Pets Freebies

Free Pet Lifeforce Nutrition Nuggets

Free Pet Lifeforce Nutrition Nuggets

“Nutrition” and “nuggets” rarely find themselves neighbors in a sentence. I bet these free dog or cat LifeFORCE Super Nutrition nuggets aren’t made at McDonald’s.

Free Fancy Feast Broths Cat Food

Free Fancy Feast Broths Cat Food

Look for the staring cat above to sign up for a free Fancy Feast Broths cat food sample. He’ll even give you a high five on the confirmation page! I consider my day officially Made.

Free Friskies Lucky 7 Cat Food

free friskies cat food

EDIT: The signup form seems bugged now, but it worked for me 20 minutes ago.

Make sure your speakers are turned to 11 since the site for free Friskies Lucky 7 cat food is looping some sweet jazz music. Your first impulse may be to mute but try leaving it playing while you sign up. It won’t help you get a sample any faster but it will cause you to eventually reach a breaking point and go mad. Talk about a fun Monday activity!

Free Stinky Abominable Snowman Poo

Free Stinky Abominable Snowman Poo

EDIT: Darn it, they’re out of free poo. Somebody send food to the Himalayas!

You read that right. Free Stinky Abominable Snowman Poo. I … I have no words. I have absolutely no idea what this is, but it’s free and heck if I’m not signing up. We need more off-the-wall freebies like this!

If it asks you to add anything to your cart during checkout or for a credit card, simply skip that step and move on. The order will go through and you won’t be charged a dime. Or even a buffalo nickel!

Free ASPCA Pet Safety Pack

Free ASPCA Pet Safety Pack

This classic freebie is still available!

My family always had one of these free ASPCA pet safety pack at every home we lived at. My brothers and I even once put the correct information on them instead of creative insult names for each other!

Free Cesar Canine Cuisine Dog Food

They want us to send this free Cesar Canine Cuisine dog food sample to a friend. However I say it’s A-OK to send it to ourselves seeing as how dogs are man’s best friend.

Free Petit Healthy Snack Dog Treat

Free Petit Dog Treat

Here’s a Facebook offer for free Petit Healthy Snack dog treats. Did you know you get half credit for sticking to your New Years resolution if you transfer the goal onto your pets!?

The form appears to reset after submitting, but you should see a confirmation message in green text near the button.

Free Meow Mix Cat Food

Free Meow Mix Cat Food

You’ll need to copy pasterino the link below for today’s free Meow Mix cat food.

I don’t know why, but there’s something about that cat peeking out that makes me laugh.

Free Indigo Smokehouse Strips

Free Dog Indigo Smokehouse Strips

I hate to be the bearer of bad news, but these free Indigo Smokehouse Strips are meant for dogs, not humans. I wanted to get angry, but then I saw the middle dog in the picture above. How can anyone be mad when they’re looking at a dog wearing a hat and waving an American flag? It’s impossible. I dare you to try.

Free Purina Friskies Grillers Cat Food?

Free Purina Friskies Grillers Cat Food

Last summer’s Friskies Grillers “trial coupon” offer has returned!

We don’t know how much exactly this free Purina Friskies Grillers cat food coupon will be worth, but it’s possible it’s a freebie. My guess would be a normal $1/1 coupon or something, but who knows!

All I know is I don’t want to be known as the guy who missed free cat food! If it’s anything like being known as the kid who eats cat food, then trust me when I say it’s no fun. You try it ONE TIME and EVERYBODY remembers!

[thanks Freebie Shark!]