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Free Clothing Tape Measure

Free Indochino Tape Measure

Image via antoniodavis77

For the past two weeks I’ve been wearing a suit every day in an effort to increase my productivity. As you can see from that link, it hasn’t worked out as planned, but it’s been a hell of a lot of fun. I don’t know what has to do with this free clothing tape measure, but that segue was smoooooth.

Want to get one? Here’s how.

  • Like them on Facebook.
  • Click the blue “Get Tape Measure” button.
  • A registration form should now appear. If it doesn’t, refresh the page, unlike them, and try again. I got the form on my second try.
  • Now checkout. It should charge you $0.00 total

That’s it! You should quickly get an email that looks like this.

Just make sure you don’t pay anything or enter any credit card info. I have a feeling they’ll start charging a shipping fee after we HIF it, so please let me know if it asks you to pay anything in the comments.

Possible Free Sierra Nevada T-Shirt

I wear this thing all the time. Ask my friend.

I wear this thing all the time. Ask my friend.


Guys, Sierra Nevada is giving away free t-shirts again! As you can see from the picture above, I still have mine and it’s quite well worn. If these are the same shirts they gave away last year, they’re pretty darn comfy.

Obviously since this is from an alcoholic company, it’s only for Hiffers who are 21+. In order to get one, you have to take a picture showing “how Sierra Nevada enhanced your outdoor adventure! It could be around your backyard fire pit or during a recent trip to the mountains. Be inventive; wow the judges!”

Also, I’ve marked this as a contest because technically the fine print says entries “through May 31, 2013 … MAY be eligible for one free t-shirt per person.” So there’s no guarantee. You know me, I don’t usually post free clothing offers because 9 times out of 10 they never come. But at least with this offer they’re upfront about you maybe not getting anything. Though I say these shirts are awesome enough that it’s worth snapping a picture outdoors and rolling the dice.

[Thanks to Hiffer Corine for sending this in!]

Free Piece of Clothing at Sears

EDIT: Apparently I didn’t take my own advice about reading the fine print. This is available in Sears Outlet stores only!

One offer I missed while putting together the 2013 Tax Day Freebies post is this coupon for one free piece of clothing at Sears today only. Shop Your Way rewards member, but it’s free to join at that link.

Please make sure to read the fine print, as you obviously can’t use it to buy the most expensive jacket you find in Sears. Also note this is only valid for the first 50,000 people to use it, so try to go soon!

[thanks to everyone who sent this in!]

Free Good Doer Wristband

Free Good Doer Wristband

I’m sorry, but how am I supposed to sign up for a free Good Doer wristband if they don’t have one that reads “Goofball?” They’ll ask you five simple questions, let you know what type of person you are, then you enter your email and they’ll send a link to request the bracelet. Mine took almost a day to arrive, which is why I’m only now posting this.

I got Mover & Shaker. What’d you get?!

Free Charm Bracelet

Free Charm Bracelet

U by Kotex is giving away free charm bracelets. Please don’t ask me to try deciphering the whys behind this one because I have no freaking idea.

Free Sierra Nevada T-Shirt

Free Sierra Nevada Tshirt

Sorry young’uns, this free Sierra Nevada t-shirt is for Hiffers over the age of 21. You have to share a photo of yourself having an adventure, which apparently means doing something outdoors. That sure runs contrary to my definition of adventure. Trust me, you haven’t lived until you turn on the TV, plop down on the couch, and discover that the remote control is … OUT OF BATTERIES! *DUN DUN DUN* There’s no telling what you’ll be stuck watching for the next five hours.

The site is a little flaky on the rules. If you look at the gallery of photos, everybody is holding a can of Sierra Nevada. The FAQs make it sound like you need to show their beer, however the fine print rules don’t say you have to display one. I just uploaded a random photo of me outdoors and hoped for the best. But if you have any Sierra Nevada around, go take a photo on your porch holding the beer and you’ll certainly get a shirt.

And finally, I was redirected to the main page after submitting my picture, but I did receive a confirmation email.

Free Old Navy Best Tee Shirt

EDIT: We Hiffed it. Hiffers easily got a huge chunk of the shirts though!

While watching The Soup tonight, I saw what might have been the world’s longest commercial. It had Mr. T, a fake doctor, and a dramatic reenactment with Anna Ferris, before culminating with this free Old Navy “Best Tees” shirt. The fine print says it starts tomorrow, but only 25,000 people can enter and it accepted my email so you might as well do it now and hope for the best.

The site is crawling, but they should email you a coupon for the free shirt eventually.

EDIT: Got the coupon already. We get until March 21 to redeem it.

Free Olay Pro Skin Headband

I have no idea what this free Olay Pro Skin headband is for. The page says “get your free headband to see what the skin experts see,” which increases my level of understand from None to Still None. I take it’s just a headband from Olay? Whatever, who cares, sign up and we’ll find out together what this is in six weeks.

EDIT: Holy moly, this is what we’re getting. It looks like something out of a low-budget science fiction movie. Haha, it’s not even useful! Oh well, it comes with a $5 coupon.

Free Astor & Black Vintage T-Shirt

EDIT: This is no longer available.

This is a legit offer, but I have a feeling Astor & Black is going to freak out when they see how many people request a free vintage t-shirt. They’re a brick and mortar store in Ohio, so chances are they intended this to be a regional offer only.

But hey, let’s all request a shirt before they wise up!

[thanks Deeva!]

Free Here’s The Beef T-Shirt

The free Wendy’s Here’s The Beef t-shirt offer has been restocked. That means there are another 50,000 freebies just waiting for you to claim. Well, not all of them. That’d be greedy. Unless you promised to wear all 50,000 at once. Then I’d fully endorse you getting every shirt.

You have to play a few games before you get to the signup page, so try to power through them. It’s worth it since we know the shirt comes, as my previous post showed.