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Free Philosophy Oxygenating Gel Cream

Free Philosophy Oxygenating Gel Cream

Philosophy wants our free oxygenating gel cream to remind us that “breathing changes everything.” You know, for those of us sitting on the fence regarding breathing. I guess we should try this new oxygen fad out!

Free Dove Men’s Body Wash

Free Dove Men's Body Wash

EDIT: The signup form is a little wonky right now, but it’s giving a random error, not “out of supply” error. So I’d keep checking back every now and then.

Hey! Look who it is! Our old pal Walmart just stepped out from lurking in the shadows and has an offer for free Dove men’s body wash. Hey, it’s Dove as well! Man, I haven’t seen these guys together in year. Ahhh, a Dove freebie on Walmart, makes me feel like it’s 2007 all over again. How many Hiffers out there remember when we used to get these offers like once a freaking week back then?

You’ll need to watch the video in order to make the “Get Sample” link appear, but you can click it immediately.

Free Culture Hair Care Samples

Free Culture Hair Care Products

Today’s free Culture hair care samples are “uniquely and specifically made for biracial curls and hair textures,” of which I qualify for neither. As my dancing and jumping abilities can attest, I’m the whitest guy around with body-less hair that looks like I straightened it each morning.

$1.00 off L'Oreal Paris Advanced Haircare Shampoo

Free Nivea Men Creme

free nivea men creme

I’ll consider it a fantastic bonus if I can use this free Nivea men creme similar to shaving cream the next time one of my brothers crashes on my couch. Watching them smack their own face with cream is how I show I love them.

You’re also welcome for taking the PG route there. :)

[thanks Freebies 4 Mom!]

Free Nivea Lotion

Free Nivea Lotion

This freebie from October 2015 is still available!

The classic free Nivea lotion offer has been updated to free in-shower body lotion of either the classic or cocoa butter variety. In-shower lotion? Hmmm, that sounds an awwwwwful lot like soap to me.

Free Lancome Visionnaire Nuit Serum

free lancome serum

EDIT: This offer has returned!

I take it this free Lancome Visionnaire Nuit serum will help our vision become more … nuit? And that’s … good?

This is completely random, but has anybody noticed that almost every Lancome url contains a comma? I’ve been wanting to know the Hows and Whys of this for years.

Free Goop Revitalizing Day Moisturizer

Free Goop Moisturizer

EDIT: They took away the address field and changed the image text, so I’m assuming this offer is dead. :(

As HIF’s resident Goob, it took everything in my power not to insert my name into our free goop revitalizing day moisturizer. I know some Hiffers would love a free Goob, but sadly scientists here at HIF Industries have continually failed in their efforts to construct a cloning machine. They successfully managed to build an awesome paper cup skyscraper on my desk during football this weekend, so progress is most definitely being made.

In order to get the signup form to appear, you’ll need to look for the image above in the top, right sidebar and click it.

Free Unilever Spray Deoderant

Free Unilever Spray Deoderant

This offer from Nov. 2015 has returned with a direct link!

Walmart is offering free Unilever dry-spray deoderant from their brands Dove, Degree, & Axe. You’ll need to watch a 36 second video before accessing the signup form, but you can also close your eyes. Mwahaha! Goob, forever the rebel … as long as it’s not too hard.

If the signup button doesn’t activate after watching the video, you may need to disable any Ad-blocking plugins you have installed or try another browser. For some reason it wouldn’t work for me in Chrome, but then worked fine when I tried an Incognito window.

The last time Unilever and Walmart ran this promo, they gave our samples far larger than the trial-sized freebies we’re used to. Fingers crossed that’s the same today.

Free Philosophy Renewed Hope Moisturizer

Free Philosophy Renewed Hope Moisturizer

Me and this free Philosophy Renewed Hope moisturizer have a lot in common. I get most of my hope from jars too! Well, more like jugs and bottles. Whiskey rarely comes in jars.

Look for the “receive your free sample of renewed hope in a jar day” link beneath the top navigation. It’s right above the picture. If for some reason that link stops working, you can try out this backup Facebook link and look for the direct link in the picture description.

Free Eye Mask & Earplugs

Free Sleep Kit

These free eye mask and earplugs are from a drug company selling Zecuity, an anti-migraine pill, so they’re marketing as anti-migraine kits. But hey, they could pass for a travel sleep kit as well. Heck, they could even work as a double-eyepatch if you also enjoy roleplaying goofy pirates.