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Free Avery Index Maker Dividers

Free Avery Index Maker Dividers

This freebie from Aug. 2015 has returned!

If a free 5-tab set of Avery Index Maker Dividers sounds exciting to you, then you’re probably either a massive nerd like me or a parent bursting with excitement over back-to-school season bemoaning the impending summer.

This freebie “includes the dividers and Easy Apply label strips,” he said as clarification to nobody.

Free Holocaust Museum 2016 Calendar

Free Holocaust Museum 2016 Calendar

I’m back home and set for a full day of making goofy jokes about silly freebies. What’s today’s first topic?

Oh. It’s a free 2016 calendar from the Holocaust museum. Boy, I am not making it easy on myself, huh?

Free Thermography 2016 Calendar

Free Thermography 2016 Calendar

A company named Fluke might not inspire the highest of confidence, but they’re giving out free thermography 2016 calendar that basically mean they’re cool to look at while writing down your next doctor’s appointment.

Based on the survey questions, it’s apparent this freebie is meant for people working in a very specific industry. For that reason alone, I suggest not requesting this unless you really want or need it. Freebies meant for specific niches typically only have a few thousand in supply. So if you’re like me and have already signed up for a dozen 2016 calendars, maybe take a pass on this. But if you still need a calendar for next year, have at it!

Free Birds of Washington 2016 Calendar

We’re limited to a mere 5 free Birds of Washington 2016 calendars. My apartment doesn’t even have 5 different rooms in it, let alone ones which require a calendar. But I’m excited to see what it’s like to live as a bigshot and able to know the date immediately whether I’m frying an egg or brushing my teeth. What an age we live in!

Free Perdue 2016 Calendar

Free Perdue 2016 Calendar

If you don’t mind your stomach rumbling every time you check the date, then request a Free Perdue 2016 calendar before they run out of stock. They also have a free Perdue club that you can join to gain access to special coupons and offers throughout the year.

Free Betty Crocker 2016 Calendar

Free 2016 Betty Crocker Calendar

EDIT: Mobile Hiffers may have better luck signing up with this link.

In order to get a free Betty Crocker 2016 calendar, signup or login at that link then click this link to find the signup form. This is only valid for Betty Crocker members as of 11/3 and supplies are limited to 1 per customer on a first come basis. Kinda like the results of my cooking, especially after that first review comes in.

If you don’t qualify, make sure to sign up today so you’ll qualify for the next Betty Crocker freebie!

Free Roadside in Bloom Calendar

Free Roadside Bloom Calendar

Every year since 2011, the state of West Virginia has given away a free Roadside in Bloom calendar and every year I’m reminded that West Virginia ain’t half bad! I hear NYC tried making one of these as well, but it turns out we only have 7 trees. At least it isn’t my home state of South Carolina giving these away. Otherwise every month would have a picture of orange traffic cones and strips of truck tires.

Free Vapur Water Bottle

free vapur water bottle

Copehnhagen tobacco is giving away free Vapur water bottles to Hiffers aged 21 and above. I think that technically makes these outdoor liquor bottles instead.

After logging in, you should see the image above on the main homepage. Clicking it starts the signup process while staring at it starts the waiting game.

Free Weber Watercolor Paint

Free Weber Watercolor Paint

The signup form for free Weber watercolor paint promises you’ll “receive catalogs & samples.” Boy, I sure hope the catalogues aren’t the samples.

Free 2016 Bird Calendar

Free Cornell Bird 2016 Calendar

Aside from knowing Cornell technically exists, the only connections I have to it are from Andy Bernard and their yearly bird freebies, like today’s free 2016 bird calendar. As such, I imagine the entire student body does nothing but sing acapella songs about birds all day. I think it’s part of the curriculum for their Liberal Arts program.