Music Freebies

Free Beyonce Formation Song Download

Free Beyonce Formation Song

You can download Beyonce’s new song Formation for free if you’ve been dying to relive the magic of the Pepsi Mega Awesome Blowout Super Bowl Halftime Show Extravaganza!

Free Motley Crew Greatest Hits CD

Free Motley Crew Greatest Hits

You can either pay $1.30 per song or download the entire Motley Crew greatest hits album for free. Tough choice.

Free Ocean Waves


Not literally. Those would be slightly troublesome to ship.

Instead what we have are two free ocean wave albums from Amazon to be used for sleeping, meditation, or yoga! They’re offering both Ocean Waves II and Ocean Waves III for download.

I don’t want to brag, but I’ve been a huge fan of theirs since Ocean Waves I. It was easily their best album, before they sold out.

Free Amazon Music From … People


Well, okay, I don’t really know any of these free songs from “up and coming” artists that Amazon is featuring. But one of them has “whiskey” in their name while Lake Street Dive sounds like a place I’ve ended up many a nights at 4am. I’m sold.

Free $1 Amazon Music Credit

Free $5 Amazon mp3 Credit

Sure, a free $1 Amazon music credit isn’t much, but it’s the perfect way to get that one catchy Miley Cyrus or One Direction song you always find yourself singing without the embarrassment of it showing up on your credit card statement for others to see.

In order to get your credit, you have to “buy” one of the apps on that page. As you can see, most of them are free, so in the end you pay nothing.

Free Music & Disney Code

Free Holiday Amazon Songs

First off don’t forget that you can download five new free holiday songs from Amazon this week. I bet you’re as excited as I am to find out who Big Bad Voodoo Daddy is!

After that, score your free daily Disney Movie Rewards points with today’s code of CTC18R6.

December 10 Daily Freebies

Free Holiday Amazon Songs

The daily Disney Movie Rewards code has been updated to CTC10N. I also just realized that the five free holiday songs from Amazon change weekly as opposed to daily. But if you didn’t download them yesterday, grab them now!

And just for good measure, head over to Recyclebank then click this link. I was able to earn a bunch of points that I have no idea how to spend. There are only so many magazine subscriptions a guy can read!

December 9 Daily Freebies

Free Holiday Amazon Songs

Both Disney and Amazon are giving away freebies every day for the rest of December. I’ve been trying to post them to Twitter and Facebook, but figured compiling them here every day made more sense. So for starters, check out Amazon’s five free holiday songs! One of the nice perks with these is you can see which songs are upcoming.

Then head over and redeem one free Disney Movie Rewards code in CTC91B.

A few Hiffers on Twitter were asking about what you could get from Disney. What are you saving for? Or if you’ve redeemed some points, what did you get?

Free Sirius XM Radio Stations

Free Sirius XM Radio Stations

It’s not just modern radios that can take advantage of 60 free Sirius XM radio stations now through September 9. People can also access them online or with a smartphone. All you have to do is tune in and the stations should be broadcasting for free over the next two weeks.

Now I need to figure out how to hide this offer from all my friends in my fantasy football league. Channel 87 might just be the secret weapon that finally earns Goob’s Boobs the championship trophy!

Free Nine Inch Nails Song

Sorry for the lack of updates so far this week. I must have had a little too much fun this weekend because I felt like crapola on Monday. But I know just the thing to life my spirits – this free Nine Inch Nails song Copy of a on Amazon!

Okay, maybe NIN isn’t quite the pick-me-up I hoped it’d be.