Denny’s Birthday Freebie

Denny's Birthday Freebie

Updated on 05-29-2014

Denny’s birthday freebie is a free Grand Slam breakfast. The offer is only valid on the day of your birthday, as opposed to the entire week like some restaurants, so no dilly dallying! You have permission to dilly though. There’s always time to dilly.

Signup Freebie: 20% off entire guest check.
Birthday Freebie: Free Grand Slam breakfast.

Remember, we have a full list of free birthday food!

  • PortPowerAZ

    You just have to show valid photo ID with your birthdate on it. Plus, it’s dine-in only so don’t expect to just swing by and pick it up.. But with as many locations as they have, who’s to say you can’t go Denny’s-hopping?

  • Alyssa

    how many grand slam breakfasts can you eat in one day?

  • Robert

    I think that sounds like a challenge… who can eat the most grand slam breakfasts on their birthday?!? Prize, besides being waaay too full to even move the next day, maybe a guiness world record.

  • theresa b

    Kinda cool, signed up 2 of my kids too!

  • Julie

    I won’t go to Denny’s anymore because of “MAKING” us go on the exact birthday! Really?…… a liitle kid has ID?? We used to live 25 miles from the nearest Denny’s and now it’s 115 miles. You think I’m going to “happpen” to be in that town on the exact day of my kid’s birthday!! It’s ridiculous! Won’t go there again!

  • Today’s my b-day! So of course I’ve been indulging all week with the free birthday food! Just wanted to let you know Red Robin not only does the free burger… but a birthday sundae as well! Didn’t realize i needed to leave room for that fun treat!
    Thanks for the free tips!!

  • tara

    The birthday celebration has begun! Bday tomorrow and hitting up Denny’s, Hooters and Red Robin!! Kathy, I think this is the first year the free sundae was in the email coupon!! Feb is really the best month for a birthday!!

  • Richard D

    Hit Denny’s today for the free Grand Slam. Worked out fine except that they wanted $2.25 for a large OJ. Oh well. Total bill still came to less than $5 including tip.

  • Vern Lawrence

    I like to go out to Denny’s for breakfast

  • Vern Lawrence

    The breakfast menu is great at Denny’s

  • scott anthony hicks

    thx for sharing in on the meal on my birthday ….way to go dennys!

  • HaikuKing

    Eh My day comming up on the 14th Im gonna go to 2 Dennys

  • lisa fisher

    my b/day is 10-10-68 & i’ve never got to try dennys ever

  • debbie

    I went to the “anything” section and finally found the deal, but nothing happened when clicked, and unlike the other offers there was place to click to get the offer.

  • Meagan

    At the bottom of the page next to the corporate links on the farrrr bottom corner of their flash page it has a little logo for rewards. Just click on that and it will pop up with a form to fill it out. Enjoy!

  • hey my birthday is october 31, 1973

  • Cat

    Does anyone know how to sign up when using an iPod? I can only get on the mobile site, there is no dennys fullsite to get on. I want to sign up for the birthday grand slam. Thanks

  • Dot Hull

    Got $5.99 toward anything on the menu.

  • Jobiwan

    Wow, company decides to be nice and give you something free and you get an attitude about it. Their deal, their rules you self entitled bitch. I’m sure your business will be missed, especially when they would be losing money on the deal. I bet you’d be a troll to the waitress as well and stiff her on the tip.

  • smokey

    some providers block certain functions due to copyright ,or other consideration.(example)…adobe does not work to its fullest when using xbox or ps3..even tho you can “browse’ using the game device.

  • Jenn K

    The link says “This page can’t be found”. :-(

  • Young Twe

    NO PURCHASE freebie…. Ok all I will type is 5 out of 5 stars got soooo full