December 9 Daily Freebies

Free Holiday Amazon Songs

Both Disney and Amazon are giving away freebies every day for the rest of December. I’ve been trying to post them to Twitter and Facebook, but figured compiling them here every day made more sense. So for starters, check out Amazon’s five free holiday songs! One of the nice perks with these is you can see which songs are upcoming.

Then head over and redeem one free Disney Movie Rewards code in CTC91B.

A few Hiffers on Twitter were asking about what you could get from Disney. What are you saving for? Or if you’ve redeemed some points, what did you get?

  • okpank

    I always like to use my DMR points on Starbucks gift cards!

  • Angi Riberdy

    I got a Tinkerbell DVD for my niece’s Christmas present with my DMR points.

  • spiralingsnails

    I used Disney points to get a “Happiest Millionaire” DVD for my parents and a Finding Nemo stickerbook for my kids. I’m just now accruing enough points to start thinking about what I’d like to *hunt & slay* I mean purchase next.

  • tori729

    I got a scooter for my son. I actually haven’t given it to him yet, waiting for his birthday in February.