Dead Freebies

Another Free Domino’s Medium Pizza @ 3pm

Free Dominos Medium Pizza

It was only two weeks ago that Chris Heston earned us all a free Domino’s pizza but now we have Max Scherzer to thank for also throwing a no-hitter this Father’s Day weekend! As such, Domino’s is again giving away 20,000 free two-topping medium pizzas today (carry-out only) at 3pm EST.

Like before, this freebie is guaranteed to go fast. The first step is confirming you have a free account. If not, make one, then head to the link above precisely at 3pm and refresh the heck out of the page. Good luck!

Free Scunci Elastic Hair Band

Free Scunci Elastic Hair Band

Ah man, this free Scunci elastic hair band is a decade late for me. My foray into luscious locks only lasted for a few short semesters during college, so I guess I’ll just have to send my free hair band to my brother. Why does he get all the fun toys?!

Free Domino’s Medium Pizza @ 3pm est

Free Domino's Medium Pizza @ 3PM

Baseball, freebie, and Venn diagram fans should be thrilled today. Last night San Francisco’s Chris Heston threw a no-hitter last night against the Mets, which means that Domino’s is giving away 20,000 free two-topping medium pizzas today (carry-out only)! Be warned that this freebie is insanely popular, which means there’s a decent chance you’ll miss out or become infuriated with Domino’s because something screws up on their end.

However if you’re still game, the first step is to make sure you have a free account. If not, make one, then head to the link above precisely at 3pm and refresh the heck out of the page. Good luck!

Free Doughnut Day

Free Doughnut Day

Friday, June 5, is free Doughnut Day over at Krispy Kreme. Hiffers not in Connecticut or Puerto Rico can receive one free doughnut of any variety with no purchase necessary.

I love how the Facebook page says 27,000 people are going while 570 are down as maybe. Maybe?! What the heck is there to think about? Let’s see here:

  • Doughnuts? Check.
  • Free? Check.

I don’t think I could be friends with anybody who was still a maybe after that.

Free Sargento Snack Cooler

Free Sargento Snack Cooler

I had no idea I needed this free Sargento snack cooler until I learned it existed five minutes ago. Apparently I have a mobile string cheese cooler sized void in my life. How in the world have I made it 32 years without one?!

Free Curad Bandage

If you need this free Curad bandage, then I hope your boo boo feels better soon.

Free Bellamins Prenatal Vitamins

Free Bellamins Prenatal Vitamins

I’m a single dude with absolutely zero prospects of starting a family any time soon and yet I just requested free Bellamins prenatal vitamins. I think I need an intervention.

The confirmation page reads “Because of huge demand you must confirm your sample request to be placed in queue. Expect this confirmation email to arrive within 24 hrs.” So make sure to use your freebie email!

Free Walgreens 8×10 Photo Print

Free Walgreens Photo Print

This freebie has returned with a new code.

Desktop users can get a free 8×10 photo print at Walgreens with checkout code FREE2PRINT through May 9. I sure hope the photo is Free2Shoebox as well.

As always, make sure to select in-store pickup to avoid any shipping fees.

Free Nutrish Pet Food

Free Rachael Ray Zero Grain Dog Food

Rachael Ray’s Nutrish site should allow you to request either free salmon cat food or turkey & potato dog food. This offer always dies fast so good luck!

Free Numi Tea K-Cup

Free Numi Tea K-Cup

You can receive a free Numi Tea k-cup 3-pack after making a pledge and sharing it on your Facebook page (ugh). I shouldn’t complain though, especially considering that I’m staring at a picture of women picking tea leaves in the mountains. That looks hard. Not sure I could do it.

*strains neck opening a new browser tab*

[thanks Gimmie Freebies!]