Coupon: Free Essence of Beauty

I love when companies roll out all their freebies on one day because it makes my job so much easier. CVS is now offering a coupon for free full size Essence of Beauty through their Facebook page. I just hope they hurray up and release a few more so I can soon go outside and enjoy this 80 degree weather. Then I can start spending time on more important things like whether or not I want tan lines this year.

[thanks Hip 2 Save!]

  • Brooke Lynn

    if u dont have a CVS card i suggest you get one..these freebies are great…thanks GOOB!!

  • Holly

    If you already have an account with their CVS Beauty Club then you’ve also received a coupon for a free mesh sponge when you buy any essence of beauty product. Nice set of freebies!

  • Thanks Goob..I just wanted to stop by and show you some love..I love your site! Thanks for all you do.

  • Corrina

    I “liked” them, but it just brought me back to a blank page.

  • Lons

    On the left hand side under the picture make sure you click special offers (under wall and info buttons), this will hopefully refresh the page from blank to one where you can put in your card number and email.

  • Tina

    Great freebie offer. Thanks for posting it! :)

  • Liz

    CVS is not leting me sign up for the extra care card now…I think they are over loaded..alas I am gonna miss another great freebie :(

  • I just went and picked mine up!! A lot of their products are $5.99 but there are some nice ones $3.99 and under!

    I got a full size anti-bacterial soap worth $3.99 for freeeeeeee!

    Also – used my $2 candy voucher and picked up a $4 bag of MnM’s cause they were on sale for $1.97 today!

    The coupons ended up giving me a 3 cent overage! Wooo!

  • Corrina

    Thanks, Lons! It worked.

  • raquel

    When I went to redeem my coupon tonight, I made sure the product the same as the shelf tag, since a lot of the items were in the wrong place on the display. When I brought my 8.75oz hand sanitizer up to the register it rang up for 7 something!! it was supposed to be 3.79!!
    So I went back and doubled checked the shelf tag and it said 3.79. So I hunted down a manager and he peeled off a UPC sticker that was over the original UPC on the bottle, then it price checked at the correct price. So just to see, he scanned the peeled of sticker it price checked at the $7.xx price………..

    and since the coupon was for 3.99 and my item was 3.79, i had to grab a little piece of candy for the 20 cent difference, otherwise the coupon wouldn’t work….

  • Rebecca

    I picked my 2nd up today. I notice that when I went to print the coupon the window stayed open and didn’t close so then when I decided to give it another try the print window came up and I told it 5 copies so I had six all together and I’m going by everyday on my way home, I got #2 today so it’s working if anyone else has a chance to try it trying printing it a few extra times ;)

  • Daiszze

    I havent been able to get the offer…When I enter info, states info and card number on file and then takes me to a log in page.After logging in it says email not valid…I’ve tried several times and even checked my email to see if it had been sent and havent gotten anything…Im confused….

  • Nicole

    Congrats Rebecca, you have now committed coupon FRAUD, each coupon has a unique code specific to your card number. The offer said 1 FREE gift, not 6… and just because it worked, doesn’t mean it was right. It’s people like you that ruin these kinds of things for the rest of us.

  • joni

    Liz U can stop by a CVS and get a card so then u can sign up! Rebecca: when you get to the store the card being the same number will say coupon was already redeemed so im interested in knowing if it really will work.