Free $1 From Miller High Life

EDIT: Just go ahead and smack me now. Link added.

You can either get a free $1 check from Miller High Life or donate said dollar to Iraq and Afghanistan Veterans of America. This is cool, I’ve never been sponsored by a company before. But now I can say HIF is sponsored by Miller High Life!

The fine print says residents of AK, AZ, CA, CO, DE, DC, FL, IA, KS, MT, MS, NE, NV, NH, NM, OK, SC, WI, and WY can also get a $1 off Miller High Life coupon. I don’t know if that means these residents aren’t eligible for the $1 check or if they simply get an extra option on how to get $1. If you live in one of these states, leave a comment and let us know what your choices were!

  • Beth

    This is awesome Goob and I’d love to try it. But need a link. :) Thanks.

  • Jared

    Since I don’t live in one of those states, do I get nothing? Either way, a sponsorship is awesome! Especially if it means cheaper beer!

  • Carol

    Link me up goob..

  • Lindzee

    I live in SC and I had the option of the check, donation, or coupon.

  • Arlene

    Go to and click “Get Sponsored”. From their facebook page: then pick your signing bonus: a $1 check, donation, or coupon. You’ll also get a personalized sponsorship kit.

  • Brit

    I live in FL and had the option of check, donation or coupon as well.

  • Eric

    Mmmmm! Beer!

  • Carol

    Thank you Arlene

  • Denise

    You still only get to pick one if you live in the listed states.

  • SueG

    I am in MT and could receive a check, donate, or receive a coupon.

  • Lynn

    Being from WI it’s a toss up – beer or donate? Okay, not really since supporting our troops is my main charity outlet. Thanks Goob (and Miller)!

  • andrea

    said they will send me $1.00 plus other offers thank you !!!!!!!!!!!

  • andrea

    i live in taxachusetts and they barred coupons for liquor and cigs but you still can get check, merchandise or do a rebate !!!!!!!!!!!!! also if you do get a coupon you just go over the border rhode island or new hampshire !!!!!!!!!!!

  • The Dawgboy

    I donated, of course, but I want to bring up that the little “are you human” code is case sensitive.

  • ndchick

    I live in ND which is not one of the states listed but was still able to donate $1.

  • ndchick

    OOPS! Never mind that was for the coupon only. My bad.

  • Jamie

    I never saw the option to donate the $1 – DARN!! I wanted to give it to the troops.

  • Tarry

    Yes, Goob. Need a link
    Thanks so much

  • Mandy

    I do not live in one of the states listed (the great state of Texas), and was still able to donate my dollar to the troops. Not a beer drinker, but couldn’t pass up the opportunity to do a little something for the troops and veterans.

  • Whhoohooo


  • Cheapsk8

    My man loves High Life, probably because it was cheap when he turned *21* and tasted beer for the very first time. We love helping the troops even more. Thanks for posting and letting us know about the “support the troops” option.

  • PortPowerAZ

    I’m in AZ and I got all 3 choices.. Decided the $1 check would be nice, but will also be donating the $1 as well with another address.. =)

  • Joe

    I’m in Florida, and had 3 choices. I can’t get a coupon since I live in a dry county.

  • sara

    high life is nasty.

  • I live in Utah and I had the option of $1.00 or donating it to the vets, I just donated it to the vets and it went through.

  • Donated mine to the Vets as well! Gotta support the Vets! Wouldn’t have known about this if not for you Goob. THANKS!

  • Becky J

    Even though the mobil number wasn’t checked, it kept telling me that I had to give them a mobil number and agree to be texted. Don’t want that. Did anyone else experience this?