Food Freebies

7-Eleven: Free Orbit Gum

Free Orbit Gum

You’ll need a smartphone to download their free app, but after doing so you can get free Orbit gum at 7-Eleven. They’ve given away 73% of the coupons, so this will be gone within a day or two. To find the coupon, check the “Scan and Save” section of the app once you’re logged in. To find a 7-Eleven, drive around aimlessly and navigate only by sticking your head out the window and shouting for directions at stop lights. Seriously, it’s fun!

Free SunButter Sunflower Seeds

Free Sunbutter Sunflower Seeds

EDIT: Intrepid Hiffer has pointed out this is for Sunbutter, not sunflower seeds. Hahaha my bad.

Target is giving out free SunButter sunflower seeds in “on the go” packs. Funny, I’ve never had trouble transporting sunflower seeds around.

In order to make the form appear, you’ll need to have a child at home aged 5-11 or fib a little about your own age.

2015 National Coffee Day

Free Coffee on National Coffee Day

Tuesday, Sept. 29 is National Coffee Day which means we get free days! No, free national?

*checks cue card*

Ohhhh, free coffee! Who would have guessed?

Dunkin’ Donuts – Free medium hot or iced coffee.
Krispy Kreme – Free 12 oz. coffee & original glazed doughnut.
LaMar’s Donuts – Free 12 oz. coffee & LaMar’s Coffee Mug (while supplies last).
Sheetz – Free “Coffez.” Boy, I sure hope it tastes like coffee.
WaWa – Free coffee sized up to 24 oz.

[thanks to Hiffer Velma for the reminder!]

Free Campbell’s Organic Soup

free campbells organic soup

If you woke up this morning thinking “gee, I hope to find some free Campbell’s Organic Soup soon,” then I’ve got some great news for you. But, uh, we gotta eventually talk about how boring your dreams must be too.

In case you’re new to HIF, SavingStar typically works by paying out coupon values directly to you instead of reducing your grocery bill at the time of checkout. With these freebie offers, all you have to do is create a free SavingStar account, link your loyalty card from one of these participating stores, then load the link above and purchase the item by the expiration date. SavingStar usually runs a few of these offers each month and the minimum payout is only $5, so it only takes a few of these freebies to qualify for a payout!

Free Pancakes at Perkins on Sept. 24

free perkins short stack pancakes

Perkins is giving away free short stacks of pancakes on Thursday, Sept. 24 all day long “in hopes that you’ll consider making a donation to Give Kids The World, a 70-acre nonprofit resort in Florida for children with life-threatening illnesses and their families.”

Free Pace or Prego Ready Meal

Free Pace or Prego Ready Meal

SavingStar is offering free Pace or Prego Ready Meals. One is great for slowing down to appreciate the finer things in life while the other helps you get pregnant. Choose carefully!

Coupon: Free Waffle House Waffle

Free Waffle House Waffle

If there’s one thing I’ve learned running HIF, it’s that Hiffers love free waffles. Enjoy.

You’ll thank me the next time you’re out drunk at 5am and realize you have a coupon in your wallet for a free Waffle House waffle. Though to be honest if you’re thinking about coupons at the crack of dawn while intoxicated, you deserve some massive props.

The coupon doesn’t expire until Sept. 24, 2015 so there’s no rush on killing those brain cells. Note the coupon is only valid Mon-Fri.

Also it’s worth noting that most (all?) Waffle House’s (Hice?) will accept mobile coupons. That means instead of printing the coupon, pulling the coupon up on your mobile browser in the restaurant should work just fine.

Free Sweet Earth Benevolent Bacon

free benevolent bacon

Oscar Meyer recently recalled 2 million pounds of their bacon turkey and Sweet Earth is capitalizing on their misstep by offering coupons for a full-size free Benevolent Bacon to Hiffers who email their mailing address to by Sept. 4. “Benevolent bacon” might scare a few people off, but I, for one, welcome our new bacon overlords.

If you’ve never heard of this product, join the club. Their site says:

Named Retail Product of the Year in 2014 by Refrigerated and Frozen Foods Magazine, Benevolent Bacon™ is 100% all-natural and plant-based. This high protein meat alternative sizzles like bacon, smells like bacon, and delivers a smoky bacon experience with zero cholesterol and 75% less fat than pork bacon.

Plant-based bacon that tastes like the real stuff? I’ll be the judge of that!

[thanks Gimmie Freebies!]

Free Domino’s Medium Pizza @ 3pm est

Free Dominos Medium Pizza

EDIT: Use code 4500 at checkout to get a free cinnastix order with your free pizza!

The no-hitters keep flying in, this time on the arm of Jake Arrieta and the Chicago Cubs late last night. All that means is we get yet another shot at a free Domino’s pizza at 3pm EST. Only 20,000 free two-topping medium pizzas are available and they’re carry-out only.

Like before, this freebie is guaranteed to go fast. The first step is confirming you have a free account. If not, make one, then head to the link above precisely at 3pm and refresh the heck out of the page. Good luck!

Also I know this is pointless for those Hiffers reading this at 4pm when the newsletter goes out. I had hoped to have the new alert feature working by the next time a no-hitter was thrown, but I didn’t expect it so freaking soon!

Free Zing Stevia Sweetener

Free Zing Stevia Sweetener

Not only do we get to try some free Zing Stevia sweetener, but there’s a free coupon available to print after you submit your address. You can thank me now both for the freebie and for not making a corny joke followed by ZING!