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Donate to Multiple Charities for Free!

There are quite a few free charity donation offers available right now. It only takes a minute or two to complete all of them!

First up is Toys R Us, which is donating $1 to the Make A Wish Foundation for each retweet below, up to $25,000. As I write this, they’re only sitting at 3.2 RTs.

Next up Smuckers is donating $1 to the USOC (United States Olympic Committee), up to $200,000, by the following methods:

  1. Share a picture of you and your family making or enjoying a PB&J sandwich using #PBJ4TeamUSA
  2. Create your own tweet using #PBJ4TeamUSA (…now the first option seems redundant)
  3. Retweet any Smucker’s tweet that contains #PBJ4TeamUSA

Finally you can help Purina donate $2 to the Petfinder Foundation by uploading a photo or video of your pet rolling over. They’re willing to donate $50,000 by June 1, which means we need 25,000 submissions to trigger the full donation amount.

[thanks Freebies 4 Mom!]

Free Credit – Update

Kiva Bonus Credit

Holy Crap, y’all! So many of you took part in the free credit offer from earlier this week that I now almost $2500 in free credit to loan out by this weekend! I’ve already dished out $300 to help families buy cattle, sewing machines, and materials for a new fence.

It blows my mind to think a site dedicated trivial freebies has the power to actually help transform lives in a meaningful way.

Free $25 Credit

Free Credit

This amazing freebie from February has returned!

Wow. This free $25 in credit is an amazing offer I’m thrilled to see return. For those unfamiliar with Kiva, it’s a micro-loan site where anybody can loan small amounts of money ($25 and up) to vetted recipients in need of finance to start or upgrade their small businesses around the world. After the loans are paid back, you can then re-lend the money to somebody else and start the entire process over again. As you can see, I’ve made loans all over the world and the only people who defaulted are living in a region currently controlled by ISIS, so they get a pass.

The credit didn’t show up in my account, however it appeared at checkout and I wasn’t charged a penny for helping ol’ Barnohol buy some cattle.

It’s worth noting that you won’t be able to re-lend this free $25 credit once it’s paid back, but hey, at least you can help change a single life for the better!

Help Donate Coca-Cola to Troops

Free Coke to Troops

The title reads weird, but trust me, Coke made it seem even worse.

Veteran Hiffers will remember that last year Coke gave away 100,000 Coca-cola cans to “American troops and their families” and it looks like they’re doing it again in 2015! All you have to do is click the link and you’ll tick another can onto the slowly-growing total.

This is obviously an awesome goal, otherwise I wouldn’t be posting it, but I’m always left wondering how promos like these actually work. What families will get the free coke? How many cans will each family get? Also I swear it’s already hit 100k last month, so maybe it loops? I don’t know, I wish there was a little more info.

Free $1 WhyHunger Donation


It’s an unfortunate truth that hunger is a reality for one out of six Americans. Thankfully this holiday season you can help make a free $1 donation to WhyHunger. All you need to do is download Favado, an aweseom grocery shopping app I’ve been a fan of for a while, and tap the banner in the app and will donate $1 on your behalf. We have until Dec. 22 to get 15,000 taps!

Free $1 Donation

That tweet above sums it up, but long story short a single retweet earns $1 via Intel to, CodeClub, or GirlsWhoCode, which are all websites that teaches anybody how to code for free. They’re willing to donate up to $45,000 yet are only currently at $28,700.

I guess a true long story short would be Intel wants to give free money. Wait, I can do better. Intel give money. Eh, that’s still three syllables too long. Intel -> $.

Nailed it.

Free Soccer Ball Donation

Free Soccer Ball Donation

You know those MyCokeReward codes that are under the plastic caps or printed on the inside of a cardboard 12-pack box? Now through July 31, you can enter a single code and trigger a free soccer ball donation to a school of your choice. The kids would probably rather have the coke, which is why they need the soccer ball! In my day,

*poison dart hits Goob and spares everybody a rambling story!*

Free $1 Donation to the Holly Rod Foundation

Free Holly Rod $1 Donation

The Holly Rod Foundation helps provide technology to those affected by Autism and now though June 30, you can make a free $1 donation (up to $25,000) via AT&T and Facebook. Donations are made by liking them on Facebook or tweeting with the hashtag #ATTSpeakHope.

I’ve seen the firsthand positive affects technology can have with autistic children, so I couldn’t be more on board with what this foundation is trying to achieve!

[thanks to Freebies 4 Mom]

Free 9Lives Cat Food Donation

Free 9Lives Cat Food Donation

9Lives cat food wants to donate up to one million meals to animal shelters and all we have to do is watch a funny video. They’re only at 15,000 donations right now, which baffles me. The Internet loves cat videos, especially funny ones, and we love freebies. I imagine we can get them up to a million in around 41 minutes.

Make sure to stick around after the video and enter the code shown to make your view count.

[thanks Freebies 4 Mom!]

Free $1 Donation to

If you have a dummy Facebook account (come on, please tell me you do…) or don’t mind linking apps to your personal account, you should consider donating $1 to for free thanks to 3M. From what I gather, 3M wants to donate $25,000 and so far they’re only at $656. That needs a few more zeros.

Click the yellow “Share A Note” button to like Post-it and share a story about how you use Post-Its to “inspire, encourage, and touch the ones you love.” I hope they like my true story of “one time I spilled cereal and used Post-Its to kindly show my brothers all the pieces they needed to pick up.”

I’m starting to understand why my parents finally got us a dog.