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Free Rolling Stone Magazine Subscription

Free Rolling Stone Magazine Subscription

This freebie from Nov. 2012 has returned!

The free 2-year Rolling Stone magazine subscriptions from RewardsGold is back. It was pretty popular last week, but I know some Hiffers missed it, so better luck this time. If you miss it again today, try squinting really hard and reading the magazine covers above until this offer comes back. It’s like the next best thing.

Free Men’s Journal Magazine Subscription

Free Men's Journal Magazine Subscription

This freebie from Oct. 30, 2013 has returned!

Dang it. Who gave the free Men’s Journal magazine subscription publishers my diary? You would think they’d at least bury the article on my middle school crush instead of making it the cover story.

Free Glamour Magazine Subscription

Free Glamour Magazine Subscription

This freebie was originally posted on June 14, 2013 and is currently available again!

Well here’s an offer you don’t often see. RewardsGold has a free Glamour magazine subscription offer up, which means we’re about to get a lot more glamorous around here. I can’t wait to read the Top 10 Summer Dos and Don’ts. I really hope numbers 1 through 5 are just “go on vacation and do nothing” repeated over and over.

Free Popular Science Magazine Subscription

Free Popular Science Magazine Subscription

A fairly rare free Popular Science magazine subscription has appeared! It’s via Mercury Mags though, so it’ll predictable die within a few hours. Think of them as the Mayflys of freebies.

When it asks you about “additional offers,” politely tell them to bugger off. You should eventually come to a page that says “Thank You! The first issue of your qualifying print subscription(s) is estimated to arrive in 6 to 8 weeks” with your address displayed under it.

Free Maxim Magazine Subscription

Free Maxim Magazines

I warned ya it’d die fast!

Maybe for good reason, but these free Maxim magazine subscription offers have become increasingly rare over the years. They might not be the epitome of journalism, but at the very least they can compliment your exercise routine. That recycling bin won’t carry itself to the curb every week!

Free Barron’s Magazine Subscription

Free Barron's Magazine Subscription

EDIT: Well look what’s back from 2010!

I always dreamed of becoming a robber baron, so I look forward to the many enlightening articles I’m sure to read thanks to my free Barron’s magazine subscription.

I also think this is the first time I’ve ever seen a RewardsGold survey that matched with the magazine. I came expecting to talk about my yogurt eating habits or my sock purchasing history.

Batch of Free Magazine Subscriptions

Free ESPN Magazine Subscription

RewardsGold has been the staple for free magazines as far back as HIF’s first days and they established the model of “take a random survey and receive a free magazine subscription.” Enter Rewards Survey and their batch of free magazines. In exchange for taking a 31 question survey on my wine drinking habits (I was happy they didn’t redirect me to a liver specialist at the end), I was given $20 in credit for a free magazine subscription.

You can either use that immediately or bank it and take another survey the following week, thus enabling you to get subscriptions from the $30, $40, or $50 tiers in just a few weeks. They’ll occasionally offer rare magazines like ESPN, so at the very least it’s worth building up some credit to jump on those offers when they appear!

Free LEGO Magazine Subscription

Free LEGO Club Magazine

EDIT: This freebie was posted six years ago and is still active! Also I’m well into my 30s now and still love LEGOS.

Quick, name one toy cooler than LEGOS! ERRRNT, time’s up, it was a trick question since there isn’t one. LEGOSnot only are timeless, but they are amazingly awesome when it comes to passing time and bring creative. I’m 25 and I still find myself constructing skyscrapers and spaceships probably a little more often than I should. I figure a free two year LEGO magazine subscription will only help fuel my addiction, but I’m okay with that.

Free Cigar Aficionado Subscription

free Cigar Aficionado magazine subscription

RewardsGold is offering a rare free Cigar Aficionado magazine subscription. Lowly connoisseurs and enthusiasts need not apply.

Free Shape Magazine Subscription

Free Shape Magazine Subscription

EDIT: This freebie was first available on June 29, 2013 and has returned today!

RewardsGold is offering a free subscription to Shape magazine again. I won’t even bother reading an issue though. Partly because I don’t want the perfect bikini body and mainly because I love cookies.