Chat With Goob This Thursday

EDIT: Over for now! Thanks to everybody who came out, we broke 20 active viewers this time! Next chat will be soon!

These live video chats are about to become a regular thing!

I had such a blast talking with people last week that I want to do it all the time. A lot of people who tuned in said they had fun as well, so it wasn’t just me!

The next chat will be this Thursday at 4:00pm EST. Like before, we can talk about whatever. This doesn’t have to be a Freebie Chat only because freebies are boring. Though if you have any specific questions pertaining to HIF or freebies, these chats are as good a time as any to ask!

So if you’re free, please join us! I’ll be hosting it on again, so you can enter the chat room after making a free account, which takes no longer than 15 seconds. You don’t even have to verify your email. It’s nice and easy.

  • nancy

    it’s working fine on this end, Goob.

  • nancy

    you sound GREAT, Goob

  • Goob

    Sweet! If you chat in the box above, Nancy, I can respond back on video :)

  • Alex

    Love hey its free! When will the next video-chat session be? I have made around $500 in the past from the freebies you provide. Thanks!