Dead Freebies

Free Hershey’s Chocolate Bar

Free Hershey's Chocolate Bar

I feel like I’ve eaten nothing but junkfood since May so, sure, let’s throw a free Hershey’s chocolate bar on the pile while we’re at it.

Free Manitoba Harvest Hemp Hearts

Free Manitoba Harvest Hemp Hearts

I have no idea what these free Manitoba Harvest Hemp Hearts are, but my gut heart tells me … food?

Free 2016 Bird Calendar

Free Cornell Bird 2016 Calendar

Aside from knowing Cornell technically exists, the only connections I have to it are from Andy Bernard and their yearly bird freebies, like today’s free 2016 bird calendar. As such, I imagine the entire student body does nothing but sing acapella songs about birds all day. I think it’s part of the curriculum for their Liberal Arts program.

Free Avery Index Maker Dividers

Free Avery Index Maker Dividers

If a free 5-tab set of Avery Index Maker Dividers sounds exciting to you, then you’re probably either a massive nerd like me or a parent bursting with excitement over back-to-school season.

This freebie “includes the dividers and Easy Apply label strips,” he said as clarification to nobody.

Free Le Weekend de Chanel

Free Le Weekend de Chanel

Despite today being Tuesday, we can sign up for a free sample of Le Weekend de Chanel renewing skincare. Fancy.

Free Quest Protein Bar

Free Quest Protein Bar

This freebie from February 2014 is available again!

Too bad I need my free Quest protein bar today as opposed to eight weeks from now. The quest of walking to the grocery store amidst all this beautiful weather looms before me and frankly I don’t think I can conquer it without being distracted.

*goes into kitchen to make lunch, but can only find vegetables*

Be right back guys, gotta run to the store!

Free Nordic Naturals Supplements

Free Nordic Naturals Supplements

This classic freebie has returned!

There’s a small “free samples” button in the lower right that allows you to request free Nordic Naturals supplements. You get to choose between a Wellness, Pet Essential, and a Child Pack. Now we get to wait 6 to 8 weeks then have our kids down some mystery pills sent in the mail by strangers!

Free Rachael Ray Zero Grain Dog Food

Free Rachael Ray Zero Grain Dog Food

EDIT: I said it’d go fast!

There’s a new offer for free Rachael Ray Zero Grain dog food available. These always go fast, so good luck.

Also, boy, Prime day was pretty craptacular, huh?

125 Free Kellogg’s Points

Free Kellogg's Points

Hey y’all! I’ve been helping my mom move for the past week and of course my laptop decided it wanted to take a vacation too and stop working. I’m headed back home today though, so we’ll be back to our regularly scheduled bad jokes tomorrow.

In the meantime here are 125 free Kellogg’s points by adding codes HAPPY4THOFJULY2U and WELOVEOURMEMBERS.

Another Free Domino’s Medium Pizza @ 3pm

Free Dominos Medium Pizza

It was only two weeks ago that Chris Heston earned us all a free Domino’s pizza but now we have Max Scherzer to thank for also throwing a no-hitter this Father’s Day weekend! As such, Domino’s is again giving away 20,000 free two-topping medium pizzas today (carry-out only) at 3pm EST.

Like before, this freebie is guaranteed to go fast. The first step is confirming you have a free account. If not, make one, then head to the link above precisely at 3pm and refresh the heck out of the page. Good luck!