Free 1,000 Minutes for AT&T Users

EDIT: I called AT&T twice to verify this. The first rep said this is only for iPhone users while the second said it only supposed to be for iPhone users but will work for anyone, so YMMV.

If you’ve watched 10 minutes of broadcast television lately then you know the iPhone is now on Verizon’s network. It used to be only available for AT&T users so you had bajillions of people using their network despite hating the company’s horrendous service. Well now as a “thank you” to people not jumping ship over to Verizon, AT&T users can text yes to 11113020 and have their account credited with 1,000 free bonus rollover minutes.

Yep, today’s pretty slow…

  • Zzzz

    Not sure why this is filed under “Pets”~

  • blah

    does this work on go phones? i hope so

  • Michelle

    filed under “pets”…?
    this is a great one, thanks!

  • Sara

    got mine, thanks!

  • Stephanie

    My favorite is that this is put in the “Pets” category. :P

    Thanks for this! I’m definitely gonna use it!

  • Louise

    Wow, it worked. Had my doubts about that one. And you don’t have to have an iPhone to get these….

  • Melanie

    BEWARE! I called AT&T and the customer service person said that tons of people have been calling in but it’s a scam. She gave me free 500 rollover minutes for my trouble so wan’t all bad news! :)

  • Goob

    Oops about the “pets” category :D

    Melanie, this is a legit offer.

  • Michelle

    I got it and got 1000 minutes. It said it takes up to 4 weeks for processing.

  • Angela

    I got it, same answer as Michelle.

  • Larry

    I got it for my non Iphone, phone. ( did that make sense) it said I will get it in 4 weeks!

  • Valerie

    If I had an iphone, it would be my pet ;-)

  • Joanna

    Thanks…but I am already left with a gazillion minutes per month that get rolled over…I have 17 year old daughter and we just text…can’t the providers come up with an unlimited text/data plan and a pay as you go actual phone call minute plan already??? Who really makes actual calls nowadays??? Sheesh.

  • Shari

    It’s only for iPhone users. Don’t have an iPhone.

  • Kat

    OMG: okay…. My sincere apologies to Goob. I just called At&T back because there was so much contradictory information online about this 11113020 offer—AND can you believe it??? THIS is a VALID offer! Goob: you were right. Just FYI: during my first phone call to AT&T, the agent could NOT have been more positive in her assertion that this was a fraudulent offer. Anyway, it is a REAL offer!!! Sorry to everyone who read my first post—but, y’know when I called AT&T and they assured me that this was fake, what was I supposed to think? So, everyone, go for it! I did! yea! :-)

  • myra

    I didnt get anything back from them does that mean it didnt work?

  • Paula

    I don’t have an i Phone and I got 1000 minutes and it also said it would take 4 weeks for processing.

  • dym123

    i got 2 confirmation texts, does this mean I’ll get 2,000 free minutes?

  • Nikki

    I got an official text from AT&T yesterday and *gasp* I don’t have an iphone. So no–this is not a scam and this will work on phones other than iphone.

  • Patty

    Has anyone else gotten more than one confirmation text? I’ve gotten five, even after texting back STOP to the same number and getting an auto-reply that they won’t send me any more messages. I’m about to call AT&T to get them to stop. :/

  • fluffy8u

    At&t texted back and said I’d have my minutes in four weeks.

    A friend told that you can also go to
    to get free calls to ANY mobile phone, so now your minutes are spent only on landlines. This upgrade is free as well. I’ve just added it to my plan.

    Both are meant to entice people from switching to verizon.


    THANK YOU, got my 1000 rollover minutes! Since my husband & I both have iPhones, I wonder if he can also get the 1000 minutes so I can use them?

  • Kimberly

    Got it! Thanks.

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  • Bethany

    It worked and I have an HTC Aria, not an iphone. I guess everyone has already confirmed this–just adding my confirmation really.

  • Candra McGee

    My friend called Att and they said it is a scam.

  • Tally

    My bf got the text message, replied and got 1000 minutes! Way better than the lack of service I get from my carrier, Sprint-the Satan network. I’m switching to AT&T! It was the only provider that worked during hurricane Ike.

  • Jennifer

    It works! Thanks GOOB!!

  • colleen

    COOL!!, I called At&t about the 1000 roll over mins cause i dont have texting.and they gave them to me

  • Rev. Robin

    AT&T does have an unlimited texting plan….I know b/c I have it. Thank-God I do as my lovely daughter texted OVER 89,000 X’s in one month late last year!!! That was not a typo. Over 89,000. Even at .10 cents a piece my bill would’ve been like $9,000. It’s $30.00 a month for unlimited on 4 phones.
    (These new android phones allow them to type so much faster w/the keyboards and all. Lucky us!!!)

  • Sunnie

    I called AT&T on my 611 service. I told the operator that my AT&T friends have told me about this program. She immediatly started making the changes. She told me they would be in effect within 72 hours. It worked! She did not try to sell me a thing even though I knew my contract was up in 2 months and that I was eligible for an “upgrade”. Thanks to you all, and my mom for the info.

  • familyfirst4us

    Has anyone actually received their 1000 minutes yet? I got the text confirming it but I was just hoping it wouldn’t take the whole 4 weeks? Any luck yet?

  • djben75

    I just got off the phone with AT&T (I had text messaging blocked and just use google voice and voice +) The rep at first said she could not just give me the minutes. When I asked then who can she put me on hold, came back and said she was able to give me the 1,000 rollover minutes, and asked if I needed anything else! Thanks Hey its Free!!

  • Nate

    Thank you. Your Rollover minutes will be added to your account within 4 weeks, subject to verifying your account eligibility. Limit 1 credit per account.

    That’s the message sent from my iPhone

  • Susan S

    I just got a text telling me I got my 1000 rollover minutes as a one time courtesy.

  • Lisa

    Got a text few weeks after sending text and mine isn’t an iphone! Great offer, thanks

  • Mike

    That 1000 minute offer from AT&T expired on 3/31/11. Figures! Make a free offer, don’t tell anyone about it, then expire it when people start finding out about it. Thanks for nothing, AT&T.

  • Felieca

    Does this work for the go phone.?

  • mickey

    it expired 3/31/11

  • Kirsten

    Expired durnit!! Really would have loved to have that

  • Sarah

    It’s expired :(

  • kylebye

    got it ! sweeet !

  • kenlong35

    How u get it and do it work