Sports Freebies

Free College Football Team Cling

Free College Football Sticker

Remember the Hyundai free college football clings from last year? Well they’re back! In pog form! Err, I mean, in cling form.

They only have 17 NCAA schools available, so I was thrilled to see my alma mater of South Carolina as an option. Turns out it looks like three fans waving white flags of surrender. Seems appropriate.

Free World Cup Team Cling

Free World Cup Team Cling

Just like the Olympics and dental cleanings, I don’t pay attention to the World Cup until it’s right around the corner. Yet once the first game flashes across my television, I immediately get sucked in. This year I’ll have a free World Cup team cling hanging from my window because … well, why not? Will it help our boys win any games? Who knows, but I’ll gladly take credit for it!

Free Soccer Ball Donation

Free Soccer Ball Donation

You know those MyCokeReward codes that are under the plastic caps or printed on the inside of a cardboard 12-pack box? Now through July 31, you can enter a single code and trigger a free soccer ball donation to a school of your choice. The kids would probably rather have the coke, which is why they need the soccer ball! In my day,

*poison dart hits Goob and spares everybody a rambling story!*

Free Domino’s Pizza (in the future)

Free Domino's Pizza

This free Domino’s pizza offer is a tad different than the freebies we’re used to, so I’m going to quote their page.

When a pitcher throws a no-hitter this season, visit and enter your account. After each of the first 2 no-hitters, the first 20,000 users to enter their accounts will receive a code valid for a free medium two-topping handmade pan pizza.

So what you want to do today is signup for a account. It’s free and should only take a minute. Then, when the first and second no-hitters are pitched this season, I’ll make two posts reminding you to go grab your pizza!

Think there won’t be a no-hitter pitched this season? Well, history says otherwise. We had three last year, seven in 2012, three in 2011, and six in 2010. In fact you have to go back to 2005 to find the last season without one!

Free Blister or Sport Shield

Free Blister or Sport Shield

In order to obtain your sample of free Medi-Dyne Blistershield or Sportshield, you’ll need to share the offer on Facebook. I know, I know, people hate Facebook, but I have no control on the matter whatsoever. Even if I did, I’d probably abuse my power and get fired before nixing the Facebook requirement anyway.

It’s pretty crazy to think how much money they’ll spend just on shipping alone for such heavy items. I just can’t wait to use my shield to bowl people over in baseball this season.

2 Free Cleveland Cavaliers Tickets

2 Free Cleveland Cavaliers Tickets

Cleveland Hiffers! Do you like basketball? Do you like the Cavaliers? Then I’m so sorry. Must be tough. BUT you can get two free Cleveland Cavaliers tickets for select November or December games. Use promo code DRAFT and start thinking about next year’s team.

Two Free Pinnacle Golf Balls

Two Free Pinnacle Golf Balls

Aw man. These two free Pinnacle Exception golf balls came after I played golf last month. Well, “played golf” is a little strong. More like sat around the club house cracking jokes and drinking with a bunch of cool retirees. Now THAT’S my kind of exercise!

And yes, I laughed at “Please allow 3-6 weeks for delivery of your free 2-ball sample.” I’m still 5 years old inside.

Free 10-Day Subscription

The video above makes me smile to this day.

If you’re a baseball fan, then congratulations. You’re officially cool! Though if you’re broke like me, you probably don’t pay for the awesome service. Well if you vote in the final round of the All-Star selection, you’ll get free access from July 12-22.

[thanks The Freebie Blogger!]

Free 2013 Chicago White Sox Kids Club

Free 2013 Chicago White Sox Kids Club

As a Seattle Mariners fan, it pains me to post this free 2013 Chicago White Sox Slugger Kids Club kit. I wish Seattle offered something like this. Actually, if we’re on the topic of baseball wishes, I wish Seattle could win more than 90 games. Okay, 85. Fine, fine, let’s shoot for 80 guys. Is that doable?!

Free Clorox Wipes (Teachers Only)

Free Clorox Wipes

I typically post job-specific freebies only to HIF’s social media pages, but this free Clorox Wipes for teachers is an exception because kids are freaking gross. I taught for a few years and by the end I was coming to school each day in a full hazmat suit.

The canisters will be mailed to your school, so no cheating on this one folks.