Flat Top Grill Birthday Freebie

Flat Top Grill Birthday Freebie

Updated on 05-29-2014

Don’t let the giant asterisk in Flat Top Grill’s birthday freebie email worry you. I cut off the fine print, but I assure you there are no sneaky catches. It’s not a BOGO, you don’t have to have a flat top haircut, and teeth grills are only optional. It’s simply a straight up freebie, just the way we like them. Now if only they had more locations than in four midwest states…

Now here’s the rub. I signed up for all these freebies in February / March to test them out and back then their offer was a free stir fry. However, they’ve since updated their main site to say their offer is $5 off on your birthday and yet their birthday signup page says it’s still a stir fry. So I re-signed up this week and got a second birthday email for … a free stir fry! They’re probably in the midst of changing their system, so if you want to get this freebie, jump on it now.

Signup Freebie: Zilch
Birthday Freebie: One free stir-fry

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