Coupon: Free Herbal Essence Shampoo

EDIT: Hiffed

If the Aussie shampoo wasn’t enough for you, the same parent company is offering a coupon for a free full sized bottle of Herbal Essence shampoo. It’s also a Facebook offer, so be sure to check out my old guide on how to remove Facebook apps from your profile after signing up for a freebie.

[thanks again to Erika for posting this on HIF’s Facebook page!]

  • Cat

    I don’t really know what to type.

  • Tracey

    I love Herbel Essences!

  • nina

    A few weeks ago, vocal point had a special promotion where they were giving out $10 giftcards valid on any craftsman tool at sears . I got one of the cards, but I’m probably not going to use it. So whoever wants it can use it. The info on the card is below:

    the account number listed is 6069 9261 4134 2413

    underneath that number it says: SRS 157453

    the pin number which I scratched off is : 4763 2521

    there’s also a number underneath a barcode on the card: D79 76023

    I’m not sure which numbers your supposed to submit online, but hopefully you can figure it out. Hope someone puts this card to good use :D

    the card expires 8/15/2011

  • zsteelie

    Luving all the shampoo, Goob … my hair will be cleaner than ever before!

  • Kendra

    Scored both the Aussie and the Herbal Essences and MAYBE a lipstick. HIF, you ROCK!

  • Val

    Yay! I did the same thing I did with the Pantene offer earlier, where I had my boyfriend request a coupon too so that I’d be able to get shampoo AND conditioner for free…and I did that with the Aussie one too! Three FREE full size sets of shampoo and conditioner, here I come! haha :D

  • jessee

    I love herbal essences!

  • Erika

    Luv how Herbal Essences shampoo smells!!

  • Megan

    Love Herbal Esences shampoo and conditioner


    Fails and puts a bunch of HTML on the screen when I try to submit the name and address form. :(

  • I hit submit and it has a long page of error? how weird…

  • vicki

    I tried too and got the same result as Jaitch and Barbara, long page of error… annoying

  • greg

    9pm sold out

  • allyson

    This is amazing!

  • Clarissa

    Damn they are all out!

  • Jose

    Yay I got one of these too. Just hope it makes my hair act, and feel like that woman that used to do the commercials for them.

  • Amy

    All gone :(

  • Yep all gone. Sad Day!

  • Gone :(

  • timmyswench

    all out 10:15 monday night

  • andrea

    i emailed for the free pantene there is a web addy on their facebook page !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Melanie

    Dear Goob, I’m in the process of starting up a non profit org to help our community I would really love the website for the hotel free samples that give an abundance supply if you know of some or many your info would be greatly appreciated


  • katie

    Ugh..I so need to get back to useing this but it is sooo expensive now and my hair is not working out right!!

  • cheryl knight

    i love herbal essence but i cant afford it so these coupons and free samples are a real blessing!