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Try Your Luck Thursday Nov 19

Another Thursday brings with it more opportunities to win some free stuff! I’m also curious if any Hiffers have actually won anything from these posts yet. Fingers crossed we have a few in our midst before the calendar changes over to 2016!


3 $1,000 Macy’s gift cards from Avacados – I’m not sure how a fruit is giving away Macy’s gift cards, but okay. You’ll need a Facebook or Twitter account to enter this one, but the benefit is you can get up to 20 entries. Everybody gets 1 entry just for “joining,” so I hooked up my dummy Facebook account and called it a day. (Nov 26, m)

$100,000 cash from AllState – Win the cash AND a trip for 4 to New Orleans to attend the Allstate Sugar Bowl game AND a trip to Glendale, AZ for the College Football National Championship. Pff, that’s it? (Dec 6, w)

$50,000 from Better Homes & Gardens – Win the grand prize or one of their monthly prizes of $5,000! (Jan 5, d)

Contests with Cash Prizes

  1. $15,000 (Dec 1)
  2. $500 gift check (Dec 8)
  3. $500 VISA gift card or 1 of 5 $100 VISA gift cards (Dec 4)
  4. 1 of 5 $10,000 checks (Dec 6)
  5. $10,000 (Dec 31, d)

Contests with Travel Prizes

  1. Trip for 2 to Tulum, Mexico, worth $4,250 (Nov 22)
  2. Trip to Santa Monica for a weekend wellness getaway (Nov 23)
  3. $9,000 6 night vacation for a family of 4 to the Aulani Disney resort in Hawaii (Nov 30)
  4. Trip for 2 to Kenya for a safari (Dec 8)
  5. Trip for 2 to NYC (Dec 1)

Contests with Cool Item Prizes

  1. 1 of 3 prizes of your choice of 3 GE appliances (Nov 29, d)
  2. 2016 HR-V Honda automobile (Nov 24)
  3. 1 of 3 prizes of a personalized Pop Art from your photo (Nov 25)
  4. Limited edition James Bond tuxedo or suit (Nov 30)
  5. Sony camera with a lense, case, and memory card (Dec 4)
  6. Microsoft Band (Nov 30)


$1,000 from – Finally there’s a pinchin’ contest where you can a $1k gift card of your choice. You get additional entries for referring your friends too. Send 5 friends and you get early access to future samples they give out, whereas 10 friends earn you a Pinch box worth $30! If you can somehow muster 20 friends, you get a box worth $100. (Nov 30)

Good luck!

Try Your Luck Thursday Nov 12

I know, I missed last week’s Try Your Luck post, but I’m back with one today!

AARP Win @ Work Sweepstakes

$10,000 check – AARP has another sweepstakes available to Hiffers at least 45 years of age. They’re also giving away daily $25 VISA cards. (Jan 31, d)

$5,000 Bed Bath & Beyond Shopping Spree – In addition to the grand prize, they’re giving away different items from their store each day. (Dec 23, d)

$100,000 from Mars – The candy company, not the planet. (Dec 31, d)

$30,000 toward education from Panera Bread – Win $30,000 by taking a Sandwich Aptitude Test, and you don’t even have to get the answers right! (Nov 16)

Cash Prize Contests

  1. $1,000 VISA gift card or (Nov 25, d)
  2. $2,500 or two prizes of $500 (Dec 6)
  3. $500 VISA gift card (Dec 17)
  4. One of four prizes of $2,500 (Dec 1)
  5. $15,000 or one of five other prizes worth $5,000-$10,000 each (Dec 21, d)

Travel Prize Contests

  1. Trip for 4 to NYC to attend the Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade (Nov 26)
  2. Trip for 2 to Aruba (Nov 15)
  3. Trip for 2 to Hawaii, including airfare and a 6 night stay in Kauai. (Nov 23, d)
  4. A trip for 2 to San Francisco to attend Hunger Games Exhibition, worth $3,500. This includes airfare, two nights hotel, and $500 spending money! (Nov 27, d)
  5. Win a cruise for 2 aboard the Norwegian Pearl sailing from Miami to Cozumel (Nov 15)
  6. 2 tickets to Super Bowl 50 (Dec 26, d)

Item Prize Contests

  1. Dell Inspiron Laptop (Nov 15)
  2. $500 in grocery gift cards, a slow cooker, kitchen tools and more. Also 8 weekly prizes of $250 in grocery gift cards (Nov 26, d)
  3. Mauviel 8-piece copper cookware set, worth $1,490 (Nov 16)
  4. $10,000 Target Gift Card (Nov 29)
  5. $200 collection of sewing materials (Nov 30)

Good luck!

$1,000 HP Contest

#HPAwakens Giveaway

Normally I’d wait until this week’s TYLT series to post this free HP $1,000 contest, but it’s a flash contest that starts today and ends tomorrow, Monday, November 2nd at 11:59 PM ET! One lucky winner will receive a Star Wars™ Special Edition Notebook, valued at $700, while ten additional winners will get a free $100 HP gift card.

This contest is in celebration of HP, Inc. and Hewlett Packard Enterprises separating into two new companies. Wait, doesn’t HP stand for Hewlett Packard? Does that mean Hey, It’s Free! and HIF Inc. could be two separate entities and, if I could have a followup question, does that mean I can now steal double the amount of supplies from my home office? My boss is such an idiot, he never realizes when I’m taking his own pens!

Good luck winning this HP contest though, fingers crossed The Force helps out a Hiffer today!

Try Your Luck Oct 29

Yeah, Try Your Luck Friday just doesn’t have the same ring to it. Here’s your weekly contest roundup though!

But first I want to remind Hiffers to actually check their freebie or contest email account at least once a week! Sweepstakes often notify winners by email, so I like to scan through my spam & promotions folder every so often to look for any emails indicating I’ve won something. It’s usually not that hard to differentiate the legit emails from the BS.

Also, starting this week, I’ll indicate how many times you can enter a contest along with the expiration date. No special indication means you can only enter the contest once, whereas daily, weekly, and monthly entries will be marked with d, w, and m respectively. I’m in the works of restyling these posts too and breaking them down into categories (trips, single items, & cash prizes) but that’s not quite yet ready to roll out.


1 of 1,290 free bras from Wacoal – They’re giving away a ton of these with 30 being given out each week. Okay, I guess that’s a few short of a ton. (Dec 31, w)

7-night Disney Cruise from Disney & Coffee Mate – This includes a Star Wars Day during the trip and is valued at $10,500. You’ll need a Disney account to enter, which you should have if you’ve ever entered any of their free points codes. (Dec 6, d)

Free Chromecast 2 from iHeartRadio – I’ve loved my original Chromecast since the day I bought it. I literally use it at least once a day. Google just released the next generation of Chromecasts and the early reviews say they’re even better than the first. That said, if I end up winning this, I’ll happily give it away here on HIF since I’ve already ordered a few of these for my home 😀 (Nov 8)

  1. 1 of 5,000 $5 Subway gift cards (Oct 31, d)
  2. $4,500 cash prize (Nov 13)
  3. D’Angelico Masterbuilt 1942 Excel guitar worth $15,000 (Dec 13)
  4. Computer part upgrades from Intel (Dec 20, w)
  5. $10,000 check or trip for 4 (Nov 2)
  6. Peanuts movie tickets (Nov 22)
  7. $18,000 trip to the Serengeti in Tanzania (Nov 17)
  8. 80,000 Hawaiian Airline miles woth $2,368 (Nov 13, w)
  9. DJI Phantom 3 Advanced Drone – Gotta guess how many pumpkin seeds (Nov 10)
  10. Motorola Moto 360 smartwatch (Nov 9, d)

This was on the shorter ends for our contest roundups, but my sister was away this week and unable to help me. We’ll get a much longer one out next week.

Good luck!

Contest: Win a $50 Macy’s Gift Card

Macys Gift Card Contest

I know the contest post went out yesterday, but I just found this new contest from and it ends before the next TYL post goes out. You have until Monday at 11:59 PM ET to enter to win one of twenty $50 Macy’s gift cards. All you need to enter is an email and winners will be notified by Tuesday.

Dang. I was hoping for a singing telegram.

Try Your Luck Oct 22

Last week’s TYLT post was so well received that I knew I couldn’t miss it this week. And look at this, I’m actually posting it on Thursday!

So what kind of contests do y’all like most? Prizes or trips? What about smaller contests with better odds versus huge mega contests with kickass prizes? I’ll spend the next few weeks honing these posts down and trying to find a nice balance between all of these types of contests unless otherwise told.


$10,000 from AARP – Hiffers ages 45 and up can win some cold, hard cash! (Oct 31)

Trip for 2 to games 4-7 of the World Series from MLB – Text the word could to 49887 or email it to to enter. (Oct 25)

Frigidaire appliance from Kraft – Send in a recipe that includes two Kraft ingredients to win a refrigerator, dishwasher, or other appliance (Oct 23)

Trip to 3 golf tournaments from Hyundai – This prize is valued at $32,800, which was enough to grab my attention. It’s to go watch golf though, which quickly lost it. (Nov 30)

Fall Swag Bag from Utne – Comes with 16 books, 12 CDs, and 9 DVDs. (Dec 22)

  1. Four full size boxes of Pumpkin Spice Keurig K-cup coffee – This only has a few thousand entries, so decent odds! (Oct 31)
  2. Polar Express vacation to Durango, CO during Christmas 2016 (Dec 31)
  3. Apple Watch or Samsung Gear 2 (Oct 31)
  4. $1000 Bergdorf Goodman shopping spree (Nov 17)
  5. $5,000 window treatment (Nov 30)
  6. 3-night Kona Koi Resort& Spa trip to San Diego – enter weekly! (Dec 2)
  7. Trip for 4 to San Fran with a private tour of the Charles Schulz museum (Nov 8)
  8. Recoil ATV (Oct 23)
  9. Frigidaire Professional Electric Range in case you don’t win the contest above? (Nov 18)
  10. $5000 cash (Oct 26)

Good luck!

Try Your Luck Thursday Oct 16

Veteran Hiffers may recall the old Try You Luck Thursday series I ran compiling free contests you could enter. Well it’s back! I know it’s not technically Thursday still, but I got distracted yesterday with baseball. I’m sure you can understand.

$1,000,000 from inTouch Weekly – Enter for a chance to win $1,000,000 (Dec. 31)

Your Choice of a Nissan Vehicle from NBC – Enter to win your choice of a Nissan vehicle, up to $40,000. So basically a Nissan and all the upgrades you can afford until you hit $40k, right? (Nov. 4)

$25,000 from Trulia – Enter for a chance to win $25,000 towards your perfect home. (Oct. 31)

Jeep Wrangler, $5,000, and a trip. from Citgo – Enter for a chance to win a 2015 Jeep Wrangler Sport and $5,000. You also have a chance to win a trip for 2 to a place of your choice. Make it good! (Oct. 26)

  1. Free World Series tickets for you and 4 friends, airfare, and hotel accommodations for all (Oct. 16)
  2. Trip for 2 to NYC & $1000 gift card (Oct. 18)
  4. $1,000 Visa Gift Card (Oct. 19)
  5. Trip for 4 to Daytona Beach with tickets to the Daytona 500 (Oct. 19)
  6. Trip for 2 to Dallas and a $5,000 Nikon Camera package (Oct. 21)
  7. 1 of 20 $250 Stub Hub gift crds (Dec. 31)
  8. 40″ LED Smart TV, home theater system, recliner, & $200 Visa giftcard (Oct. 18)
  9. Emmy’s Swag Bag (Oct. 16)
  10. 1 of 4 Weekly Prizes of a Walmart Giftcard (Oct. 19)

Good luck!

Contest: 100 $50 Macy’s Gift Cards


EDIT: Thanks to everybody who came out and participated! opened a flash contest today for 100 free $50 Macy’s gift cards. All you need to do is submit your email on this page within the next three days and you’ll automatically be entered to win! Winners will be notified on Monday, Aug. 25.

As if that wasn’t awesome enough, I’m participating in a Macy’s party this afternoon on Twitter from 1-2pm EST. We’ll be talking about Back to School shopping and I’ll be cracking jokes – in real time no less! Come join us, answer some questions, maybe ask a few and you’ll automatically be entered to win a portion of $400 in gift cards! Simply use #BTSSavings in your tweets and I hope to see ya there!

Try Your Luck Thursday 07/17

I’m home on a Thursday for what feels like the first time this summer! Let’s celebrate by winning some awesome stuff. As usual, I’ve included many contests that end fairly soon. Good luck!


$3000 in Visa gift cards from Expedia – Three lucky winners will win a $1,000 Visa git card! This one ends at 9:00pm ET tonight, so don’t pull a Goob and procrastinate too much before registering. (July 17)

$1,000,000 from Marlboro – Not only are they dishing out freebies left and right, but Marlboro is giving away a million bucks, a Jeep Rubicon, cameras, tablets, and more. (Aug. 10)

$1,000,000 from Wyndham – And just in case you don’t win the offer above, here’s yet another shot at a cool million :) (Sept. 15)

Free vacation to the Grand Canyon or Carnival Cruise from Arnicare – Weekly winners receive Arnicare freebies while one grand prize gets a five-day trip to the Grand Canyon or a six-day cruise! (July 31)

  1. Pillsbury 2015 Calendar (Dec. 15)
  2. LG G3 smartphone, valued at $599 (July 17)
  3. Amazon Kindle Fire HDX 7″ (July 17)
  4. 1971 Chevrolet Camaro, valued at $98,000 plus a trip to Las Vegas. (Aug. 22)
  5. Five night trip to Fiji (July 19)
  6. 1 of 4 vacation getaways, each valued at $3,000. (Aug. 17)
  7. Harry Potter Quidditch poster and jersey (July 20)
  8. Lenovo Y50 4K notebook, valued at $1400 (July 17)
  9. Crock-pot slow cooker (July 19)
  10. $200 Simon Malls VISA gift card (July 21)
  11. Eli’s Body Shop Organic Skin & Hair Products valued at $207 (Aug, 4)
  12. Trip for 2 to LA and visit the set of a TV Land show (July 18)
  13. SRT Viper, valued at $102,000 (July 31)
  14. 1 of 5 NCredible tablets (July 22)
  15. $250 American Express gift card (July 18)
  16. $500 Whole Foods Market Gift Card (July 31)
  17. 24 round trip Southwest Airlines tickets, worth $9,600 (July 24)
  18. Gibson acoustic guitar, worth $2,200 (July 21)
  19. Kevin Michael acoustic guitar, worth $2,400 (July 21)
  20. 18kt white gold diamond ring (July 18)

A Makeation Adventure Camp from Craftsman – One lucky winner goes to California for four days hangs with a celebrity (does’t say who though, haha), can attend six “Making Classes” consisting of: Whiskey Making; Cigar Rolling; Blacksmithing; Grilling; Survival tactic and Woodworking and takes home one personalized Craftsman Gift Package. Retail value is $4,999. (July 23)

Whiskey making, grilling, and cigar rolling in the woods. I just nearly fainted.

Giveaway: Free Vera Bradley Backpack

Free Vera Bradley Backpack Giveaway

The awesome folks at are holding a flash giveaway from today through Wednesday, July 9, where they’re giving away 95free Vera Bradley Campus backpacks, which are valued at $109 each! Winners can pick from the following colors, none of which I remember from my 64 Crayola crayons pack: Pink Swirls, Ziggy Zinnia, or African Violet. Ziggy Zinnia is now my new favorite color, hands down.

Winners will be notified on Thursday via the email address used to sign up, so be sure you check your inbox later this week!