Deal: Free Arby’s Food All Summer

I’m in the middle of moving right now, so I’ve started losing track of the days between all the packing and nights spent on couches. The only reason I mention this is because a million of you wrote in about Arby’s Free Food Wednesdays promotion that they’re running now where, with a small purchase, you can get a variety of free food. I was planning on looking over the terms tomorrow when I had some free time and then it just dawned on me that, hey, today’s Wednesday! It might be smart if I took a crack at it now!

*insert image of Goob shaking his head at himself*

Today’s deal is a free RoastBurger with soft drink purchase and I’ve put the full list below the jump. You can sign up for their free Arby’s Extra club just in case you need a coupon. I’ve actually been getting their newsletters for a few month now and they send out a ton of great coupons regardless.

So, to recap: I’m a doofus and sorry to the East coast Hiffers if you don’t see this before Thursday rolls around! Fingers crossed I caught enough of you on the West coast before you headed home :D

May 20th – Free Chocolate Malt Swirl Shake with sandwich purchase.
May 27th – Free Regular Roast Beef with soft drink purchase.
June 3rd – Free FruiTea with sandwich purchase.
June 10th – Free Roast Chicken Club with soft drink purchase.
June 17th – Free Regular Side Kicker with sandwich purchase.
June 24th – Free Regular Roast Beef with soft drink purchase.
July 1st – Free Regular Beef and Cheddar with soft drink purchase.
July 8th – Free Orange Cream Shake with sandwich purchase.
July 15th – Free Regular Roast Beef with soft drink purchase.
July 22nd – Free RoastBurger with soft drink purchase.
July 29th – Free FruiTea with sandwich purchase.
August 5th – Free Regular Roast Beef with soft drink purchase.
August 12th – Free Roast Chicken Club with soft drink purchase.
August 19th – Free FruiTea with sandwich purchase.
August 26th – Free Roast Beef ‘n Cheddar with soft drink purchase.

  • Marvin

    So wait, they now require you to purchase something to get the free food? That sucks, I didn’t need to buy anything last time I went for the free tea :pouts:

  • Anianna

    I’m a sad east coaster!

    I signed up for the Arby’s newsletter some time ago, but I never got it I guess I should sign up again.

  • Marianne

    Arby’s probably doesn’t want a repeat of the KFC fiasco.

  • cheleb

    I think it’s great that Arby’s is offering free food! I went there for dinner tonight and for the grand total of 2.15 I had a roastburger and diet blackberry tea. I also had my card stamped for purchasing the tea and just need to buy 2 more to get a free one. Also, on the back of the receipt you can do a survey and receive a free roast beef sandwich or beef n’cheddar. Not bad for the price!

  • Marvin

    I agree. I just came back from Arby’s with my family and had a great dinner. We got 3 arby roastburgers and 3 drinks for $5.14. Not bad. The Roastburgers are yummy as well.

  • johnny rad bad man

    hey brah i went and got myself a bunch a food brah with my purchase brah me and my friends brah ate like kings brah we were so full brah im goin back 1 of these days brah and eat some more brah so hopefully they will let me come back brah praise jesus brah I LOVE HEYITSFREE.COM brah

  • betty poopin

    yo yo yo this is a shout out to i love you guys also i would go to arbys for this if i ate there but last time i got food poisoning so i,ll pass to be safe. lol lol lol:)

  • Ann

    Thanks again, Goob. I’ve gotten more freebies the last few months since I discovered your web site than ever before. HEY ITS FREE is the best, and you’re quite appreciated!!!

  • KFM

    Got one for lunch, and one for dinner.

    Arby’s has $.50 drinks that you can purchase, so you can get a Roastburger for $.50. if you ask them politely inside. :D

    The $.50 drink is a 16 oz. and the $1.49 drink is a 22 oz.

  • Jessie

    Any image of Goob is a good image ;)

  • sc

    Love Arby’s

  • fanniefarkle

    I’m so hungry I could eat at Arby’s.

  • amy

    i went to arby’s last night and they didn’t know what i was talking about. so then they went to the arby’s web site and still couldn’t find anything. finally, they just agreed to do it. i told them it would be every wednesday. they’d better be ready for next week! :)

  • Jen W

    Darn! I didn’t see it until today (thursday). And I love Arby’s..
    Next week, I’ll be there.

  • delsteele

    Are these Wednesday offers for free items just available during certain hours of operation (ie, just lunch time or just dinner time) – or are they available anytime the restaurant is open? Since they probably don’t advertise the free offers in the restaurant (or do they?), do you premise your order by saying something like “I understand that you are offering a free (fill in the blank) with the purchase of a (required item), so I would like to order that”?

  • becky

    print these off

  • Antique Dude

    I signed up as a Member on the Arby site months ago, and have never received anything from them notifying me of this, although, I have found through heyitsfree, coupons, which I have used. What is this “card” that someone mentioned, getting punched, stamped, etc., when you buy their food? How did you get it, and how can I get it? Any help will be appreciated. Thank you!

  • Ghostie

    I just called our local Arby’s and the girl who answered said she hasn’t heard anything about it, but that I should call back Monday when the “big boss” is in.

    Also, I signed up with Arby’s Extras and haven’t received any e-mails either, so I wrote and asked them what’s up. The only reply I’ve had so far is a “Thank you for sharing your concerns and comments with us” type of thing.

    I’m such an Arby’s fanatic and since they closed our local Taco Bell I’m REALLY hoping this deal works out!

  • Karen

    Hey, guys, when I click on the lead (Deal: Free Arby’s Food All Summer), all I get is this SAME site with the list of the free deals, and people comments at the bottom, with this place to send comments, etc. It never goes to the Arby’s site… am I not clicking the right place? (same thing with other links, too) Love your site and appreciate your efforts on behalf of all of us !!

  • Karen, there’s not place to sign up for these freebies. They’re all in-store deals that occur according to the schedule up in the post.

  • Tiggerzzz

    What a great deal………. It worked for me and I’m a happy camper……..
    HIF is awesome……… Thank you!!! I’m telling all my friends about HIF

  • Charla Brown

    thank’s for the free stuff

  • Charla Brown

    Thank’s for the free stuff

  • Stacy B

    2nd week into this deal and our local Arby’s knew nothing about it. They had to call their regional manager who confirmed the deal. Seems Arby’s has the promotion but not passing it along to local stores.

  • I missed the Fruit Tea Wednesday, but snuck out to Arby’s for the Wednesday Roastburger special for lunch. They had signs all over the front advertising the special, so I think at least that location has it on the ball. As far as the food, the RoastBurger it was pretty tasty and the Peach FruitTea was great. I even stopped to pick up one for dinner on the way home that night. I’m not much into shakes so I didn’t stop this week but I probably will for a regular roast beef Wednesday special. The store in Westport, CT seemed well prepared for this and I have to give them as well as a tip of the ol’ hat. KFC could take a lesson from Arby’s execution of the promotion.

  • My local Arby’s knew nothing about this either. I bought a regular roast beef sandwich Wed, June 17th and according to this list I was supposed to get a free side kicker and instead I was charged for it. :(

  • PJ

    I’m lovin’ this one. They offer the freebie even if I don’t ask. I purchased coffee this morning and she handed me a bad with the sandwiche also.
    This is great!!

  • PJ

    Correction to above, she handed me a bag with the sandwiche.

  • Andrew

    Doesn’t Arby’s still have Happier Hour? I recieved an e-mail from them saying they started it. If so, then go during Happier Hour, which is from 7 to close, and get your drink and burger for a great price.

  • diane

    This is the best website ever!

  • raledo

    I copied the Arby’s list and carry it in my car so I can stop on my way home from work on Wednesdays! That way I always know what’s on sale. :)

  • Ghostie

    Our local Arby’s isn’t honoring this at all, the manager even refuses to contact HQ :(

  • bekahneli

    I love these deals…HIF is simply the best freebie site in the world. I’m a proud member or the Arby’s E-club, along with several others thanks to HIF. Being the fattest nation in the world has it’s up side! I mean…

  • dkcat

    My husband, son and I took advantage of this offer last week. The coupons were honored but as we started to enjoy our meal the manager came over and started asking us questions about the coupons. How many we were allowed to print, etc. I assured him the coupons were not copied because they weren’t. He was very nice about the whole thing but I still felt uncomfortable about being questioned and our meal was getting cold. Perhaps Arby’s needs to inform their people better so their customers won’t feel like we’re doing something wrong.

  • Roz Porter

    I had coupons last week and we got the free BBQ Roast Beef (tell them to leave the sauce off, they put too much). The week before we went without a coupon and they said they had never heard about it. So today before I go I need a coupon. Searching the internet for it now.

  • Lynn

    Does anyone know where to get the Wed Free Food coupons for Arby’s? My local Arby’s in Rochester,NY honored my request a couple of weeks ago, as the staff didn’t know anything about it. They called the manager who didn’t know anything either about Free Food Wednesday, but said that next time I have to have the coupons. Are there coupons for Free Food Wednesdays and if so, does anyone have a web address or link? Thanks

  • Lynn

    UPDATE – I just called Arby’s corp office & was advised if it is company owned Arby’s they offer Free Food Wednesday, if it a locally owned franchisee, they do not have to offer this or participate in this. Just thought I would give everyone a heads up, now that the summer program is almost over and my Arby’s doesn’t participate :(