Facebook Freebies

Free Seattle’s Best Coffee

Free Seattle's Best Coffee

If you missed the free Seattle’s Best coffee last month, you have one last shot at procuring some today. Now if you’ll excuse me, I have more Cyber Monday shopping to do. It’s completely different than my regular Monday shopping habits in that I put on fancy pajamas last night instead of my usual tatters.

Free Folgers Vanilla Biscotti Coffee

Free Folgers Vanilla Biscotti Coffee

This very sentence for free Folgers Vanilla Biscotti coffee is probably the 900th intro I’ve tried this afternoon. There were a few about Thanksgiving, another time centered on Facebook, and there was one where I likened alphabetical order to witchcraft.

Just go get the free coffee and let’s move on :)

[thanks Freebies 4 Mom!]

Cfree Cantu Coconut Curling Cream

Free Cantu Coconut Curling Cream

This free Cantu coconut curling cream speaks to me as a fan of both freebies and alliteration! Too bad the only hair I have long enough to curl is on my legs.

Free Cafe Pilon Coffee

Free Cafe Pilon Coffee

Judging from the unexpected Spanish blanketing this page, we’re either about to get some free Cafe Pilon coffee or, I don’t know, salsa? Either way I’m in.

Free Kraft Mac & Cheese

Free Kraft Mac & Cheese

Wait, are they saying we love noodles or the human race? Either way, we can all get a coupon good for one free box of Kraft mac & cheese, though it does require Facebook so fire up those freebie accounts.

The fine print says this is valid for today only, so don’t pull a Goob and procrastinate for hours on end.

Free CVS 8×10 Photo Collage

Free 8x10 Photo Collage

Upon liking them on Facebook, you’ll receive a unique code good for a free 8×10 photo collage at CVS. I’ve made so many of these over the years that now I tend to make collages of myself then put them in my friend’s apartments and see how long it takes them to notice.

Free Dial Moisturizer Lotion

Free Dial Soap

Not everybody will win a free Dial 7-day moisturizer lotion, but they’re giving away 60,000 so your odds aren’t terrible. They’re at least better than my odds of every opening my new mailbox. I’m fairly certain it’s a repurposed torture device.

Free Ovaltine Chocolate Drink Mix

Free Ovaltine Chocolate Drink Mix

Here’s a Facebook page for some free Ovaltine chocolate drink mix. It says it’s for kids though, so let me introduce you to my little tyke!

*hastily stuffs pillows inside old t-shirt and draws a face on a softball.*

Free RealCup K-Cup Coffee … Cup

Free RealCup K-Cup Coffee

Not only can you get a free RealCup k-cup coffee sample, but if you refer your friends, you’ll get even more. Looks like my fake freebie account is about to have a few kids! Good thing she never listened to those wacky doctors who said it was impossible for a 100-year-old to procreate.

Free Redken Curvaceous Kit

Free Redken Curvaceous Kit

This free Redken Curvaceous kit from Facebook comes packed with:

  1. Redken Curvaceous Cream Shampoo
  2. Redken Curvaceous Conditioner
  3. Redken Curvaceous Wind Up Reactivating Spray

We’re about to have some curvy, curvy hair. Though I am curious why the spray needs to be wound up like a 1920s car. Does it come with a crank or so you think we’ll have to provide our own?