Coupon: Free KFC Meal

EDIT: As many people have commented, KFC is no longer accepting these coupons. They are instead issuing rain-checks.

Not to be outdone by Chick-fil-A, Oprah is giving away a coupon good for two free pieces of KFC chicken, two individual sides, and a biscuit! Plus, the terms say you’re limited to four prints of the coupon. Talk about an amazing offer – toss in a water and you’ve got yourself four free meals.

You have until 9:59pm CDT 5/6/09 to print the coupon. You can then redeem it at any participating KFC location from 5/5/09 to 5/19/09, excluding Mother’s Day.

Now come on, who was planning on taking their mom to KFC for her Mother’s Day meal?

[via Susan – thanks!]

  • KFM

    Whoo hoo, just heard about it! :D

  • susan cornay

    Sounds great!!!

  • susan cornay

    Sounds great!!! Can’t wait to try.

  • too cool :P

  • lizzy

    where can you find out which KFC are participating in this offer?

  • Lizzy, the only foolproof way is to call up your local store and ask them. KFC unfortunately doesn’t have a master list on their site.

  • Nicole

    Arugh! My printer wigged out & I only printed out 3 coupons!

  • sharon

    yeah or get your meal and go to arby”s for your free icetea lol a full dinner free

  • ben

    does anyone know if its okay if you print it out black and white?

  • LuLu

    I alway print only in black and white.

  • Michelle

    it only printed 3 times for me!

  • amy

    i printed 4 of them! so excited.

  • JJ

    I just got mine for lunch!!!

    The manager was baffled as to how I already had a coupon, since it’s not supposed to be announced until the show airs this afternoon.

    I even got a free drink out of him for being the first one!

  • Tina

    Don’t call and ask anything, just walk in with the coupon. They may tell you no, and end up giving it out when they see enough ppl coming thru with the same offer. You don’t want to give them a chance to turn you down before they even see the thing–especially when it comes to FREE!!

  • elizabeth

    did anyone have trouble printing? I printed out three half coupons. I install;ed the software and still only got half a coupon.

  • Amanda Brown`

    I just used it!!!!! THANKS!!!!

  • Anianna

    It only let me print two, but that’s more than I expected. Their coupon printer almost never works for me.

    I <3 Chicken.

  • kim

    webserver won’t let me download the coupon printer…can anyone copy/paste and email me a coupon??

  • Dawn

    Works great I’m going to a party tonight now my husband and kids have somewhere to go eat. WOOOHOOO

  • charlotte

    Same problem with printing for me… no coupon :(

  • KFM

    There was a program? ( I must already have it.. Hmmm… )

    I printed out 5, *whistling* and I just got back from lunch, and it was great. Get the white meat, they give you big pieces. :D

  • Christy

    Tina you are correct when you say do not call. I called about the Domino’s freebie and the manager told me no. I went in 10 minutes later and they happily gave to me. This is a great deal! I love this site. Thanks Goob & HIF.

  • Sandy

    I didn’t see how I would be able to print 4 coupons. how do you guys get more than one?

  • free08

    I was only able to print one too!!!! I did fill out the info for problem in printing.

  • laura

    Would not let me install coupon software, says there is a malicious adware!!

  • Trish

    It did not print for me. I tried twice. I filled out the info for problems.

  • Andrea R

    It only allowed me to print two coupons. No problems with my printer either.

  • rydergal

    In order to print 4, I had to close the coupon manager after printing the first 2 and start over from the original KFC page that Goob linked to above. You can print two per session, twice, from each computer. Hope that helps!

  • Leigh

    I just tried to print and it told me I already printed the quantity allowed. I never printed any! Sent a comment through the KFC website, I hope they respond. Disappointing.

  • Laura

    It told me that to, I had printed the alloted amount, I went back a few minutes later and was able to print four!! Finally wored, thank you. You have to go back to website each time and print one at a time!

  • Pat

    I can’t get to work for me. Cry for me. I need free chicken!

  • Maria

    I just printed them out and taking my kids out to eat. Thanks GREAT DEAL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Me And Craig

    Yippe …
    Thanks for this link –
    It allowed me to print out 3 coupons … just enough for me, Craig, and our son Cody out for a freebie dinner!
    Awesome :-)

  • fanniefarkle

    I have no toner :(

  • holley01382

    This is awesome!!! I was able to print out 4. Thanks Goob :-)

  • Joe

    I am getting a connection error.

  • Susie

    No connection error here….just no support for my printer.

  • Wendy

    I am getting a connection error as well

  • Joe

    Yeah, I can get on but when I click “Print Coupon Now” it just never loads.

  • beezee

    cannot download page. error message. any suggestions?

  • Roxanne

    It won’t let me print says website not found

  • TissueBoxes

    Anybody have any solutions for those who cant print?
    Or someone please email me the coupon! =]

  • Brianna

    Hey! Thanks this sounds yum =] Hope it works! Im going to try to print it now

  • Brianna

    Can someone please email me the coupons????????????/ it wont load o my it to my freethings email I use just for free things :) thank you and greatly appreciated :) :) : )

  • nancy

    Is this a farse now? it wont let me print. says web site can not be found. what a joke.

  • Frank06010

    Websight not working !!!!

  • Roxanne

    seems funny I get email at 505 and started printing it on 507 and nothing get a error lol and you have until 9.59pm 5/6 .. don’t think so what a RIP OFF get us all excited for what.. Maybe opra saw how many pepole were printing these coupons and pulled the plug

  • Roxanne

    OPRAH oops

  • rannie

    it will not let me print any coupons.. anyone know why

  • Debs

    I also get an error message when I try to reach the page. System overload, I guess!

  • Roxanne

    I went to oprah’s website same thing.A ERROR page not found. It has alot to do with the volume of people printing right now.. I almost got it to print but went page not found . You have to keep trying

  • Julie

    I had no problem printing except I was only allowed 3. But then again, I printed mine before the Oprah show so I’m sure it’s really busy now.

  • Roxanne

    dang had to load printer for this site and of course printer runs and runs and then says erro page not found ,, watch if I do get thru it will say i have printed my coupons

  • crystal

    used it today NO ISSUES THANKS AGAIN!

  • Paula

    Here is a link to the coupon download. I imagine they posted it in PDF file once problems were realized.

  • Beezee

    Hoorah for Oprah! Go to the link and her website pops up with a simple way to download instantly!

  • Paula
  • Kathy

    I was just on the website and it would have let me print these coupons all night, it didn’t try to stop me once. What the heck is that all about? I just kept printing them to see if it would stop me.

  • Summer

    No issues printing from a Mac. I have printed 6 now :)

  • Wendy

    i finally was able to get i printed like 15

  • ok this is what you do…go to the oprah website…and right click on the pdf link…save it to your desktop and then open it…it worked for me and im still printing them ;)

  • Jokabe87

    ”Due to the overwhelming interest to download the grilled chicken coupon KFC is experiencing technical difficulties. We are aware of this problem and KFC is working to solve the issue as quickly as possible. Check back for updates”

    Humm, I hope it’s fixed soon! I’m hungry! >.<

  • steph

    at first I couldn’t get it to work. After about a hr I went back to my pc and tried and it worked perfectly. I too could hae kept on printing, I done a 5th just to see what would happen.

  • Me

    Do the coupons have a unique code for each one? What’s to stop me from printing 40 or more? Someone is going to be in trouble for this loop hole.

  • free08

    Link to print is NOW working!!!!! Print away, until they realize whats going on. The new ones have the same coupon #, but the two I was able to print earlier have different #. I hope these don’t end up like the Buffalo Wild Wings coupons!

  • Jokabe87

    I was only able to print two. :( They’re good until May 15th (except M-Day) and they have different codes. But I’m sure if someone has more than one pc they can somehow ‘cheat’ the system. I always come up with ideas…lol.

    PS. I’ve had the grilled chicken before at KFC and it’s awesome! Even better than usual^^)/~*

  • sammyx

    I just went to the website and they told me I had already printed the limit so I sent them an email complaining the I went back to the website and tried again and was able to print my 4 coupons wooohooo now my broke college student can go eat for free yeah!!!

  • steffie

    The website did have a error then later went back and hit print and it printed out 4 for me automaticly. Thanks can’t wait to use it. I love your website I get great freebies thanks so much you rock!

  • Lisa

    Coupon is great, however, after printing it, it crashed my computer, twice.

  • Tracy

    The first time that I printed this deal this morn before it was on Oprah all of my coupons have the same # on them. The # ends in 13. I was only able to print 3 of them – they all have the same # printed on them. Then when I downloaded the coupon off of Oprah’s website – where I can print 100+ of the downloaded coupon the # ends in 14. I wonder if I’m going to be able to use these coupons?

  • Candace

    This site ROCKS!

  • Tammy

    just printed coupon and took my family out to dinner. it is 4 real go print

  • Jokabe87

    Yay, my family and I got to have a nice meal tonight for FREE! Yes, there were a few problems printing at first, but it didn’t take that much time…I mean, it was so worth it. Anyway, thanks again.^o^)/

  • Jokabe87

    BTW I did get to print 4 …^_^

  • Dyshea


  • Michelle

    there has got to be a glitch somewhere, there’s a seller on eBay (200339263787) selling these free coupons and they say they have 300 of them!

  • Margaret

    My work computer only let me print one, then said I printed the allotted number of times. I tried from home and could print as many as I wanted. I’m giving them to family members.

    Note: The coupon reads: “Limit one offer per coupon, one coupon per person during offer period.” There’s also an underlined warning about coupon fraud.

  • Puappi

    I could print as many as I want but couldn’t redeem it in Hawaii…

  • shannon

    Did anyone really get this coupon?? I tried for hours and it just would not up load… Does anyone think it was a scam??

  • Scarlett

    Can’t print any of these as I get an error message saying I need to download some sort of “printer software”.

  • Pam

    I had trouble yesterday. I think it was probably system overload. No problem today, let me print 4 coupons.

  • Glitch

    I think their was a small glitch in the system. I couldn’t print the coupons at work but at home i was able to download a PDF with the coupon on it. Then a few hours later i needed to install the print software to pint out the coupons. I was able to print out 3-4 at home.

  • Vonda

    Installed program to print–got message saying I’d already printed the maximum number. Nothing printed :(

  • Jen W

    Where can i find the .pdf version?

  • Debbie

    It only let me print 1 – I’ve tried emailing them – can anybody at HIF help me contact someone to get my other 3?

  • nicole

    thanks for the info goob. had it for lunch and had no problems using them.

  • fla_gen

    Everyone in my office was trying to print, but getting ‘browser error’ messages, even though it printed fine yesterday. However, after continuous attempts, it finally loaded on my computer as an Adobe Acrobat file and let me save it to my hard drive – Hooray!!! – now I can print it out each day next week!!! KFCs in the greater Tampa Bay area better watch out – I have teenagers!

  • LuLu


    I don’t think that you can reproduce a coupon. Each coupon had a unique code on it and KFC electronically verified it on the register.

  • Susan

    This is a great deal..but Oprah is not paying for this.. all the KFC store are taking the hit for this..Oprah is just like acting like a server to get it out to the people. Also the server for the coupon crashed yesterday, so be patient.. where I live all the KFC’s in the state took in 35,500 coupons…

  • yari


  • Jade

    My local KFC (Roseville, MN) tried to tell me that the sides were limited to mashed potatoes and coleslaw, which it does not specify on the coupon. As far as I understand from the coupon wording, you should be allowed to choose your sides and the only item that is limited is the chicken piece selection which is “manager’s choice.” Has anyone else encountered this?

  • Steph

    I tried printing from the link on here and couldn’t print. Tried the link from Oprah and printed as many as I wanted. I plan to pass them out.


  • LuLu

    I received any sides I asked for.

    Additionally, I tried the coupon again and it is no longer going through the “coupon printer.” There is one coded coupon that you can save to a file.

    I hope it works. The number is so generic (00123456789 123)

    It almost looks made up!

  • Kris

    I tried to install from my library’s computer. It wouldn’t. Why didn’t they just do a hyperlink to a prepinted page?

  • Mellocup

    Yummy! The grilled chicken is delicious! Thanks for the heads up on this coupon deal!! I was able to print mine without any problems.

  • ben

    I ordered a large mash potato along with the free meal and handed the woman the coupon. The lady said that I had to pay first, as if she knew my coupon was not going to work. After paying for the mash potato, the woman says that the bar code was “No good.” I did not want to complain because I had to go. Maybe it was because I made her find change, the 1 out of 3 cash registers open, the long line or they just did not want to punch in the code number by number. It was a restaurant of 5219-5233 Fifth Avenue Brooklyn, NY

  • Cheapsk8

    I waited 30 minutes at my store because they were innundated with people with coupons. In all the confusion, I didn’t get the drink I paid for. But, about 45 minutes after eating the new chicken, I got something I did not pay for – a gastrointestional soiree like you wouldn’t believe. They couldn’t pay me to eat that fried/panini pressed chicken again.

  • Deanna

    I live in the Orland Park, IL area and I was wondering if anyone has tried using the coupons.

    There are 3 locations by me: Lemont, Lockport, and Orland Hills.

    I printed mine in black and white, so hopefully they don’t have a problem with that.

    Personally, I do not like the grilled chicken; it has too much of a smokey flavor but this coupon is totally worth it for the sides.

    If you have a problem with the same bar codes for the coupons please read the info from this link:

    It says:
    If you have concerns about using multiple coupons with the same code number:

    * All the PDF coupons downloaded from on the evening of May 5 have the same bar code.

    Does anyone else wonder if there are enough chickens to feed all of us?

  • Jen W

    from the Oprah site:

    If you received an error message when attempting to print from the coupon printer (“Sorry, you have already downloaded your maximum number of coupons”):
    If you haven’t already printed the maximum number of coupons, please visit and try to download your coupons again. We believe the technical issue has been resolved.
    If you continue to get an error message, consider “deleting the cookies” on your computer. That may take care of any remaining technical problems.
    For Internet Explorer users, click Tools/Internet Options/General/Delete Cookies
    For Firefox users, click Tools/Options/Privacy/Show Cookies/Remove All Cookies
    You may also have to disable any “pop-up blockers” in order to access the coupon printer.
    If that doesn’t resolve the issue, please call 1-800-CALL-KFC for assistance.

    If you had problems downloading the PDF from on the evening of May 5:
    Please visit and download your coupon(s).
    If you are unable to download your coupons, please call 1-800-CALL-KFC for assistance.

    If you have concerns about using multiple coupons with the same code number:
    All the PDF coupons downloaded from on the evening of May 5 have the same bar code.
    Subject to the terms and conditions of the coupon and instructions on, these coupons will be accepted by participating KFC restaurants in the U.S.

    If you downloaded coupons and they were not accepted at a KFC restaurant:
    Please call 1-800-CALL-KFC.
    Our Customer Service representatives will assist you and also take the information about your experience and follow up with the restaurant.

    For all other questions:
    Please email with any problems concerning your KFC coupon.

  • Jen W


    *If you downloaded coupons and they were not accepted at a KFC restaurant:
    Please call 1-800-CALL-KFC.
    Our Customer Service representatives will assist you and also take the information about your experience and follow up with the restaurant.

    *For all other questions:
    Please email with any problems concerning your KFC coupon.

  • sjjwta

    Boo Hoo……I was able to print my 4 and then I found out the board of health closed our KFC for mold and ant infestation!!!!!

  • PBC

    Did anyone get a copy of the PDF File saved? I spoke with a KFC person and they are absolutely required to accept the PDF that goes 0012345678901234 the generic. If so post it to HIF!!
    The sites down again temporarily, because couldnt handle the network load. Should have been prepared for the rush !

  • Jen W

    I’d rather not use the free coupons than go to a KFC closed for such reasons!

  • cnr1408

    So since the coupons printed on May 5th have the same bar code, does this mean the coupons printed with the 00123456789 123 number will be ok if you have more than one of them?

  • Acerola

    Hello!Hola!Florida here it is teachers apreciation week an guess Who is going to invite his teacher for dinner?

  • Herb

    Hey, I think this is a scam. I can get it to print and I think it left SPYWARE OR A VIRUS ON MY COMPUTER!!! PLEASE REPLY!!!

  • Joe Fuchs

    Tried to print………..screen says I printed all available coupons. Nothing. I sent an email per their ‘problems w/ printing’ section. Might be the last time I lick my fingers at KFC

  • Wendy

    I just took my children and the neighbors children to KFC. I thought I had to pay the tax and we didnt. The meal was great and it was free..Thank you!!

  • This was great! My husband and I are on a strict budget and didn’t put any money in for eating out this month. Today we went to Arby’s for the free fruit tea and then went over to KFC for our free meals!

  • Nijuana

    I tried to print these and got a message saying I had already printed them the allowed number of times. So ended up getting ZERO coupons. Very frustrating!!



  • Michelle

    It does say while supplies last on the coupon, however how could they run out? LOL that isn’t even possible is it?

  • N

    I redeemed my 3 coupons tonight that I was able to print off from the website and I found out the deal w/w the adobe coupons that you can download from the Oprah website.
    Ok here’s the deal:
    The coupon that you can download from Oprah’s website all has a barcode w/ the number’s 12345678901234 etc. YOU CANNOT USE THESE COUPONS. When you use the actual coupon printer from the KFC website each one of your coupons will have a unique serial number. These you can use.
    My KFC was turning people away that had the Adobe coupons.
    Don’t think that you can print off a thousand & give them away or sell them. You have to use the coupons that you can print from the KFC website.
    When I thought that I could print one for everyday of the week I felt greed. Receiving more than the allowed 4 coupons is cheating the system & instead of counting my blessings of my family receiving a free dinner, I was going to try and take more. Then my conscience got the better of me & I realized I was trying to steal food. I know when I try to cheat the system, karma will kick in & I’ll wind up paying for it later down the road.
    I recieved a breast & a tiny wing & 2 sides of my choosing. I also walked nxt door & got Arby’s free tea. The tea isn’t so good.

  • cnr1408

    I contacted my local KFC to find out about the adobe coupons that were printed from Oprah’s site. The manager at my local KFC said someone hacked into the program which caused the bar code numbers to be the same for the first day. He said they are still accepting these coupons, as long as you can see the watermark and the dots on the coupon. So it sounds like each KFC is doing something different, I would check with your local KFC because mine is still accepting the ones printed from the first day.

  • Marilee

    This was awesome! Unfortunately their site says the promotion is over now, which I find odd because I remember the coupons saying that they were good through May 19. Well, it was good while it lasted.

  • LuLu

    The promotion runs until May 19, however, the coupons could only be printed until the 6th.

  • yes i do love you Goob and gang. I had to get my bf to print it because the server thing wouldnt download properly at work on my Mac :( so I was only able to get 1. oh well guess i cant get him to print more based on Lulus comments. but so after 40mins of waiting at lunch today I was able to get it.
    it was good though :))

  • Myrtle Sturgis

    WHAT A RIP-OFF………I tried for hours and could not get a single coupon to load so I could print it!!!!!!!!! Wated my time for NOTHING!!!!!!!!!!

  • Jean

    Went to KFC on 5/7. The manager held up a memo from their corporate office that said they could not honor these coupons anymore because many had been fraudulently printed. I printed out exactly one coupon and felt I had followed all the rules. Because other people got greedy, I got nothing but a bad taste in my mouth for KFC. It’s not likely I’ll go back. They should have done a better job of administering this giveaway.

  • PBChicknz

    I talked to my local KFC as they said they will 100% accept the adobe PDF versions with 1234 barcode. I spoke to an insider ;) and they said the same thing.

  • Paula

    My husband and I just went. We left with nothing but a voucherto mail in and get a meal at a later date. They said they are out of chicken and coleslaw.
    Colorado Springs

  • PBChicknz

    I just went to redeem the rest of my coupons and they said that theres a nationwide raincheck policy. That completely sucks. I wasted the gas to go to two stores (cause one said they were out of chicken, and the other told me the truth) as well as the ink to print the coupons, all for nothing. Information about it’s on their site of course, the raincheck policy. My best suggestion to all that are POed like me, to write corporate and complain. The worst theyll do is delete the email, and the best theyll do is send you a coupon or something. Their contact page is located at and I highly recommend everyone give them their opinions. Let KFC know that Coupon Fraud is not acceptable. I did. They promised a product, and they should deliver. They’ll loose more money in this fiasco than they would have had they accepted the coupons to begin with. My coupons were legitimate with individual bar codes, not the 1234s, and were printed the first day of printing.

  • Kathy

    Today I got 2 meals at 2 different locations, I went by myself so to use my coupons I had to do some fancy work. I gave the first meal received in my town to my 88 year old uncle in the next town. Then when I left his house I stopped at KFC in his town got a meal to take home. I wanted another meal for my husband so I thought I would stop back at the one in my town. I drove away with the raincheck voucher. I think I will continue to try to use my coupons until the 19th. Well, you can’t really blame them for not wanting to give all the chicken away, they need to have some for the paying customers. What did they think was going to happen though? I guess they weren’t too serious about giving away the meals if on day two of the offer they won’t do it. Stock up in advance, ya know?

  • Kathy

    Oh yeah, I almost forgot….. for anyone that doesn’t know about the raincheck voucher, if you do send it in with one of your coupons, they will send it back with a new coupon that also includes a free Pepsi. There you have it.

  • Donna

    Our KFC didn’t have any sides left but I was able to get two pieces of chicken and a biscuit. The chicken was really tasty! I felt badly for the workers there at KFC having to put up with those that were frustrated. Don’t look a gift horse in the mouth.

  • Amber

    I tried printing these off last night, but it wouldn’t work for me. Does anyone have a coupon that they may be able to scan and email me? I would really really appreciate it. Thank you so much!

  • Angel

    Everyone keeps saying KFC is to blame for the coupon not printing and that KFC didn’t think this through. Ok for those of you who didn’t go to Oprah’s website. Oprah is paying for the food. So KFC is making money off of the coupons not losing money because Oprah is paying for it. The link was only open from May 5 to May 6. Everyone wants something for free and is quick to complain but did the complainers actually go to the website and read what was going on? And also if the KFC near you did not accept the coupon also on Oprah’s webpage they addressed that as well. I went by three KFC’s in the last two days and there was lines out the door and drive thru was backed out into streets. Coupons are being used and people are being fed. And no one is getting a virus from printing. Thanks Oprah!!

  • jO
  • Jennifer

    Angel, this is copied from an AP story: “The free-meal promotion was funded by KFC, a spokeswoman for the chain said.”

    They are no longer accepting the coupons. You have to turn them in for a raincheck to get a free meal at a later date.

  • Dianne

    I printed the coupon and went to KFC to use it and they informed me that the are not participating with that coupon. Needless to say, I was disappointed.

  • Lily Nguyen

    I just called KFC at 10amish to save time from driving to find out if they will accept the coupon, right. They told me that they’re not honoring the coupon because they ran out Grilled Chicken, that’s a lie. So I asked if I were to buy a Grilled Chicken Meal then you’ll sell it to me, right. She said: yes, we have Grilled Chicken Meal.

    Please call KFC managers and headquarters to let them know this is so wrong for not honoring the coupon when they do have Grilled Chicken.

  • Ban KFC

    We need to stop going to KFC for a while until they get their act together. This is so BS!

  • InSnellvilleGA

    After driving many miles to two separate KFCs in our area last night and finding a posted 8×11 paper on the door of each stating they are not honoring the coupons for free meals, we went to Arbys and got 5 for $5.00 because by then we were starved. This morning I called each of the two and their only explanation was they are not honoring the coupons! What a fiasco. I will call and write the corporate office expressing my fury (in a nice way) and suggesting to them they did not think this thing through. Dah! What did they think was going to happen??? Mine say they are good until 5-19-09. Ya’ think they may have some chicken by then?

  • Jennifer
  • Hal

    The grilled chicken was great, however it took about 1 hour. there was a lot of people there almost in riot mode. but the employes done a pretty good job considering the mob. myself i think i wood have put a few folks in the fry pot.
    you cant hire an extra 100 people just to take care of this one promo.
    I think it’s a little funny watching stupid people so we had entertainment while there made the time go by faster.

    VA Beach Va

  • Hal

    I forgot one thing

    maga thanks to oprah

  • flipper

    what a joke kfc wil not accept them.what a rip off

  • flipper

    what a joke kfc will not accept the coupon…..what a ripp off

  • booklover4200

    Atascadero, CA won’t accept if not in color…they lost my business. come on…how many could they have received!!

  • Michelle

    A ll KFC’s in spartanburg/greenville South Carolina are no longer accepting free coupons! this is NOT right!!! I will never spend my money at KFC again. I hope others agree. please call or email KFC and let them know how you feel! They should honor what they advertise, how could they NOT? is this legal?? They are not out, they will sell you a grilled dinner. as others have said they have signs posted that they will not honor FREE coupons.

  • KFC is a Loser

    We ALL need to email the Oprah Show & let them know how we feel that since Oprah is so generous in giving away FREE cars to her audience & this FREE KFC Meal was made possible by the Oprah Show therefore, you should blast email Oprah also.

    She’s such a BITCH!

  • John

    What a rip – I took the coupon to my local KFC today, after having downloaded the needed software, etc. & printing a coupon. All I did was ask about the meal and the lady said I would need to send the coupon in to their office, as they would not accept it now. So, don’t waste your time on a lousy $3.99 meal – Life it too short – If they don’t want to honor their coupon, then we have many other choices. I don’t like fast food joints as a whole, but have eaten my way up to a size too embarrassed to give out.

    Have fun at KFC folks, I’m outta there for good.

  • Michelle

    I live in a small town in Pennsylvania. I had no problems at all using my coupons and one of which was one of those coupons that had the weird bar codes. So I’m assuming it just depends where you live! the chicken was really tasty and I was happy with my free meal!

  • jikaboom123

    Got three meals for my family. Was good but there was a 20 minute wait.

  • Mike

    New Haven CT Rt 80 . Sign on door says due to overwhelming response coupons will not be accepted, but can be exchanged for a raincheck application. It will then be mailed to you at a later date and as a bonus you get a soda too. What a crock of sh-t. They offer the coupon then won’t honor it.

  • LuLu

    Goob posted elsewhere that El Pollo Loco will be accepting the KFC coupons on Mothers Day.

  • Chris

    All you complainers are a crock of poopie. Yea, KFC has had a ridiculous response to the offer, and yea, KFC temporarily stopped honoring the coupons. But, if you mail in the coupon with a raincheck form, you will get another coupon for a free meal. So quitcherb*tching that you can’t get your meal ASAP. Send the coupon in, go about your merry ways, then get the coupon in the mail at a later date and redeem. A free meal now or later is still a free meal. Patience is clearly not a virtue for many of you.

  • Robin

    It’s not about cost it’s about principle. So, as a matter of principle KFC should honor their commitment to the general public and give out the free meals as stated on the coupon. They are selling the grilled chicken meals so that totally blows the whole “sorry, we’re out” theory. It is just not right when a family piles in the car expecting to eat at KFC and then being handed a “raincheck claim form” and turned away. (I can just hear the screaming kids now!!) There are alot of people out there CHRIS who cannot afford to go out for dinner and this was to be a nice treat for them. A small break. But, NO KFC wouldn’t honor their commitment and that left many disappointed. Children don’t understand next week or next month as they have no concept of time-you might as well tell them NEVER-it’s the same thing.
    When my coupons do arrive I will give them to the guy down the road who has 4 kids and just lost his job. He will surely appreciate it. I encourage everyone who finds themselves in a position to do the same- GO AHEAD- make someones day:D P.S. Small, random acts of kindness mean alot

  • Scarlett

    Tried to use two coupons today at our local KFC but was told I hadto come inside the store and fill out a form to mail in. The clerk at the KFC said they are no longer accepting them.

  • Retired Teach

    Never got the free chicken – got a rebate coupon for a later date – mailed it in and we will see! Should be whiffed!

  • Michelle

    I feel bad for the people actually paying money for these on eBay.

  • misty

    So everybody that printed out a bunch of coupons wasted their ink, because u can probably only send in one!!!!

  • Karen

    I printed out 4 KFC free meal coupons and went to cash in 1 at the KFC in Orange Park FL. I was told that due to the huge demand they would’nt be able to honor the free coupon at this time. There were 2 cars in the parking lot and an entire tray of grilled chicken in the clear case behind the person telling me they didnt have enough chicken!! I asked what if I wanted to buy some grilled chicken and she said then I could have some. I was told that I have to fill out a form, giving my name and address and attach my coupon to the back and another coupon would be mailed to me at a later time. Wow so KFC is going to try and recoupe some of its losses be selling millions of names to ad companys!! I filled out the form but made up a fake name with my address just to see how much junk mail I will get with the bogus name and for every piece I’m going to sue KFC.

  • Robin

    Karen- SMART idea, YOU GO GIRL!!!!!!

    **Better yet-make it a class action lawsuit because I’m too sure hundreds if not thousands of people would be eager to join in. They should be sued anyway for breech of services and false advertising.**

  • Tiggerzzz

    I printed out 4 coupons too……. Used 2 and would rather throw the others on the trash. The chicken was dry and had no flavor at all, well at least that is what my hubby said. I won’t the chicken at KFC. So maybe you aren’t missing much. My sister told me the same thing except she said that it looked like it was put in a George Foreman Grill. lol Now that I think about it, it did look like that and squished too.

  • booklover4200

    I went to my local KFC and found that they would not accept NON-COLOR coupons. I sent KFC an email complaining about discrimination(I print from work and only have a regular printer-not color) and they just sent me $4.00 worth of KFC CASH in the mail….:)

    Some times complaining works!

  • Judi

    My Mom and I too were disappointed when we tried to redeem our coupons on May 14th. Instead we were given a ‘raincheck form’ to fill out to get the coupons at a later date. The cashier told us that apparently some folks had scanned bunches of coupons off one they printed, so now one must send in the form along with the original one that they printed to have KFC verify it was not scanned. We sent our form in the next day on May 15th and still haven’t gotten anything. I’m truly disappointed and it leaves a sour taste in my mouth. Hope the chicken will be better if we ever go back there.

  • Barbara

    Finally, yesterday I received my rebate coupon. The letter attached to the coupon says to bring the “letter and coupon” to KFC. Sounds like another trick so be sure and take both. They are also putting different dates on the coupons so everyone will not be able to go at the same time. Another trick–so read your “instructions” carefully. Enjoy!

  • diane

    I sent in 12 coupons for my mom, brother, and friend total. So far I have only received 4 in my mom’s name. I wonder if we will get the rest.

  • dfd

    o man i feel so sorry 4 u ur life must be so hard i bet you just want to kill urself not beig able to get tha free chicken from KFC. Actually it’s fucking pathetic and you make me sick. Good job.