Birthday Freebies

Uno Pizzeria Birthday Freebie

It’s should be painfully clear that we’re in the midst of a freebie drought. I don’t know which Hiffer pissed off the Freebie Gods but I’m looking at you, Jerry! It’s kind of hard running a freebie site that focuses on quality freebies when there aren’t any quality freebies around. Shocker.

I only bring this up to let new readers know this is normal. It sucks, but it happens for a few weeks at least once or twice a year (like my dating life). I have no hard evidence to prove this, but my gut tells me the drought will end next week. I can feel it in my bones as nobody says. In fact it might be the Sample Source freebie pack that gets the ball rolling.

But until the freebies return, I’ll post the next best things: birthday freebies.

Uno Pizzeria Birthday Freebie

One of the newest members to the club is the Uno Pizzeria birthday freebie. What made for the sudden change in heart? I’m gonna go with … wizard squirrels? No, wait, 17! I never was good at tests…

Signup Freebie: A “free welcome gift” is promised. I’m not sure what the current offer is.
Birthday Freebie: Free entree.

Smashburger Birthday Freebie

Smashburger Birthday Freebie

I was happy to discover a few new restaurants offering free food on your special day while recently going through the birthday freebies list! Though somebody needs to make sure the people behind the Smashburger birthday freebie weren’t being 100% literal when they said the shakes are “hand-spun.”

Signup Freebie: zilch
Birthday Freebie: Free shake with entree purchase

If anybody gets a signup freebie or offer, please leave a comment sharing what it is!

Earl of Sandwich Birthday Freebie

Free Earl of Sandwich Birthday Food

The Earl of Sandwich birthday freebie is one of those rare, exquisite freebies that makes me smile like an idiot days before it ever arrives. For when the inevitable zombie apocalypse strikes, I now know what I’ll go by once I rebuild society.

Goob, Earl of Sandwich, Duke of Pizza, Count of Unlimited Cookies, Protector of the Realm.

Signup Freebie: Free brownie
Birthday Freebie: Free sandwich, salad, or wrap

Remember, we have a full list of birthday freebies!

Sonny’s BBQ Birthday Freebie

Free Sonny's BBQ Sandwich

I was this close to deleting the Sonny’s BBQ offer from our birthday freebies guide until they changed it to a full free meal. I’m sure it’s a huge relief to hear they earned a stay of execution from a guy they’ve never heard of on a site they’ve never been to!

Signup Freebie: $5 off coupon
Birthday Freebie: Free Big Deal (BBQ sandwich, fries, & drink)

Old Country Buffet Birthday Freebie

Buffet Birthday Freebie

Updated on 03-03-2015

After hearing conflicting reports for a while, I’m happy to confirm that the Old Country Buffet birthday freebie still exists! Their BOGO offer isn’t the greatest, but they also have a separate birthday freebie for the little tykes.

Signup Freebie: Unknown
Adult Birthday Freebie: Free BOGO adult dinner buffet.
Child Birthday Freebie: Free kids meal.

Is this the part where I link our birthday freebies list?

*checks HIF blueprint*

*realizes it’s actually a Skittles wrapper*

Eh, good enough for me.

Perkins Birthday Freebie

Free Perkins Breakfast

Well holy moly if it isn’t a new addition to the award winning* birthday freebies series! I was recently able to confirm Perkins birthday freebie as a free Magnificent Seven meal, which is a full breakfast pictured above!

Now, that’s great, don’t get me wrong. But I’d be remiss to completely ignore one crucial fact that I’m sure many of you already have. This freebie is called the Magnificent Seven! How awesome is that?! If only all of my meals had such epic names. Heck, let’s try it for individual foods! Rename green beans to Nature Swords and I’ll eat them at every meal.

Signup Freebie: 20% coupon
Birthday Freebie: Free Magnificent Seven meal (two eggs, bacon/sausage, and buttermilk pancakes)

*I cannot confirm nor deny if the award is imaginary.

Dunkin Donuts Birthday Freebie

Free Dunkin Donuts Coffee

Used to be Dunkin Donuts was one of the worst companies at prompting their birthday freebie. Or maybe they were the best at hiding it? Either way, the Dunkin’ Donuts birthday freebie has gone through a makeover. Now it’s plain as day to register and see what you’ll get!

Signup Freebie: Free medium beverage
Birthday Freebie: Free medium beverage

I guess this is the part where I pimp out the most popular page on the site, our huge list of birthday freebies!

Pinkberry Birthday Freebie

Pinkberry Birthday Freebie

I know it’s hard to read, but it you squint right you’ll see that Pinkberry’s birthday freebie is legit! Thanks to Hiffer Rachel for sending this my way, as I’ve been trying to nail down verification of this offer for years. It was my Moby Dick, but without all the death and coffins. We both had plenty of harpooning incidents though. I don’t think I’m getting my security deposit back.

Signup Freebie: Unknown
Birthday Freebie: Free small yogurt with toppings.

Remember, we have a full list of free birthday food!

Sbarro Birthday Freebie

Sbarro Birthday Freebie

Updated on 06-16-2014

Finding a new item for our massively popular free birthday food list always brings a smile to my face. It’s rare these days, but it still happens. Case in point: this Sbarro birthday freebie. Sure, it’s not the best freebie in the world since we have to buy a drink, but at the end of the day it’s free pizza.

Free. Pizza!

How could we ever be disappointed with an offer as glorious as FREE PIZZA?!

Signup Freebie: Free slice of pizza with a drink purchase.
Birthday Freebie: Free slice of pizza with a drink purchase.

HoneyBaked Ham Birthday Freebie

HoneyBaked Ham Birthday Freebie

Updated on 05-29-2014

Awww man. I thought the HoneyBaked Ham birthday freebie was a cute wife and two smiling kids. Instead it’s just a free sandwich.

Signup Freebie: Unknown
Birthday Freebie: Free sandwich, which I could really use right about now.

Remember, we have a full list of free stuff on your birthday!