Health & Fitness Freebies

Pfree Premier Protein Product

Free Premier Protein Bar

I couldn’t help myself in the title. :)

Workout buffs can get a free Premier Protein bar or shake today! Well, they can request it today. They’ll have to wait 4 to 6 weeks like the rest of us unless they’re John Titor.

Free Always Infinity Pads

free always infinity sample

Yeah, yeah, free Always Infinity pads, now let’s get to the heart of the matter because I have so many questions.

  1. How does a pad win a Product of the Year award? Somebody call President Carter, I’ve seen a rigged election before.
  2. Which innovations were added to the pads? Bluetooth?
  3. What products did it beat out?
  4. Who voted for pads?!

I must know.

Two Free Reassure Travel Washcloths


This site specializes in selling adult underwear and pads, hence enough brochures and coupons in their sample pack to kindle a bonfire. However it also comes with two free Reassure travel washcloths. BUT DON’T YOU DARE THINK ABOUT USING THESE AT HOME!

I also found this related free $2 Always printable coupon.

$2.00 off Always Discreet Incontinence Underwear

Free up & up Adult Incontinence Solutions

Free up & up Adult Incontinence Solutions

Target is giving away, and I quote, free up & up adult incontinence solutions. Sure, that’s a lawyery way of describing a freebie, but it makes more sense when you realize their tagline goes “it’s like contact solution .. for your butt!”

Free Allegra Allergy

Free Allegra Allergy

This freebie from April 2015 has returned.

Cute packaging on today’s free Allegra Allergy sample. Why only mold the packaging into a letter and not the actual pill though? Think of all the additional hours of relief you could cram in there!

Wait, I also take Zyrtec occasionally. On second thought I’d like to formally say my idea sucks.

Free Atkins Quick-Start Kit

Free Atkins Quick-Start Kit

This freebie from April 2012 has returned!

It’s apparently Freebie Throwback Week and I’ll freaking take it. That recent freebie drought was no joke. Today’s free Atkins quick-start kit contains some informative brochures, a BOGO coupon, and possibly pizza or chocolate to snack on? Or maybe you’re supposed to eat the brochures? I’m not clear on the specifics plus it all tastes the same to me.

Free ZzzQuil Sleep-Aid

free zzzquil sleep-aid

Everybody should have requested their P&G Everyday Sampler quarterly kit by now, but it seems they have a potential separate offer for free ZzzQuil sleep-aid right now (current users log-in here). It’s not guaranteed to show up for everybody, but it was in my main account and my two test accounts.

Wait, is being excited for future good sleep a sign of getting old? If so, I’m freaking ancient.

Free Prilosec OTC

This freebie has been available since the dawn of time. It never dies.

The free Prilosec OTC offer has returned with Larry the Cable Guy as a spokesperson. I like how he’s labeled as an “actual Prilosec user.” How is that verified? Are we working off the Honor Code or does P&G hire somebody to follow him around and monitor his activity? Would they go so far as to force him to take it? I’d want the job of shooting Prilosec pills at his mouth with a t-shirt cannon from across the room. If that job doesn’t exist, it should. Or what if they believe him but he hasn’t eaten any spicy food for a while? I’m guessing a guy in a dark suit with sunglasses walks up to him, hands him a plate of Thai food, and silently motions towards it.

Okay, time to lay off the coffee.

Free Astroglide Adult Lubricant

Free Astroglide Adult Lubricant

This free Astroglide adult lubricant offer has been around forever and yet I haven’t reposted it for years. Until now!

*pats self on back*

Make sure you have a great explanation lined up for when a young’un finds it and thinks it has some sort of magical astronaut-creating powers based on the name alone. This PSA unfortunately comes from personal experience. Let my awkward moment be a lesson for all!

[thanks Alayna for the reminder!]

Free Curad Bandage

If you need this free Curad bandage, then I hope your boo boo feels better soon.