Magazines Freebies

Free Oprah Magazine Subscription

Free O Magazine Subscription

This freebie from Jun 2006 has returned!

Mercury Magazines has free subscriptions to Oprah’s O magazine, the only magazine title that sounds as if it were just startled. That is unless you happen to frequently scream “REDBOOK!” when walking through haunted houses.

For occupation, you can select “Other” then “Homemaker” via Industry. Also you don’t have to do anything else once you’ve submitting your mailing address. There are a bunch of “offers” that show up on the confirmation page – you can just skip those and close the window.

Free Redbook Magazine Subscription

Free Redbook Magazine Subscription

This offer from Oct. 2011 has returned!

Everybody I know already has a free Redbook magazine subscription. It’s one of those magazines that never stops coming. In fact, I had so many unread issue lying around that I glued them to my body and went as a giant Redbook magazine for Halloween.

When asked for your occupation on the first page, pick “Other” then “Homemaker” via Industry. Also you don’t have to do anything else once you’ve submitting your mailing address. There are a bunch of “offers” that show up on the confirmation page – you can just skip those and close the window.

Tons of Free Magazines Offers

Free Popular Science magazine subscription

Mercury Magazine, Valuemags, and FreeBizMag have a bunch of new offers out today. They include:

For veteran Hiffers and new members alike can easily get 240 free RecycleBank points to request a free Essence magazine subscription that also comes with a free tote bag.

Free Essence Magazine

Finally don’t forget to check out your RewardSurvey account to look for 18+ rare magazine offers, like ESPN and more!

Free RewardSurvey Magazine Subscriptions

Free Rewards Survey Magazine Subscriptions

EDIT: Here’s your monthly reminder of RewardsGold. They don’t currently have ESPN, but I counted 18 currently magazine offers!

Free magazine subscriptions in exchange for random surveys have been a staple in the freebie scene for as long as I can remember. RewardsGold is obviously #1 in that department, but RewardSurvey is another I’ve talked about a few times on here and right now they’re sometimes they’re offering a rare free ESPN magazine subscription along with many more! One of the main reasons I find these rare ESPN magazine offers so nice is because they also bring with them free access to all the ESPN Insider articles and guides on

After signing up and completing a survey around 20 questions, you’ll get $20 credited to your account that allows you to request most of the free magazines they offer. You can then log back in once a week, take the new survey, and add more free money to your account that can be redeemed for more free magazines.

If you’re a new member and want one of the more expensive offers, like a free ESPN magazine subscription, fret not! Simply refer a few friends and you’re account will instantly be credited with $3 each.

Free Men’s Health Magazine Subscription

free mens health magazine subscription

RewardsGold is handing out free Men’s Health magazine subscriptions in exchange for taking a short survey on your snacking habits. Wait, I can get healthy by snacking?! *runs off to buy Oreos*

I tried following the cover stories advice and built a beach body this morning. It doesn’t quite look the same made out of LEGOs.

Free Wine Spectator Magazine Subscription


RewardsGold has a new offer available that casual drinkers will love – a free one year Wine Spectator magazine subscription! I’m not sure why anybody would want to watch wine, especially when they could be drinking it, but to each their own. I’m personally a Shiraz fan and I don’t know about you, but all this talk about wine is making me thirsty. But it’s not even noon yet… don’t ever let somebody tell you working from home doesn’t have its perils…

Free 4-Month Magazine Trials for Amazon Prime Members

free amazon prime magazine subscription

Amazon Prime members are being offered the opportunity to 4-month free trials for up to three magazine subscriptions. I currently count 20+ magazines to choose from, including All You, GQ, Allure, Reader’s Digest, This Old House, and tons more (not literally). You have until 12:00pm PT on October 14th to redeem this offer.

THIS LAST PART IS SUPER IMPORTANT! After you subscribe, make sure to turn off auto-renewal on this page. Otherwise you’ll be charged $12 for a 1-year subscription once your trial runs out. Turning off auto-renew takes 2 seconds and guarantees you won’t be charged any money for these freebies. Unless paying for free stuff is your thing, then by all means.

$12/yr is actually a slight deal compared to these magazines normal prices, and you can lock that rate in forever. However some of these magazines you can get for free through RewardsGold and the like. If you absolutely love the magazine and haven’t seen it here on HIF before, it might make sense to keep it. Otherwise I’d cancel the auto-renewal.

Free Autoweek and Bowhunting World Subscriptions

Free Bowhunting World Magazine Subscription

Mercury Magazines is giving away free Autoweek magazine subscriptions while Freebizmag is offering free Bowhunting World magazine subscriptions. Together these would cost $35 on Amazon, so getting them for free is a steal. Plus I can’t wait to learn about hunting cars with bows!

Free Martha Stewart Living Magazine Subscription

Free Martha Stewart Magazine Subscription

There’s a new free Martha Stewart Living magazine subscription offer available from RewardsGold. I guess nothing says living like making a table centerpiece out of pine cones and potpourri.

As it’s been since 2011, the short survey you have to take is on breakfast food reviews. It still makes no sense and it still only has to be 25 words long, so have fun with it. They really don’t care what you write.

Free Popular Science Magazine

Free Popular Science Magazine Subscription

Right on the heels of RewardsGold’s magazine offers is Value Mags’ free Popular Science magazine subscription. These typically don’t last as long, so good luck. Now I’m off to figure out what caused Neil deGrasse Tyson to go full-blown evil scientist and what he’s threatening to blow up with that button. I bet it’s the moon!