Coupon: Free Appetizer at TGIFridays

There’s nothing that I love more than wasting my time playing mindless video games. Oh wait, nevermind, there are plenty of things that I love more: eating, torturing my cats by hanging them upside down and rubbing their bellies, cuddling with my wife on the couch and watching S#!t My Dad Says, heckling political candidates on MSNBC by holding muffins up to my television, and plenty more that I can’t even name because I’m trying to keep it PG.

So for those that just don’t want to presale anything from GameStop to get a chance to play, they can just click right on through and claim their free appetizer at TGIFridays coupon. Saves a lot of time for baking more muffins…

  • Jen

    Dang! Just when they all went out of business in my area! :(

  • jennie

    ty…we will enjoy this one :-)

  • Connie

    If anyone has issues with this failing to print (like I did), Control C/copy the image and paste it into a word document. It printed fine, and I think it will work ok…

  • barbara

    WOOHOO!! Thanks!!!

  • Krystal

    It doesn’t seem to say that a purchase is required, but I want to make sure that’s the case…

  • Sara

    I tried to use this at my local Friday’s and they told me it was a fake

  • Mmmmm….this is an awesome coupon. Thanks for the heads up on the free appetizer!

  • Renee

    Not a fake. I just used it today with no problem.

  • JMM

    Yeah, looks like a fake to me, too.

  • Rev. Robin

    To Jen (post #1)

    Just curious, what area is that?? It’s a sad day- economically speaking- when a TGI’s goes out of business!!! Usually they are packed to the gills!! As of late though, ours in Pgh, PA isn’t nearly as crowded as they used to be (2 yrs. or so ago). I guess ppl can’t afford to eat out the way they used to. I know we can’t!

  • sherry

    Can’t open it!