Dead Freebies

Free Oprah Magazine Subscription

Free O Magazine Subscription

This freebie from Jun 2006 has returned!

Mercury Magazines has free subscriptions to Oprah’s O magazine, the only magazine title that sounds as if it were just startled. That is unless you happen to frequently scream “REDBOOK!” when walking through haunted houses.

For occupation, you can select “Other” then “Homemaker” via Industry. Also you don’t have to do anything else once you’ve submitting your mailing address. There are a bunch of “offers” that show up on the confirmation page – you can just skip those and close the window.

Free Sunglasses Strap

Free Sunglasses Strap

EDIT: Bummer, these ran out. The page says they may have more in stock soon though.

Dang it, where were these free sunglasses straps when I went to the lake last summer? Or the previous summer? Come to think of it, how about the summer before that one? Man, Future Goob is going to be absolutely thrilled with Present Goob!

Deal: $15 Starbucks Giftcard for $10

Starbucks Gift Card Sale

EDIT: Judging by the traffic on this post, tons of Hiffers are taking advantage of this offer, so I wanted to bump it for anybody who missed it the first time around!

Good thing I didn’t drift off to sleep quickly tonight, as it allowed me to clean my fridge and find this Groupon offer for a $15 Starbucks gift card for only $10. Seeing as how this is from Groupon, it’s bound to die fast, so good luck. On a similar note, last week’s free Starbucks k-cups offer that kept bugging out should be working again if you missed yout.

So if you’re a fellow insomniac / caffeine hound (annnnnnnnnd I think I’ve found my problem), pick up a $15 Starbucks gift card for $10 before the deal expires!

Free $20 Visa Credit at

Free $20 BestBuy Credit

Annnnnd it’s dead :(

Well here’s something you don’t see very often! For today only, you can get a unique code worth $20 off any purchase. Best Buy is also running a free shipping on all orders promo, so you can easily get a $20 product for free!

To get your code, you have to sign up for VISA’s new free Pay with Visa system. It lets you link you credit card to make checking out online easier and safer at over 100 online merchants. After you’re logged in, head to this page and click the button get the code emailed to you.

If you get a message on the second link to “try again later,” simply refresh the page after a few minutes. That’s what I did and eventually got in after 5 or 6 minutes. The codes doesn’t arrive immediately, but should show up in about four days. You also have until 12/24 to use the code at Best Buy and can contact if you have any trouble.

BOGO Free NUK Pacifier

BOGO Free NUK Pacifier

If you’re in the market for a NUK pacifier, make sure to print out this free NUK BOGO coupon good for up to $6. Also it’s worth pointing out that coupons can now print from mobile devices with no software to download! I’ll have a longer post about this next week, but basically all you need is a printer that’s connected to your home wifi and you’re 100% set.

Free Betty Crocker 2016 Calendar

Free 2016 Betty Crocker Calendar

EDIT: Mobile Hiffers may have better luck signing up with this link.

In order to get a free Betty Crocker 2016 calendar, signup or login at that link then click this link to find the signup form. This is only valid for Betty Crocker members as of 11/3 and supplies are limited to 1 per customer on a first come basis. Kinda like the results of my cooking, especially after that first review comes in.

If you don’t qualify, make sure to sign up today so you’ll qualify for the next Betty Crocker freebie!

Free Taco Bell Crunchwrap Nov. 5

Free Taco Bell Crunchwrap

I’m not going to lie, I’m a little peeved at the Kansas City Royals for finishing off the Mets so early because it robbed us of a game 7 tonight. That said, anybody who watched the stellar World Series this month will recall that a few stolen bases occurred. Why should we care? Because it means we all get a free Taco Bell crunchwrap tomorrow, Nov. 5 from 7-11am!

Now you may find yourself wondering “what in the hell is a crunchwrap,” but that’s an easy answer. It’s clearly a wrapped…meat… item with… melted cheese? and, uh …

Hey, it’s free, okay?!

Free Michael Kors Scented Gold Tattoo

Free Michael Kors Gold Tattoo

So today’s free Michael Kors scented gold tattoo smells like gold? The heck does gold even smell like? Yet another one of life’s mysteries that I never expected to ponder as I rolled out of bed this morning.

[thanks to Hiffer Susan for sending this in!]

Contest: Win a $50 Macy’s Gift Card

Macys Gift Card Contest

I know the contest post went out yesterday, but I just found this new contest from and it ends before the next TYL post goes out. You have until Monday at 11:59 PM ET to enter to win one of twenty $50 Macy’s gift cards. All you need to enter is an email and winners will be notified by Tuesday.

Dang. I was hoping for a singing telegram.

Free Color-Ons Decal

free color-ons decal

I love the steps for this free color-on ironable decal.

  • Color it!
  • Iron it!
  • Wear it!
  • Go out a month later, have a few drinks, see the pumpkin on a shirt you swear never had a pumpkin on it before, freak out a little!

That last one might be exclusive to me, but let’s be honest, it’ll 100% happen.