Free $2 Amazon MP3 Credit

Free Amazon MP3 Credit

Well looks like I have time for one more. This freebie is a $2 Amazon mp3 credit and you have to redeem it by January … 10th? Yeah, I think that’s right.

Make sure to uncheck the “Subscribe to the weekly Amazon MP3 Delivers newsletter…” on the first page.

  • Daniel Saylors

    got it, as did my wife. thanks again for the heads up

  • art

    is there any way to get it without a facebook account?

  • Bonearzt

    It would be nice to warn us if faceplant is involved so those of us that are faceless don’t waste our time.

  • Eric Wagner

    Love it! Grabbed a Bruno Mars and Monsters and Men. You know, for as many mailing lists as I have signed up for with Amazon, why is it I can only find these MP3 credits here?

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  • Eva Bach Engelhard

    Darn it! I didn’t have time to do this last week and now it appears it’s done: when I click on the link I just go to the regular Amazon homepage. Poop.

  • Jenny Patterson

    I too missed it