Dead Freebies

Free Saveur Magazine Subscription

Free Saveur Magazine Subscription

I doubt I’m in the target demographic for this free Saveur magazine subscription seeing as I’ve eating a bagel and bowl of cereal all day. But I sure as heck savored them!

RewardsCountry is a sister site to RewardsGold, but their offers tend to die fast!

Free Redbox Rental Code


EDIT: Many Hiffers are reporting the code below as not working at kiosks. As such, I believe this is an online only code. Simple reserve your movie in advance and you’ll still get it free!

Code 12HHN756 is worth one free Redbox movie rental today only! (Thurs, Aug. 21)

Free A&W Root Beer Float on Aug. 6

Free Root Beer Float Day

Doh, I almost forgot A&W’s annual free Root Float Day returns tomorrow! All you have to do is stop by your local A&W on Wednesday anytime between 2 p.m. and closing. Okay wiseguy, you’re right, that’s not all you’ll have to do. You’ll need to walk inside or at least go around the drive-tru. It’s not like the floats will be sitting outside in the parking lot.

Free Celeste Pizza & Hormel Compleat

Free Pizza Coupon

Wow. That’s a big coupon. I feel like this is the part of the movie where I saw “yeah, a little toooo big” then get eaten by a monster.

  1. SavingStar – Free Celeste pizza
  2. Kroger – Free Hormel Compleats breakfast product

I can’t believe I’m about to get pizza for free just because I did well at my job. This is like a dream come true for me.

Free Snack Cup & Soda

SavingStar Friday Freebie

While looking at my second monitor, I incorrectly placed my hands on the keyboard and proceeded to type “Dr. Oeooer” for the Kroger freebie below. If you’re a marketer looking to name a new product, that suggestion is on the house. Any guesses on what kind of item it’d work best for?

  1. SavingStar – Free Keebler or Cheez-It Snack Cup
  2. Kroger – Free Dr. Pepper or 7-UP Ten

Also random sidenote, but is HIF running insanely slow for anybody else today or do I have the fine folks over at Time Warner to thank for my Internet speeds?

Free Redbox DVD or Blu-Ray Rental


For today only you can use code FRIENDS to get a free DVD or Blu-Ray rental from Redbox. At first my heart dropped, as I assumed this code could only be used on movies staring Jennifer Aniston or Matt LeBlanc. Yet the more I thought about it, to more I loved the idea. Redbox should start offering oddly specific codes that are only valid for movies limited to a certain Degrees-of-Bacon association. I have a feeling my Bad Movie Consumption rate would spike to record levels and I am a-okay with that.

Free $176 from Capital One 360

Veteran Hiffers will remember last summer’s Capital One 360 Financial Independence offer where new members who opened a free savings or checking account online were rewarded with up to $176 in free money. Yep, you read that right. Over $150 in free cash. Pretty sweet, huh?

Well, I’m thrilled to say that the same offer is back! It’s only running through the end of July 3, so you have two days to get the ball rolling on this sweet deal. Here are the full details for those interested.


  • This promotion applies to NEW Capital One 360 members only. If you participated in this last year, like many Hiffers did, you’re out of luck :(
  • Open either one or both of the following accounts by July 3rd 11:59pm ET to trigger the promotion:
  • It’s worth noting one last time: this only works for new members to Capital One 360.

So what you’re looking at is this: if you open a savings account and deposit $500, you’ll get a free $76 added to your account. If you open a checking account and make 5 debit card purchases or mobile deposits, you get a free $100 added to your account. That’s it!

I did call and ask about credit checks for opening these accounts. I was told there is no pull at all for a savings account, but there’s a soft pull for checking accounts and a hard pull if you end up applying for the overdraft line of credit (which doesn’t really apply for us here).

So what are you planning on spending your free money on? I already have an account, obviously, so I don’t qualify for this deal. However my brother missed out last year, so I just Skyped him and walked him through it. When asked what he planned to spend his cash on, he laughed and quickly answered “food and bills!” Smart man.

Free Redbox Rental Code


There’s only one mention of it on Twitter right now and my nearest Redbox is a few blocks away, so I’m not 100% sure this will work. However if you’re near a kiosk and want to test your luck, use code 56PPNM33 today only for a free Redbox movie rental!

[thanks to Hiffer Jason for sending this in!]

Free Jolly Time Popcorn

Free Jolly Time Popcorn

To celebrate 100 years of popping corn and having a jolly good time doing so, Jolly Time is “awarding 100 $1,000 grants to people and organizations around the country who bring joy and happiness to others by doing good in their communities.” If you’d like to nominate somebody, simply fill out the form, answer two questions, and receive a coupon good for one free box of Jolly Time popcorn.

Free Restorsea Skincare Samples

Free Restorsea Skincare Samples

EDIT: The company asked me to remove this freebie.

It seems crazy at first, but we can request up to sevenfree Restorsea skincare samples! It’s rare to find so many samples from one site, but to also promise to reverse global warming and restore the sea at the same time? Wow. I’m impressed.