Dairy Queen Birthday Freebie

Dairy Queen Birthday Freebie

Updated on 05-29-2014

Boooo Dairy Queen! You probably saw the image above and, as I did, immediately thought that Dairy Queen’s birthday freebie was a free Blizzard. But then after three clicks and a printed coupon you find out that it’s just a BOGO coupon. Those sneaky punks. If there’s one thing you don’t toy with, it’s my expectations for free sugar.

Signup Freebie: One BOGO coupon for a free mini, small, or medium blizzard.
Birthday Freebie: One BOGO coupon for a free mini, small, or medium blizzard.

Remember, we have a full list of free birthday food!

  • Beth

    Even worse is when they send you BOGO coupons good only at your local DQ…..and DQ has CLOSED for the winter. Evil. Pure Evil.

    There are two Dairy Queen’s within a 30 mile radius of me and they both close for most of the winter. Boo!

  • Val

    Hey I got this in my email today too since it’s my birthday! Does that mean you and I have the same birthday?

  • Sunnie

    Nothing makes me madder than for something ‘free’ to require a purchase first! And on MY BIRTHDAY yet!

  • Jennifer

    The coupon expires I think 2 weeks from when you click on it – so hang onto the email and don’t click the link until you are ready to use it.

  • catalina

    I went to Dairy Queen in Naples, Florida for my birthday cone and they say sorry but the boss say no.

  • Marie Baillie

    Birthday on 8/14/2011

  • Ashley

    When I tried to join, it told me my Oreo Promo code was invalid…I didn’t enter one because I didn’t think you needed one. There wasn’t an asterisk next to it so I don’t know what was up with that. I just wanted to share that bit of info for people trying to sign up.

  • my birthday is october 31, 1973

  • Kayla

    Just wanted to let you know that the link to this is not updated. Its not hard to find the new link but just wanted to give you a heads up :)

  • Jenn K

    I got a 404 Error with the link.