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Contest: 100 $50 Macy’s Gift Cards


EDIT: Thanks to everybody who came out and participated! opened a flash contest today for 100 free $50 Macy’s gift cards. All you need to do is submit your email on this page within the next three days and you’ll automatically be entered to win! Winners will be notified on Monday, Aug. 25.

As if that wasn’t awesome enough, I’m participating in a Macy’s party this afternoon on Twitter from 1-2pm EST. We’ll be talking about Back to School shopping and I’ll be cracking jokes – in real time no less! Come join us, answer some questions, maybe ask a few and you’ll automatically be entered to win a portion of $400 in gift cards! Simply use #BTSSavings in your tweets and I hope to see ya there!

Try Your Luck Thursday 07/17

I’m home on a Thursday for what feels like the first time this summer! Let’s celebrate by winning some awesome stuff. As usual, I’ve included many contests that end fairly soon. Good luck!


$3000 in Visa gift cards from Expedia – Three lucky winners will win a $1,000 Visa git card! This one ends at 9:00pm ET tonight, so don’t pull a Goob and procrastinate too much before registering. (July 17)

$1,000,000 from Marlboro – Not only are they dishing out freebies left and right, but Marlboro is giving away a million bucks, a Jeep Rubicon, cameras, tablets, and more. (Aug. 10)

$1,000,000 from Wyndham – And just in case you don’t win the offer above, here’s yet another shot at a cool million :) (Sept. 15)

Free vacation to the Grand Canyon or Carnival Cruise from Arnicare – Weekly winners receive Arnicare freebies while one grand prize gets a five-day trip to the Grand Canyon or a six-day cruise! (July 31)

  1. Pillsbury 2015 Calendar (Dec. 15)
  2. LG G3 smartphone, valued at $599 (July 17)
  3. Amazon Kindle Fire HDX 7″ (July 17)
  4. 1971 Chevrolet Camaro, valued at $98,000 plus a trip to Las Vegas. (Aug. 22)
  5. Five night trip to Fiji (July 19)
  6. 1 of 4 vacation getaways, each valued at $3,000. (Aug. 17)
  7. Harry Potter Quidditch poster and jersey (July 20)
  8. Lenovo Y50 4K notebook, valued at $1400 (July 17)
  9. Crock-pot slow cooker (July 19)
  10. $200 Simon Malls VISA gift card (July 21)
  11. Eli’s Body Shop Organic Skin & Hair Products valued at $207 (Aug, 4)
  12. Trip for 2 to LA and visit the set of a TV Land show (July 18)
  13. SRT Viper, valued at $102,000 (July 31)
  14. 1 of 5 NCredible tablets (July 22)
  15. $250 American Express gift card (July 18)
  16. $500 Whole Foods Market Gift Card (July 31)
  17. 24 round trip Southwest Airlines tickets, worth $9,600 (July 24)
  18. Gibson acoustic guitar, worth $2,200 (July 21)
  19. Kevin Michael acoustic guitar, worth $2,400 (July 21)
  20. 18kt white gold diamond ring (July 18)

A Makeation Adventure Camp from Craftsman – One lucky winner goes to California for four days hangs with a celebrity (does’t say who though, haha), can attend six “Making Classes” consisting of: Whiskey Making; Cigar Rolling; Blacksmithing; Grilling; Survival tactic and Woodworking and takes home one personalized Craftsman Gift Package. Retail value is $4,999. (July 23)

Whiskey making, grilling, and cigar rolling in the woods. I just nearly fainted.

Giveaway: Free Vera Bradley Backpack

Free Vera Bradley Backpack Giveaway

The awesome folks at are holding a flash giveaway from today through Wednesday, July 9, where they’re giving away 95free Vera Bradley Campus backpacks, which are valued at $109 each! Winners can pick from the following colors, none of which I remember from my 64 Crayola crayons pack: Pink Swirls, Ziggy Zinnia, or African Violet. Ziggy Zinnia is now my new favorite color, hands down.

Winners will be notified on Thursday via the email address used to sign up, so be sure you check your inbox later this week!

Free Bounce House Contest!

Free Blast Zone Bounce House

Veteran Hiffers may remember the free Bounce House giveaway we participated in last summer. Well not only was it a huge success, but so many Hiffers signed up for it that we decided to participate yet again this year!

The grand prize is a Blast Zone Magic Castle Inflatable Bouncer, which typically retails for around $349. You can enter daily through Thursday, June 24 using the Rafflecopter tool below. This bad boy can hold up to 300 pounds worth of little tykes or grown men, so you best believe I hope I win :)

The winner will be chosen randomly on June 25 and emailed. If no reply is made within 48 hours, another winner will be picked. This sweepstakes is in no way sponsored or endorsed by Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Google+, or any other website you can think of. Sponsored by and prize fulfillment handled by Blast Zone.

a Rafflecopter giveaway

$10,000 Macy’s Gift Card Contest

Macys Gift Card Contest

I’m a simple man. I like my coffee black, I only need one pillow at night, and I live for sunlight to exist past 5:00pm. Daylight Saving Time is a bit of a holiday for me. I pull out the window air conditioner, put away my snow boots (well, not this year!), and dust off my casual summer shirts.

There’s something about a pair jeans and rolled up sleeves on a hot summer night that makes me feel like I could have been President in the 1950s. It’s silly, but they’re the clothes I feel most comfortable wearing and seem to accomplish the most while doing so.

But why does this matter? Because starting today (ok now, haha) is giving away a total of $10,000 worth of Macy’s gift cards! They’ve got:

  • 100 $50.00 gift cards
  • 200 $25.00 gift cards

As a bonus, has a 20% site-wide coupon and Macy’s has a huge spring sale going on! If I win a gift card, that shirt above is so mine. What about y’all though? If you win a gift card, what are you picking up from Macy’s?

The contest ends at 4:00pm PST on Monday, March 24. At that point, will randomly select all 300 winners and email them, so please be sure to check whatever email address you use to sign up!

Disclosure: This is a sponsored post on behalf of and Macy’s. However all opinions and secret dreams to discover alien life are 100% my own.

Try Your Luck Thursday 12/12

Most of these end before Christmas, so I expanded the length of this post to include more potential awesome gifts you could win for free! In fact, a bunch of these end today, so get moving!

Amazon Christmas Contest

$15,000 from Amazon – Let’s start with the big guns! I don’t know about you, but I would have a field day with $15,000 of Amazon credit. (Dec. 19)

Saddleback Leather Briefcase from Art of Manliness – I don’t typically post contests on other sites, but Saddleback leather bags are so nice and pricey that I couldn’t resist this one. There are only 5,500 entries and those are decent odds for a prize valued around $400. (Dec. 12)

$25 Gift Card from Target – 40 people win a $25 gift card each day, though note you need to enter every day you want to try. (Dec. 14)

Keurig K75 Coffee Brewer – If you win, both you and a friend get a free brewer! (Dec. 12)

250,000 AAdvantage Miles from American Airlines – In layman’s terms this is worth about $7,300 in free flights. There will be another 200 winners of smaller amounts. (Dec. 31)

  1. Green Bay Packers prize pack. I’m not gonna lie, I really want to win this! (Dec. 12)
  2. Free gas for life. The good kind. (Jan. 31)
  3. 2014 Buick or GMC vehicle valued at $66,555 (Dec. 31)
  4. TONS of prizes from Coke – Enter 5 times daily. Note if you click “rules” then scroll to 5 b., you enter for free. Otherwise it costs 3 points to enter. (Dec. 31)
  5. Trip for two to NYC and the Super Bowl (Feb. 3)
  6. Another Super Bowl trip! (Dec. 14)
  7. Signed Louie Vito snowboard and tons of beef jerky because … snow? (Dec. 20)
  8. $100,000 in tuition! (Dec. 13)
  9. Playstation 4 (need Twitter) (Dec. 12)
  10. Another Playstation 4! (Dec. 13)
  11. $1,000 from Culvers (Dec. 13)
  12. Samsung Galaxy Note (Dec. 13)
  13. Trip for 2 to Hawaii and Oakley prizes (Dec. 12)
  14. Taylor Swift t-shirt (Dec. 13)
  15. Redpack tote bag. If they reach 20,000, roughly 1 in 7 will win so I expect lots of Hiffers to bag their own groceries next month! (Dec. 23)
  16. 1 of 130 $50 See’s Candies gift card (Dec. 25)
  17. DVD / Bluray player (Dec. 13)
  18. 1 of 114 Subway gift cards (Dec. 12)
  19. CharterOak MPA-1 preamplifier – I have no idea what this is, but it’s worth $2,000! (Dec. 19)
  20. Sony 65″ UltraHD LED TV (Dec. 12)
  21. Trip to LA and walk-on role for Glee (Dec. 19)
  22. Stocking full of medicine (Dec. 27)
  23. 2013 Ford Fusion Hybrid (Dec. 31)
  24. Portable stove and personal water filter (Dec. 15)
  25. Caribbean Cruise for two (Dec. 15)

Good luck!

$100 Checks in the Mail Giveaway

Checks in the Mail Giveaway

Disclosure: This is a sponsored post and giveaway on behalf of and Checks in the Mail. However all opinions written below are 100% my own. I ate a bug once in the 1st grade. I also had a huge crush on Christine Taylor when she was in Hey, Dude. How much more do I have to share here?

Actually, let me share one more thing. I used to hate checks. Like, really, I hated them. It wasn’t for the typical reasons though. Sure, I thought they were antiquated and I couldn’t understand why anybody in their right mind would use, let alone prefer them.

It probably didn’t help that my typical interactions with them always involved giving away money too. Making a car payment, insurance, probably a few repairs in there as well. Bills, which apparently come every month. Students loans! HAHA! I paid how much for what exactly again?! I still don’t know.

No, the reason I grew to hate checks was because they were forced on me. Some bills could only be paid by check, because that makes sense. Others weren’t as macabre, but they charged a few dollars to pay by card.

As a broke 20 year old, I didn’t just pinch pennies, I named them and there was no way I could justify giving away Frank, Yolanda, George, Stephanie, Little P, Maryanne, Sir Elton of Dover, Little P Jr., and Winkin’ Lincoln as punishment for rejecting what I considered dinosaur technology. “Fine,” I meekly mumbled to myself as I paid $30 I didn’t have for a box of checks I didn’t want, “I’ll buy these, but I’m drawing the line at faxing in my payment!”

Flash forward a decade.

I don’t know how it happened, but I developed a habit of saving. I squirreled money away, got a steady job (or whatever the heck this is!), and even *gulp* drank cheap liquor. When my lease ended in August, I kicked around the idea of getting my first apartment alone. I’d always had some sort of roommate situation, be it friends, family, or strangers. (There’ve been some characters. Remind me to tell you about Phil one day.) It was never a huge deal, but hey, I like walking around naked after a shower or drinking milk from the carton as much as the next guy. Unfortunately I learned the hard way both are activities others frown upon.

The lease I signed last month only had one signature when I submitted it for approval. My new apartment isn’t perfect by any stretch of the imagination. Drop a ball in my living room and I know the exact spot it’ll end up. The guy next door loves blaring the television at volumes most high orbit spy satellites pick up. Oh and windows are apparently optional!

But it’s all mine :) It’s my first “home” that I get to make completely my own, something that excites me, and that is something I never saw coming in a million years.v

Landlords are probably one of the biggest holdouts in the “Vive la Checks!” camp. However when I pulled my checkbook out last month while signing the lease, I wasn’t filled with hate or annoyance or even apathy. There was happiness and pride and excitement and holy crap it felt stupendous!!!

I’d never had that experience while holding a check. I’m thrilled to say those emotions carried over to the first of this month as well. I guess you can say I don’t hate checks anymore.


Discount Code

I’ve never personally used Checks in the Mail and I’m not in the market for more at the moment, but I’ve bookmarked them and will use them next year when I run out. They’ve got good reviews online and an A+ rating with the BBB to boot. If you happen to need checks now, you can’t go wrong with their current offer. New customers get 60% off plus free shipping via code GET60. Sounds pretty rad to me.


Awesome Giveaway Details

Most of us get monthly Valpaks stuffed with coupons, which is already great enough. However Checks in the Mail got in touch with them recently and offered to place $100 checks in Valpaks across the country. So make sure to open your Valpak ASAP the next time it arrives! If you don’t happen to receive Valpak, then you can sign up online!

As if that wasn’t enough, Checks in the Mail has teamed up with a few bloggers to give away $100 to 10 of our lucky readers. You can enter via the widget below and the fine print can be found beneath it.

I hope all 10 winners are Hiffers. Okay, I’ll settle for 9. So go enter, good luck, and just for fun leave a comment saying what you’d spend your winnings on! Just a warning: if you say Macallan, we might become best friends.

Details: Ten winners will each win $100 from Checks in the Mail. Only one winner per email address. Giveaway ends November 22, 2013. By submitting your email address you are agreeing to share that email with Checks in the Mail.

Try Your Luck Thursday 10/24

I know, I know, these vanished for a while, but I’ve got some great news. Hiffer Jen won a banana costume! Now everybody join in the chorus of peer pressure and hope she uploads a photo or two :)

On to the contests!

weeSpring Dropcam from Whole Mom – I thought this was just a webcam at first, but it’s a $149, wi-fi enabled camera that lets you keeps tabs on kids, pets, or any other creature you might want to creep on. (Jan 2, 2014)

Ender’s Game Prize Pack from IMAX – I won’t lie, I loved the book and I can’t wait for this movie. (Nov. 26)

Supercandy candy from Snap Infusion – Unheard of candy with no FDA approval sent by strangers over the Internet? Uh, yes please! (Oct. 27)

Nintendo 2DS from MakeUseOf – I really should learn not to post contests here that I actually want to win. (Nov. 1)

Trip to New Orleans from Sprite – They’ve also got a ton of smaller prizes like headphones and credit for Live Nation. (Oct. 31)

  1. Viking river cruise on the Rhine. YEAH, A VIKING CRUISE (Dec. 12)
  2. Autographed Dale Jr. die cast car (Nov. 13)
  3. Victoria’s Secret VS Sport gift bag (Nov. 4)
  4. Ultimate tailgate trailer with $12,000 worth of awesome gear. (Nov. 30)
  5. One of 3,000 wooden spoons. For whippersnappers. (Nov. 12)
  6. D-Link wireless router (Oct. 28)
  7. Free Keurig Platinum Single Cup Brewer plus lots more. (March 31, 2014)
  8. Multi Cooker Electric Pressure Cooker & Multi Pizza Maker (Jan. 13)
  9. $500 Dick’s Sporting Goods gift card (Oct. 26)
  10. Whites Boots with an arv of $450 (Dec. 31)

Good luck! Anybody win anything recently?

Try Your Luck Thursday Sept. 19

Today is another crazy hectic one for me, but there’s no way I’m missing two TYLT posts in a row! I’m curious to know if any Hiffers have won any contests lately, so share in the comments if you have.

Free Olove $10,000 Contest

$10,000 from Olove – Olove is a new premier shopping website launching soon where they’ll sell jewelry, watches, and more. To kick things off they’re giving away $10,000 to one lucky winner to spend on the site, so somebody out there is about to be decked out. Let’s make it a Hiffer! (Oct. 8)

Free Milk for a year from … cows? – The grand prize winner gets milk for a year, but there’s also one winner per minute for a free gallon of milk, thus equalling 82,080 total winners over the next month. I like our odds. (Oct. 17)

iPod or Trip to L.A. from Hardee’s – One lucky person will win a trip to the 2013 American Music Awards, however they’re also giving away 20 iPods, 500 $20 Hardee’s gift cards, and 500 $15 iTunes gift cards! (Sept. 22)

Case of International Delight Pumpkin Pie Spice Creamer – Summer is over (that hurts to type), but the silver lining is everything will soon taste like pumpkins! You can win one of 100 cases of creamer here, valued at $48. Entering gets you a $1/1 coupon too! (Sept. 29)

Diamond ring from Helzberg – I don’t know anything about jewelry, so when I’m told the ARV is $4,299 for this, I just nod along. (Nov. 1)

  1. $5,000 or a Kindle Fire HD (Nov. 30)
  2. Insignia 50″ Class LED HDTV (Sept. 21)
  3. Round-trip airfare for four to New York City, VIP tickets to MATILDA THE MUSICAL, a two-night hotel stay, and a set of Roald Dahl books. (Sept. 30)
  4. 200 BIC Soleil shave & trim packs (Oct. 11)
  5. Edgestar convertible mini refrigeratore (Sept. 30)
  6. Custom baseball glove and wood bat (Sept. 24)
  7. Grande chef portable BBQ set (Oct. 6)
  8. Banana costume (Sept. 27) – Somebody please win this and take a photo of themselves wearing it while surfing HIF.
  9. Laser ink printer or iPad mini (Oct. 15)
  10. Nexus 7 tablet (Sept. 30)

Good luck!

Try Your Luck Thursday 9/5

I’m still working on how I want to format these new Try Your Luck Thursday posts, so please forgive me if things change around below (and let’s completely ignore the fact that I’m publishing this on a Friday.) For the list I’ve linked just to the prize form and put the expiration date in parenthesis.

$1,000,000 from PCH – I know I posted this last week, but it bears repeating that somebody out there is going to win a ton of cash and I want it to be a Hiffer! (Nov. 18)

2013 Jeep Wrangler Unlimited from – I shudder to think at how oversized the box for this prize will be. (Sept. 30)

2014 Ram Pickup Truck from Bosch ($70,000 ARV) – Only “Hardworkin’ Heroes” can enter this sweepstakes, so I’m clearly excluded. (Sept. 29)

Trip for two to Las Vegas & a Jimmy Buffett concert – I once had college classes canceled because so many of my professors were at a Buffett concert. I instantly became a fan. Upstart bands, take note. (Sept. 30)

Mohair Mini Owl from White Forest Bears – What… What the… Holy mother of..

I had to share this just because it looks so creepy. Only 150 have entered though, so you have a good chance if you’re into this! (Sept. 15)

  1. $5,000 grocery money. (Oct. 31) – And here’s a coupon for a free can of Rotel when you purchase three avocados!
  2. Free trip to New York City, $2,500 shopping spree, and makeup (Oct. 18)
  3. Airwick car fresheners or $50 for gas (Sept. 21)
  4. Firestone Class 8 Tractor (Dec. 31)
  5. 8-day trip to Bora Bora (Sept. 29)
  6. $100 Sears gift card (Sept. 15)
  7. GeForce GTX Alienware 14 gaming laptop $2,200 ARV (Sept. 8)
  8. $500 Academy Sports gift card (Sept. 7) *Ends Tomorrow!*
  9. Daniel Marshall travel cigar humidor $200 ARV (Sept. 30)
  10. Trip for two to Paris, France (Sept. 9)
  11. $10,000 cash money (Oct. 31)
  12. Walking Dead Season 3 on Blu-ray (Sept. 6) *Ends Today!*
  13. Oakley Flak Jacket XLJ Sunglasses $150 ARV (Sept. 30)
  14. 1970 Plymouth Hemicuda $89,000 ARV (Dec. 19)
  15. Cambridge Audio AV Receiver $2,299 ARV (Sept. 30)

If anybody wins that trip to NYC, we should hang out and grab a beer :) Good luck!