Coupon: Free Del Taco

If you become a fan and vote for which video you like, ((hint, you don’t have to actually watch the videos in order to vote)) you can get a printable coupon for a free Del Taco taco. I wish I had a Del Taco nearby so I could take advantage of all their freebies, but alas, I am destined to go taco-less.

Well I guess that’s not entirely true. I had tacos for dinner last night. And someone else made them for me, so they were technically free. And then there was a free taco offer today… Either this is a mere coincidence or I’ve been granted the power to pick tomorrow’s freebies based on my dinner. I better ere on the side of caution and eat a gold bar tonight.

  • Seriously!! Del Taco freebies abound, and there is no Del Taco anywhere near me. :(

  • Kristine

    OMG, I LOVE DEL TACO!!! I’m a native of California, now living in NC (hubby is military) and I miss Del Taco so much! Someone use this coupon and mail me a free taco! :)

  • Diana

    It did not work for me!

  • DrJohnson

    You 3 ladies above don’t need a free taco anyways ;)