Super Cheap Papa John’s Pizza

Papa John's Pizza Offer

This isn’t quite a freebie, but I know there’s a pizza somewhere in my near future (there always is) and it might as well come from Papa John’s since they’re offering 50% off any large pizza this month with code TRAC50.

Not only that, but this weekend only code TOUCHDOWN will earn you a free large pizza with up to three toppings after you make a purchase of $15+. For this offer, you’ll get 25 Papa Rewards points added to your account, so make sure you sign up for a free membership.

You can even stack these codes together, thus netting you a few cheap pizzas for dinner or football plus you’ll have the 25 points for a free pizza later on!

  • gail

    You couldn’t pay me to buy one of their pizzas! Tried it once the grossest mess in a pizza box I ever had. Too a bite and threw it out!,,

  • MikeE

    Can’t stack the codes. Anyone have luck with it?

  • jd

    TRAC50 worked for me, but touchdown did not.