Free $2 Amazon MP3 Credit

Here’s yet another free $2 Amazon mp3 credit in the form of code MP3S4ALL. You have to use the credit (as in use it to buy something, not just add it to your account) by midnight PST tonight. Sorry for the late notice.

[thanks to the dozens of Hiffers who sent this in!]

  • kickformoney


  • maddie907

    SWEET!! I love these codes! It has gottan me a number of new songs that I love!!! Thanks so much for posting them!

  • Laurel K

    Didn’t work for me

  • EvaDiva

    So I’m hanging out, thinking, “I really want to download that Call Me Maybe song but I really don’t want to pay for it. Maybe I should check HIF and see if they have any download codes.” And lo and behold! So now I get to listen to Carly Rae over and over and over and over! I’m not sure how my husband feels about that, but I’m pretty darn happy! Thanks Goob!

  • Inside Numbers

    Still working Saturday at 2:35 PM CST!!

  • Biff

    Updated now to expire midnight June 18th…

  • Cyndi Pucik Hartshorn

    Thought I’d try anyway, and it still worked for me this morning!

  • Cyndi Pucik Hartshorn

    A little bird told me it’s good until 6/23

  • aces1820

    Still worked 6/20/12 at 8:45pm :D