Birthday Freebies

Lancome Makeup Birthday Freebies

Lancome Birthday Freebie

Today’s Lancome makeup birthday freebie is a tad hard to nail down, since it changes each year like Sephora’s. But in my mind, not knowing what you’re going to get makes it one step closer to a real birthday present!

Signup Freebie: 15% off online purchase with code ELITE15
Birthday Freebie: Random every year!

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Jamba Juice Birthday Freebie

Jamba Juice Birthday Freebie

Updated on 05-01-2016

The Jamba Juice birthday freebie is one sixteen size smoothie for $2 now an actual free juice or smoothie! So…is that good? It sure is! Now I don’t have to spend precious brain power trying to figure out if “one sixteen size” refers to ounces or gallons AND I end up with a free drink. That’s a win-win in my book.

Signup Freebie: $3 off your next visit.
Birthday Freebie: A free juice or smoothie.

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Land’s End Birthday Freebie

Land's End Birthday Freebie

It’s not just restaurants that offer birthday freebies; retailers give out nice freebies too! In fact, I first posted about the Land’s End birthday freebie back in November thinking it was just a 30% off 1 item coupon. However I’m happy to say the birthday freebie is actually a much better coupon if you’re buying multiple items. I guess my doctor was right. Confirmation is always better than speculation.

Signup Freebie: 30% off purchase of 1 item
Birthday Freebie: 20% off your entire order, either online or in-store

*note to self, make sure to sign up before I buy more sheets.*

McDonald’s Birthday Freebie

I’m gonna be honest, I’m not sure if McDonald’s birthday freebie is working properly. Like every other birthday freebie I’ve found, McDonald’s requires your to join their email list and they only ask for your name, email, and birthday. That implies we’ll get something!

However I signed up a test account with a Dec 1 birthday and got nothing. Either it’s busted or I screwed up somehow. Wouldn’t be the first time!

Signup Freebie: I got nothing
Birthday Freebie: I also got nada here. Maybe your luck will be better.

My birthday isn’t until next February, so it’ll take a few months for me to confirm if this is busted one way or the other. But if any Hiffers have signed up for this and know what we’ll get, then please share in the comments!

Old Navy Birthday Freebie

Old Navy Birthday Freebie

Last Updated: 11-09-2015

Is it wrong that I’d rather have the cake from the image above instead of the actual Old Navy birthday freebie? That’s not a slight on a coupon, but instead a testament to my sweet tooth.

As for the coupon, it expires 14 days after it’s emailed to you. Mine typically comes at the start of my birthday week.

Signup Freebie: 30% off entire purchase coupon!
Birthday Freebie: 10% off entire purchase coupon.

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Rubio’s Birthday Freebie

Rubios Birthday Freebie

Updated on 11-05-2015 – they’re removed the $7 limit!

A lot of you sent in this Rubio’s birthday freebie so I thought it was high time I get it posted even though the nearest store is 2500 miles away from me. Although I’m not sure why people are eating at this place. They claim to still have “the original fish taco.” Make a new one or something! How old is that thing?

Signup Freebie: Free taco
Birthday Freebie: Free entree, which includes any Coastal Trio, two taco plate (excluding mix & match), burrito, salad or bowl.

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Bonefish Grill Birthday Freebie

Bonefish Grill Birthday Freebie

The Bonefish Grill birthday freebie is unique in that they catch your shrimp by shooting it, hence the name. Man, those must be some tiny freaking bullets.

Signup Freebie: Unsure
Birthday Freebie: Free Bang Bang shrimp or dessert

Is this the part where I link to the list of birthday freebies I keep updated? Yup, I think it is.

Shoney’s Birthday Freebie

Shoney's birthday freebie

While researching Shoney’s birthday freebie, I found myself completing their wikipedia entry and thinking “hot damn, this is a boring company.” Luckily their offer of free dessert is all the excitement I need.

No, wait, that’s just a sugar rush. Close enough!

Signup Freebie: Free appetizer
Birthday Freebie: Free dessert with adult buffet or entree

See that link in the sidebar that says Birthday Freebies? I bet it has a few more offers like these :)

Olive Garden Birthday Freebie

Olive Garden Birthday Freebie

Signup Freebie: Nwonknu
Birthday Freebie: Free appetizer or dessert with purchase of 2 adult entrees.

Truth be told, the Olive Garden birthday freebie isn’t spectacular, but it’s noteworthy to me for a few reasons:

  1. It’s one of the longest unconfirmed entries from the birthday freebies list. Not any more though!
  2. They do something that I haven’t noticed many other restaurants offering – automatically extending the expiration date based on when you open the email.

That last part is worth expanding on. The initial email I received had an expiry date of July 17. However I was on vacation when it arrived in my inbox and didn’t actually open the email until today. When I clicked to print the coupon, the expiry date had been updated to Aug. 3.

That’s a neat perk that many restaurants don’t offer for their birthday freebies. Let’s hope this is the start to a new trend!

Bojangles’ Birthday Freebie

Bojangles Birthday Freebie

I know a Bojangles’ birthday freebie may not be the classiest of celebrations, but we’ve all had that Sunday morning, hungover and barely functional birthday before, right?

Signup Freebie: Free biscuit with purchase.
Birthday Freebie: Free biscuit with purchase.

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[thanks to Hiffer Amanda for sending this in!]