Einstein Bros Birthday Freebie

Einstein Bros Birthday Freebie

Updated on 03-03-2015

The Einstein Bros birthday freebie made me realize that I wish I knew the Einstein brothers. I don’t know why, but they seem cool. I think it’s their logo. I’d get along well with anybody who holds bagels up to their face like monocles.

Signup Freebie: Free bagel & shmear when you buy any drink.
Birthday Freebie: Free breakfast sandwich when you buy any drink.

Judging from the emails I’m still getting, I have to remind people: don’t print out the picture above. Go to their website, sign up, and they’ll email you your very own coupon. Also, we have a full list of birthday freebies!

  • Casey Chen

    This bagel place was pretty good, but the nearest one to my house is 1,169 miles away :( A better birthday freebie from them would be a roundtrip ticket for four to San Diego, CA. Last time I had them, we had them almost everyday for a week for breakfast in Kentucky.

  • I love these birthday freebies! We went to Buca di Beppo yesterday for my son’s birthday freebie, which was a Brownie sundae and thought it was going to be tiny but it was HUGE and came with a ton of ice cream and cream and sprinkles!!!! I also got a free Antipasti just for signing up to their emails! I chose the Calamari btw, which was DELICIOUS and we got it to go!! That’s $20 worth of food in all for totally free!! Woo!!

  • CityBluz

    Your link is busted – I had to go to the site and click around. Here’s what the link should be: http://www.einsteinbros.com/join-the-club

  • Goob

    ¬†@CityBluz¬†Thanks for that, I’ll update the post now!