$100 Checks in the Mail Giveaway

Checks in the Mail Giveaway

Disclosure: This is a sponsored post and giveaway on behalf of Savings.com and Checks in the Mail. However all opinions written below are 100% my own. I ate a bug once in the 1st grade. I also had a huge crush on Christine Taylor when she was in Hey, Dude. How much more do I have to share here?

Actually, let me share one more thing. I used to hate checks. Like, really, I hated them. It wasn’t for the typical reasons though. Sure, I thought they were antiquated and I couldn’t understand why anybody in their right mind would use, let alone prefer them.

It probably didn’t help that my typical interactions with them always involved giving away money too. Making a car payment, insurance, probably a few repairs in there as well. Bills, which apparently come every month. Students loans! HAHA! I paid how much for what exactly again?! I still don’t know.

No, the reason I grew to hate checks was because they were forced on me. Some bills could only be paid by check, because that makes sense. Others weren’t as macabre, but they charged a few dollars to pay by card.

As a broke 20 year old, I didn’t just pinch pennies, I named them and there was no way I could justify giving away Frank, Yolanda, George, Stephanie, Little P, Maryanne, Sir Elton of Dover, Little P Jr., and Winkin’ Lincoln as punishment for rejecting what I considered dinosaur technology. “Fine,” I meekly mumbled to myself as I paid $30 I didn’t have for a box of checks I didn’t want, “I’ll buy these, but I’m drawing the line at faxing in my payment!”

Flash forward a decade.

I don’t know how it happened, but I developed a habit of saving. I squirreled money away, got a steady job (or whatever the heck this is!), and even *gulp* drank cheap liquor. When my lease ended in August, I kicked around the idea of getting my first apartment alone. I’d always had some sort of roommate situation, be it friends, family, or strangers. (There’ve been some characters. Remind me to tell you about Phil one day.) It was never a huge deal, but hey, I like walking around naked after a shower or drinking milk from the carton as much as the next guy. Unfortunately I learned the hard way both are activities others frown upon.

The lease I signed last month only had one signature when I submitted it for approval. My new apartment isn’t perfect by any stretch of the imagination. Drop a ball in my living room and I know the exact spot it’ll end up. The guy next door loves blaring the television at volumes most high orbit spy satellites pick up. Oh and windows are apparently optional!

But it’s all mine :) It’s my first “home” that I get to make completely my own, something that excites me, and that is something I never saw coming in a million years.v

Landlords are probably one of the biggest holdouts in the “Vive la Checks!” camp. However when I pulled my checkbook out last month while signing the lease, I wasn’t filled with hate or annoyance or even apathy. There was happiness and pride and excitement and holy crap it felt stupendous!!!

I’d never had that experience while holding a check. I’m thrilled to say those emotions carried over to the first of this month as well. I guess you can say I don’t hate checks anymore.


Discount Code

I’ve never personally used Checks in the Mail and I’m not in the market for more at the moment, but I’ve bookmarked them and will use them next year when I run out. They’ve got good reviews online and an A+ rating with the BBB to boot. If you happen to need checks now, you can’t go wrong with their current offer. New customers get 60% off plus free shipping via code GET60. Sounds pretty rad to me.


Awesome Giveaway Details

Most of us get monthly Valpaks stuffed with coupons, which is already great enough. However Checks in the Mail got in touch with them recently and offered to place $100 checks in Valpaks across the country. So make sure to open your Valpak ASAP the next time it arrives! If you don’t happen to receive Valpak, then you can sign up online!

As if that wasn’t enough, Checks in the Mail has teamed up with a few bloggers to give away $100 to 10 of our lucky readers. You can enter via the widget below and the fine print can be found beneath it.

I hope all 10 winners are Hiffers. Okay, I’ll settle for 9. So go enter, good luck, and just for fun leave a comment saying what you’d spend your winnings on! Just a warning: if you say Macallan, we might become best friends.

Details: Ten winners will each win $100 from Checks in the Mail. Only one winner per email address. Giveaway ends November 22, 2013. By submitting your email address you are agreeing to share that email with Checks in the Mail.

  • Carissa Knotts

    My son.

  • Jordan

    Used to take my wife out on the town!

  • debra

    Would certainly help with groceries this month!

  • Alexia

    Probably on Christmas presents :)

  • Jessie

    Gifts for the family!

  • Robin

    I would spend it on a gift for my sweetie!!

  • Rebecca Norton

    Textbooks and groceries!

  • Joshua Litvik

    100 boxes of candy canes.

  • Caitlin Zeigler

    My mom.

  • Ashley Johnson

    My husband would use it to buy gifts for our nieces and nephews for the holidays.

  • Christina

    Christmas presents for my sisters!

  • Margaret Rushton

    I will use it to buy food for our holiday dinner.

  • Kassia Salisbury

    I would spend it on something for my boyfriend

  • Debra

    I will spend it on my family!

  • Paula

    Black Friday shopping!

  • Amanda Ferguson

    I will spend my holiday cash on my 8yo son and 2yo daughter. A scooter for her and a two-wheeler for him!

  • Jason

    I do believe I would use the money towards helping me move. Moving sucks.

  • Inez Frazier

    I will spend it on my kids

  • Annie

    Presents for my new grandson!

  • Emani

    Textbooks for college!

  • Ann

    B&B getaway with the hubby.

  • Emmah


  • Leslie

    Christmas for my daughter!

  • Ruth


  • Jodi

    I will be spending most of my holiday cash on a plane ticket home to visit my parents

  • I. hasan

    I will use it to pay my cellphone bill.

  • Charlotte Dockstader

    Spending money for the holidays!

  • Melissa Foltz

    I would splurge and buy something fun for myself.

  • Mitra N

    I would pay a bill. Uber exciting

  • helell

    I’m using it on ME, me, me…did i say ME?

  • Maddie


  • rose

    Help me book a DreamTrip!

  • Jamie

    I’d probably buy something for my husband!

  • Dianna

    I would be spending it on Christmas presents for my 2 year old daughter.

  • Stephanie


  • Greg Palmer

    Probably to buy Christmas presents.

  • Noreen

    I’d save it up to visit my parents overseas!

  • Alison Gude

    I will use it towards rent & utilities. My income has dropped significantly since I had brain surgery a year ago.

  • Jessica

    Christmas gifts.

  • Tymika S.

    It’ll be a blessing if I win, I really need this!

  • kendall

    to buy christmas presents for my family!

  • Chris P.

    I need MONEY!!!

  • Eldawna Little Light

    I’ll go surprise my little brother who has cancer in Denver and I’ll buy him the hat he wants from the college I go to.

  • katie k

    I would buy my mom the super-expensive bamboo sheets that are so comfy! She deserves it!

  • Joanne

    Sadly, just bills!

  • Anne

    I would spend it on Christmas gifts!

  • Colleen French

    my books for college

  • mrsdcoupons

    Bills unfortunately!

  • Emily Barklage

    bills, bills, bills

  • lindsay

    books for school!

  • Meggan

    I will pay a bill!

  • Jennifer Gulas

    i will pay for my toga for med school grad!

  • Amanda

    bills :)

  • MarKam

    Bills :(

  • Kathy

    Christmas Presents WOO HOO!

  • Heather Cruickshank

    That $100 would surely go toward stuff for my new baby girl that is due next month :-)

  • Kailey

    Bills & presents!

  • glutton

    I’ll use extra holiday cash to have a nice dinner out with my hubby.

  • Kim K.

    $100 for wine for the holidays!!

  • crasmussen


  • E.L. F.

    Munchies to share

  • fcgerald

    I have a new granddaughter who likes dolls.

  • Elizabeth

    Buy much needed clothes for my 3 kids!

  • Alan

    Would make a Happy Holiday for me!

  • Auntlulu62

    The under-wire in my bra has poked out and is stabbing me!!! I would buy new bras and thank you for the “support”!!!

  • Jen

    I would buy some christmas gifts for family and friends

  • kriscope79

    Actually be able to buy hubby a gift this year using my own money!

  • Amy D.

    I would use the extra money to get a certain gift for my hubby for Christmas that I wouldn’t be able to get him normally.

  • Teri

    Holiday shopping

  • Erin Elizabeth Paul

    Gifts for my little one! :)

  • angela cottles

    get a computer and desk for my son

  • FostersBeauties

    Do something fun with my 8-year-old!

  • Amanda Boerst

    I would use it towards the three Christmas dinners we are having this year!

  • Erika

    I’d buy something fun and frivolous for my daughter instead of just stuff she needs.

  • Stephanie W.

    Weekend trip with my husband.

  • A.M.G.

    Christmas Shopping

  • Ann

    I will consider this as my gift so that I can buy gifts for my little ones.

  • Anne

    It would go toward the heating bill and diapers! Sorry I’m not more exciting.

  • Steph

    Things needed around the house- just moved out for the first time!

  • mmm96028

    It would go towards a Continuing Education class for my Occupational Therapy license. :)

  • georgie

    I would use it to pay a bill.

  • SavySaver

    Help for people who need it.

  • Sarah Tietjens

    I would use it to catch up on my car payment!

  • auschick

    on my hubby’s christmas present!

  • Gloria

    Christmas shopping!

  • Jacquelyn

    Go christmas shopping for my family!

  • Janice S

    I’d buy colorful Christmas presents for my grandma who has Dementia & Alzheimer’s.

  • Bri

    Vet bills for my new puppy!!

  • marinsalem

    I want to buy a goat.

  • Jen

    gifts for Christmas

  • Kdog

    Buy some toys for my son!

  • Camila

    Presents for my family!

  • Mija1980

    Would so use this for my babies for x mas

  • Tara

    christmas presents

  • Tammi

    Christmas dinner and drinks at my place for once. No more bad cooking at mom’s!

  • Caroline

    I’d probably want to spend it all on myself! But discipline would kick in and I’d use it for holiday gifts instead. ;)

  • macmurry

    I would take my family out for a nice dinner.

  • brittanygu3

    I will spend my holiday money buying gifts for my brothers who without me will probably not receive many gifts.

  • shona

    for my kids

  • char

    could always use a few extra bucks for grandkids christmas

  • Stella Merritt

    If I were to win this holiday cash, I would buy a llama (and my llama I mean holiday gifts for my family.)

  • Hana Christenson

    I would buy my family their Christmas gifts and put what was left into savings (poor college kid here!)

  • Amy McDonough

    I would spend it on gifts for my kids.

  • Louis Herring

    Gifts for my kids

  • satcat

    Gifts for granddaughter,daughter, & hubby

  • Doc Work

    Take my family to dinner!

  • josh72484

    Would use either for Christmas money and/or to pay a bill or two. Super exciting, right?

  • Tammie Parker

    I need it to buy Christmas presents.

  • Ian G

    I’m in!

  • Britta

    Oban for my hubby as he already has MacCallan and Glenfidditch. Maybe spring for a Speyside? :) I’m more of a gin lover myself.

  • savej72

    I would use it for baking supplies – which are used for my X-mas presents. Orange cranberry loaf anyone?

  • Amanda Webb

    Christmas gifts for my kids!

  • Lilium

    New tire! The back right one is so bare it chirps when I turn..

  • Sarostars

    buy gifts

  • Tranquilb

    I’d use the holiday money towards a trip I’m taking my daughters on….thanks for the awesome giveaways!!

  • Robyn


  • Miranda

    hmm… i’d use the money to buy a one-year anniversary gift for my boyfriend :)

  • Will Kauffman

    Holiday Gifts!

  • steph c

    I would be quite grateful to use the money towards paying a bill and the rest to a charity I’ve been wanting to support. Thanks for the opportunity!

  • Steven Desir

    I would use it to buy a radio for my car because the long drives are boring

  • Carole Bower

    gift for others

  • Erin

    Presents for my sister!

  • Sascha

    Student loans ><

  • MelissaMarinho

    I just had a baby, so there’s a ton of stuff I’d like to get for her!

  • Kirsten

    Airfare to take toddler to see grandparents.

  • Stephanie

    Any holiday cash I end up with will go straight into the savings account meant to move out of this hole of a rental and into a real house!

  • ? ????*´??*?

    I’m a college student but I won’t plea about how I’m so poor and all. I’m currently very content with what I have and I have no complaints. As for my holiday cash, I would love to get my parents something bigger this year. I feel like the usual card and 10 dollar gift card at some place just isn’t cutting it anymore considering what we have gone through the past year.

  • tess

    Large vet orhtodontic bill for my cat whose front tooth was broken off playing with a string.

  • Keahna Antrim

    I would buy my duaghters friends new coats for winter!

  • Linda Nguyen

    Putting it in the bank for use with my next term’s tuition bill.

  • missy

    Good luck everyone

  • Teresa

    Give money to needy families.

  • Trang

    buy gifts!

  • Ashleigh

    College tuition payment!

  • kk

    gifts for family and friends

  • *** Very Humble***

    Spend it on me because never buy anything, always spend money on my kids and grandson.

  • Nancy

    I’ll spend it on alcohol. Just being honest.

  • Joe Kupe

    Pizza and Movie Rentals

  • Angel9RakouCobra

    Christmas presents. :)

  • elizabeth

    a tank of gas

  • Debbie Leone

    Get my mom a better Christmas gift, lol.

  • Emily

    I would buy myself some new shoes!

  • Madeline

    I will buy real christmas gifts for all my friends.

  • MB

    I would use it for Christmas gifts.

  • Irina

    Honestly, I would save it up for my graduate school fund :/ no fun for me

  • Abby

    I’m going to be putting it towards a plane ticket so I can see my long-distance boyfriend who’s in the military!

  • Margaret Pope-Rainey

    replace my cracked car windshield

  • nellen

    help family

  • michael10175

    pay down my bills

  • Amy Sullivan

    Buy some gifts for my brand new baby nephew!

  • Shara

    Thanks for the giveaway!ill buy Christmas gifts.

  • Jan

    Thank you for this opportunity as any winnings would go toward Christmas dinner for my family.

  • Pay down my debt from last year :)

  • ceeceebee2

    I would take my husband out for a special dinner and donate to my church’s food pantry as there are many people in need due to businesses closing in our area

  • emilie l

    on christmas presents for my puppy! (currently she has a small portion of the holiday gift budget:) )

  • kelly silvis

    Christmas for my kids

  • Carousel

    A night out!

  • Terry

    I would put it towards cataract surgery I need.

  • C Koch

    Presents for the Grandchildren

  • kelly

    my future trip to Ireland

  • Jenny

    for family

  • Marla

    Something nice for myself to celebrate my graduation from Community College on Dec 16th, at the tender age of 55. GO ME!!!

  • GB

    Birthday gifts

  • Huong

    Holiday gifts for friends and family.

  • sunny s

    college fees/books

  • James

    Birthday Gift for my Sister

  • Kat

    I’ll use it to bump up the Christmas budget for my little girl!

  • Becca

    I’d put it toward christmas gifts.

  • Civilian Grey

    I’d use it for gas money to see my friends this xmas

  • joe

    Toys for orphans

  • Sarah

    I’d put it towards converting all of my parents old VHS family tapes into DVD’s.

  • ck

    I would buy ten pounds of Milk Bones, nine Whimsies chewies, eight pounds of bird seed, seven Pupperonis, six Scooby snacks, five bully sticks, four chicken jerkies, three marro-bones, two snausages, and a partridge in a pear tree. :)

  • Britt

    I would spend it on my family who do so much for me.

  • Liz

    I would spend it on my kids.

  • Dorothy

    family and co-workers

  • Robyn A.

    I would pay my bills first, then use any leftover cash on Christmas presents.

  • Cindy

    I’d save my check! I want to be able to use it for Christmas presents but that has to be for Black Friday shopping! ;)

  • Sarah

    I would use $100 to buy books for next semester, if I’m lucky, I might get a half of one with the check ;)

  • Maria

    I would buy christmas presents for my family!

  • Steph

    I will be buying my husband a nice new wallet.

  • amy

    I would spend it on my kids!

  • Terri

    I drive 3 hrs each way to bring my so home from college for Thanksgiving and Christmas so I’d use it to pay for gas.

  • Max

    I’d buy a tablet for my girlfriend!

  • jamey

    i would spend it on Victoria Secret. A treat for both me and my man!

  • hannah

    Hope i win

  • Alyssa

    I would use it to buy my books for next semester.

  • Erin

    I’d buy presents for my family and my dog. :)

  • Kathleen

    Buy gifts for Christmas.

  • Liza Vladyka

    to buy presents of course

  • Sue Weigel Swartz

    I would spend it celebrating my new life with family & friends

  • @Angelocombine

    I would buy some great food for the Christmas party

  • Tomi_C

    I’d use it on a nice pair of boots.

  • AJB

    Use it to buy holiday gifts

  • Stacy

    Present for me!!!

  • Kris

    Holiday gifts

  • William Schulze

    Holiday Gifts

  • Ben Strauss

    Holiday gifts

  • moonsmom9

    Groceries so that I can entertain family and friends this holiday season in style. Any leftover will go to son and wife to buy groceries or formula for the baby. :)

  • Hannah

    Probably save it. ha.

  • Lisa P.

    Gifts for my sons.

  • Tina D

    i have 3 kiddos and would love to have extra money to fill their stockings!!

  • linjack39

    Family gifts.

  • Sarah VanBenschoten

    Put it in Savings… or blow it on my costume for Comic-Con…. yeah… we’ll go with that one.

  • I’d get my husband an awesome Christmas gift!

  • Deb

    Spend it on my baby grand girl!
    OR, put it towards the purchase of our new home so we can be closer to her and her mommy and daddy!

  • Raina Helming

    Moving with my fiancé to our new home for the first time!

  • Jen

    Christmas gifts for the kids!

  • keri king

    Add to the Christmas budget! Yay!

  • Wesley H.

    New tires for my jeep

  • rondadoug

    I will donate it to Toys for Tots

  • Maria

    I would use the money to buy my fiance a pair of shoes he’s been eyeing!

  • Grandma Mitchell

    I would be able to buy more coats for the kids at school who come to school in the winter with only sweaters.

  • HappyMom

    I would spend it on my kids just got them back from cps and want them to have the best Christmas ever.. #fingerscrossed

  • Tilica21

    I would buy something nice for my hubby.

  • jwa815

    Girl’s night out!

  • Iesha

    buy gifts for my family.

  • steph

    buy family gifts!!!

  • britt

    Buy a turkey with the dressings

  • Kelly

    printing copies of my newly-finished thesis!

  • Sallie

    I would love to buy some special gifts for my special family:-)

  • Stephanie H.

    I would use the money to change the fuel filter on my car.

  • tracia

    I would love to be able to buy a gift for my husband who has supported me through our entire marriage of 22 years. .he is a hard working man and has always taken care of his family it is time to do something for him without him actually having to pay for it

  • Kayla

    I would totally love to win this! I would spend this on a couple of nice gifts for my parents who have helped my husband and I so much this past year and we haven’t had the funds to thank them in a nice way.

  • Brad

    If I won this, I would spend it on a nice Christmas gift for my wife since she has been working so hard to help me support our family. She would definitely deserve it!

  • Kelsey

    Would use it for something nice for myself I give everyone everything but myself

  • julie

    gas for my van!

  • Dawn Castro

    Presents of course!

  • Kirsty

    Samsung Note 3

  • Diana Can

    Donation to Philippines & gifts for family :)

  • Ana

    I’d spend it fulfilling a wish on our local Angel Tree, I’d choose an elderly person ‘Angel’ since they just don’t get many fun things during the holidays’ sometimes. I’d also choose an animal ‘angel’ from our shelter’s tree!

  • Sue

    My 11yr old son had friends over for his birthday. That night they were snap chatting with a few friends on my sons iPod. After everyone left the next day, apparently so did the iPod. My son is so upset. Of course he is upset over the iPod, but he is hurt to know one of his friends would do this more. So, I would use the 100 dollars towards a new iPod for him.(he knew how special the iPod was, so he took very good care of it, never even taking it to school)

  • Jennifer Smith

    Thanks so much, and this is a very nice thing you are doing. My kids both joined the navy, my 20 year old is home for now, and will be leaving soon for more training, and my youngest leaves in June right out of high school, to start his training. I would love to have enough $ to get them something special , because could probably be the last Christmas we will be together for quite some time

  • Eva Bach Engelhard

    I need a pair of shoes that will make it through a whole wet winter here in Seattle!

  • Andrea Stoiber-Winn

    Probably on bills….. Boo!

  • RebeccaWinters

    If I win, the dollars will go to family time. I will have to “check out” Checks in the Mail the next time I need to order checks. Thanks for the chance.

  • Cindy

    I would put it towards a (just because)! For example! No rhyme or reason go out to lunch an mabe pay for the table next to us…something random ..I’m a strong believer in karma… Get what ya give! Give an will receive.. It’s that simple..good luck to all ..enjoy your day!!!!

  • montgomery

    definitely going to buy new running shoes!

  • Ellison

    I am going to spend each penny on my Kiddos Christmas. If I win this will be there Christmas. Sounds bad I know but some people just don’t have money right now.

  • Danielle

    Probably on Christmas gifts =)

  • Happy Homemaker

    Buy my 2yr old some wooden toys only available online.

  • Debbie Bryan Peters

    I would spend the money on my grand kids. It would help brighten their holidays.

  • SWoodall

    I would use the money to get my nephews up here to see us.

  • CindyEmice

    I think I’ll use the money to start buying some Christmas presents.

  • Susan

    I would probably use the money on my nephews and niece!!!

  • Ashley Browning

    I just recently extended my family. I found my biological father, half-brother, and other family members. This Christmas is going to be harder financially, and I would use it to buy presents.

  • maria

    I have a niece who has been living with type 1 diabetes since the age of 3. Shes been in the hospital 10 times in the past year alone. Its been a difficult year. Her birthday is coming up in January she turns 15 and we are trying to have a quincenera and make it special for her, she deserves it. She is such a good kid with the biggest heart always putting everyone else first but she is physically and emotionally exhausted. It would be nice to make it special and hopefully renew her spirits.

  • allie

    I would love to use this money for online Christmas shopping!

  • Nancy Tomassi

    I will use it for my cat colony expenses.

  • Amelia Reid

    Ill use the holiday cash to buy all of my wonderful friends great gifts because they deserve them!!!

  • Sarah

    A nice gift for my husband!

  • Notes About Me

    I’ll treat my friends & family to Starbucks!

  • Sheryl

    I would buy some furniture.I don’t have any.So my fingers are crossed

  • Cassandra

    Macallan, of course.

  • helen

    Help with groceries,maybe a lil something for my daughter to open

  • Elllie Dimitrova

    x-mas gifts!!

  • Mulberry

    Dinner w friends and family!

  • Renee

    Christmas gifts for grandkids!

  • Kirsten

    Christmas dinner in Savannah with my mom and sister. This is our first Christmas trip in a long time.

  • alyssa morgan

    buying presents that I know some people need

  • MiciJ

    I plan to buy some small gifts for my son’s kindergarden class. I think it would be so nice to drop them off the night before they leave school for the holidays. I would like to keep it anonymous and just hear all the joy my son and his class get when they come to school and find gifts on their desk and around the classroom!

  • Alex

    Taking my 9-year old boy to see the Harlem Globetrotters!

  • Elise P

    I plan to go shopping for some winter clothes and save the rest for emergencies.

  • lisa l.

    I will buy some Christmas gifts with the $ if I won.

  • Azar Mostafavi

    I’d probably spend most of the money on Christmas presents, but put aside some to get myself some home decor stuff I’ve been wanting.

  • Kristin G

    I would buy Christmas gifts for everyone!!

  • aurorabo

    fix my truck

  • Erin

    I would put it towards my student loans

  • Aurore Walker

    Would use it to start buying christmas presents for the most important people in my family. That would be my grand-babies!!!

  • julianne

    have fun with kids

  • Megan Goodnight

    Christmas presents for the kids

  • Carly

    To buy christmas presents for my son

  • Jennifer Jobe

    Christmas presents for the kids and dogs.

  • Kendra DeJarnett

    I would use the money to pay for a massage for my mother who has severe back pain.

  • Chelsey

    I would put it in my travel fund.

  • Bev

    I would split it w/ my mother!

  • Laura Holland

    I would use it to get my family presents, because this year has been tight money wise.

  • Jessica Willis

    I would put it towards my wedding!

  • tori729

    I will probably use it for my kids or to buy something nice for myself.

  • Leah Schwartz

    I will probably buy my friends gifts. Because I am a bit derpy like that

  • Tisa LaRae Allgier

    I would get my marriage license

  • GayAnn Wright

    I would spend my holiday cash to buy Christmas gifts to make everyone’s holidays a little brighter.

  • Roger Wright

    I would use the Holiday $100 Cash for groceries to have a nice holiday meal with all the family.

  • Bryan Wright

    To pay some on bills since I’ve been on medical leave the past 5 months.

  • Travis

    I will use my check to buy more checks, it’s madness!

  • Maria Buth

    I will use my holiday cash score to enjoy a great meal and drinks with my honey!

  • Mary

    Buy flowers in my husband’s memory and gifts for my great-grandchildren.
    (Macallan) : )

  • Erin Green

    It would go toward buying food for my first Christmas Dinner that I am cooking myself! I would love to go all out and get really fancy, and this would help alot!

  • Jillian

    I would spend my holiday cash on my nephews. I wasn’t around much when they were really little (I was away at school). I can’t wait to be there for them now!

  • ku

    I will give my holiday cash to my 2 grown daughters to help them pay some of their bills.

  • anpi

    I would use my cash for xmas presents.

  • Lindsey

    I would use my cash when I am studying abroad in Chile next summer!

  • Jacqueline Hertel

    I will use the holiday cash to purchase presents for my friends/family!

  • Winter

    As is our new household rule, 10% will go into savings, and the rest will be spent on gifts for my family, or a lovely holiday dinner!

  • Emily

    As a poor college student, I would use the cash for all the necessities – food, gas, etc. (:

  • christine masse

    I would use it on the baby on the way! First timer Cant wait!!!!

  • Ashley

    I have a two month old and i would use this money for diapers..

  • frances

    I have 5 kids and i can use the money