to click on the middle circle in the top right to get all the options to appear. Clicking on a free sample button on any other tab will result in going directly to a signup form for a specific sample pack, whereas clicking the freebie link in the image above will let you choose.

Sadly they’ve ignored the single guy demographic. Though that won’t stop me from requesting and adding these to my questionably large collection of feminine products!

EDIT: The signup form seems bugged now, however this form looks to be submitting well.

Free Vaseline Intensive Care Lotion

Free Vaseline Intensive Care Lotion

I’m no marketing guru, but if it were up to me, I’d rename today’s free Vaseline Intensive Care lotion so it didn’t have connotations to a hospital’s ICU. We’re about to have either smooth skin or morphine drips!

EDIT: The form for this freebie is buggy, however you might have luck accessing this link on your mobile device. It won’t load on a desktop, but I was able to submit the form on my phone.

Free Boogie Wipes

Free Boogie Wipes

This freebie from April 2011 has returned!

These free Boogie Wipes from Target are tissues for boogers. In other words, Kleenex. I don’t know why people are trying to reinvent the wheel, but as long as they keep dishing out freebies, I promise to keep my trap shut. You know, other than here on HIF.

You’ll need to have at least 1 child under the age 3 in your household to qualify for this offer.

IS: Free L’Occitane Anti-Aging Cream

free loccitane anti-aging cream

Here’s a coupon good through Oct. 27 for a free 8ml Divine anti-aging cream at your nearby L’Occitane store. What makes this freebie so celestial? I think it’s Martian dust.