Food Freebies

Free Oreo Thins at Food Lion

Free Oreo Thins at Food Lion

This offer from Nov. 10 has returned!

The first 5,000 Food Lion MVP members to get this deal can score a free 10oz. Oreo Thins. Ahhh, Oreo Thins. Kudos to whichever scientist figured out how to reverse the fat affects of fat!

Since this offer is limited, it’s sure to go fast. Please let me know if it doesn’t show up for you and I’ll get the most marked as dead.

Free Kit Kat Bar

Free Kit Kat Bar

SavingStar members (which should include every Hiffer who shops at one of these stores!) can add a coupon good for one free Kit Kat candy bar. You have until Nov. 24 to request the coupon be added to your account.

7-Eleven: Free Red Bull

Free Red Bull at 7-11

In order to get a free can of Red Bull at 7-Eleven, simply click the “redeem” button and follow the prompts. You’ll eventually get a text message with a 2nd “redeem” link that expires 15 minutes after pressing, so make sure to do so only once you’ve reached 7-Eleven and are ready to checkout.

Finally, make sure you grab a Red Bull that gives you wings. I once tried their new flavor that promises gills and wasn’t a fan.

Coupon: Free Waffle House Waffle

Free Waffle House Waffle

If there’s one thing I’ve learned running HIF, it’s that Hiffers love free waffles. Enjoy.

You’ll thank me the next time you’re out drunk at 5am and realize you have a coupon in your wallet for a free Waffle House waffle. Though to be honest if you’re thinking about coupons at the crack of dawn while intoxicated, you deserve some massive props.

The coupon doesn’t expire until Nov. 24, 2015 so there’s no rush on killing those brain cells. Note the coupon is only valid Mon-Fri.

Also it’s worth noting that most (all?) Waffle House’s (Hice?) will accept mobile coupons. That means instead of printing the coupon, pulling the coupon up on your mobile browser in the restaurant should work just fine.

Finally, for those of your unfamiliar with the wonder that is Waffle House, please allow one of my personal heroes to enlighten you. Until recently, Anthony Bourdain had never set foot in a Waffle House. Luckily for us, that changed recently.

Free Starbucks Hot Cocoa K-Cup

Free Starbucks Hot Cocoa K-Cup

EDIT: I’ve updated the link to a new one. Click it, then scroll down to where it says “Simply click here” on the left side. Also this might work best on a PC instead of mobile.

The site for free Starbucks hot cocoa K-Cups must be an 8 month old, because it’s crawling right now. Get it?! See what I did there?!

Hey, no, don’t close the door just yet. I haven’t tap-danced or even started the singing telegram!

Free P&G Everyday

Free P&G Everyday Program

Procter & Gamble don’t quite give out the same number of samples and coupons as they used to, but it’s worth mentioning that their free P&G Everyday program is still alive and kicking! Actually their freebie form seems bugged at the moment, but it was working earlier this week and has been around for a few years, so I have faith they’ll get it fixed. Unlike my faith in the Packers offense! It’s not cool that I can use the same sentence two weeks in a row!

Wait, what? Where was I? Oh yeah, the free P&G Everyday whatchamacallit. You can print coupons from there and request freebies multiple times a year. It’s definitely worth having a free account already set up since their freebies tend to go fast.

Free Atkins Quick-Start Kit

Free Atkins Quick-Start Kit

This freebie from April 2012 has returned!

Today’s free Atkins quick-start kit contains some informative brochures, a BOGO coupon, and possibly pizza or chocolate to snack on? Or maybe you’re supposed to eat the brochures? I’m not clear on the specifics plus it all tastes the same to me.

The kit is available through Nov. 30.

Free Taco Bell Crunchwrap Nov. 5

Free Taco Bell Crunchwrap

I’m not going to lie, I’m a little peeved at the Kansas City Royals for finishing off the Mets so early because it robbed us of a game 7 tonight. That said, anybody who watched the stellar World Series this month will recall that a few stolen bases occurred. Why should we care? Because it means we all get a free Taco Bell crunchwrap tomorrow, Nov. 5 from 7-11am!

Now you may find yourself wondering “what in the hell is a crunchwrap,” but that’s an easy answer. It’s clearly a wrapped…meat… item with… melted cheese? and, uh …

Hey, it’s free, okay?!

Free Buca di Beppo Bucannoli

Free Buca di Beppo Bucannoli

I have no idea if that title even remotely resembles English. I’m told, however, that free Buca di Beppo bucannoli is not only coherent but is delicious to boot. Well alright then! Delicious free food, got it. Way to bury the lead.

There’s no minimum purchase and the coupon expires 11/30. Signing up for this joins their newsletter, so make sure to use a freebie address. An added free perk is you’ll also then qualify for Buca di Beppo’s birthday freebie!

Free Truvia Natural Sweetener

Free Truvia Natural Sweetener

This freebie from Nov. 2013 is still available!

Anybody else get the urge to chow down on some strawberries after requesting free Truvia natural sweetener? All I had in my fridge was strawberry daiquiri mix though, but hey, close enough.