Free US Weekly Magazine Subscription

Free 2-Year Us Weekly Magazine Subscription

This freebie was originally posted on August 26, 2013 and is available again!

This free 2-year Us Weekly magazine subscription from RewardsGold is fairly rare, so jump on it if you enjoy reading about famous people. Look, they go grocery shopping too! They’re just like us! Now when and where do I pick up my own “Get out of jail free” card?

  • Dawn Lifgren

    Not really free… you’ve got to complete so much “crap” its not worth it.

  • Brittany Dietz

    It was a lot of crap but I like US weekly so I just went through and did it. Not a big deal for something free!

  • Dedra Place Salisbury

    That was a WAY LOT more easy then I was expecting!! Thanks for the post!

  • Traci Engeldrum

    a 2 yr weekly magazine for free– def. worth all that crap!

  • Cara Baute

    Can I just day how amazing y’all are?! I really have enjoyed getting freebies like a maniac because of this site. All my girlfriends are hooked now too and we are making everyone jealous with our goodies! Keep up the good work and know that we really appreciate it!

  • Cara Baute

    And dear everyone, yes the survey is long but one year of this magazine costs $70. Did you hear me? $70! I think a long survey is pretty worth the value.

  • Debra Rogers

    Beware, this was offered the other day and I completed the long survey only to receive an email a day later saying “sorry you were not one of the first 500 to complete the survey.”

  • Cindy


  • Laura Valent Griffey

    I did it just write a bunch of crap. It took me 15 min, worth it, it’s an expensive subscription.

  • Shawna Holsomback

    This is one of my facorite magazines! Thanks so much! :)

  • Shawna Holsomback

    Totally worth the TWO short surveys I had to fill out. Some people will complain about anything!

  • Cheryl Beckwith

    I enjoyed providing intimate information about my armpits:)

  • ldewese

    thanks Goob!!!

  • Cassidy Butler

    It wno’t work for be because my address is more than 24 characters! not my fault my street is a long name and i have to include apartment #!

  • I have really cut back on the free magazines that I sign up for these days.  It got to be a bit overwhelming and I just didn’t have the time to read them all.  Then I would just feel guilty about wasting the “trees” to make the magazines that pretty much went directly to my recycling bin.  This one looks fun and easy to enjoy.  So thanks for the hook-up.

  • Odette15

    Got mine! But my current subscription still has got a couple months to go. It is going to be wasted then. Bummer! 

  • Caroline

    Had to fill out what seemed like a looooooong questionnaire about deodorant, but eventually it worked! I’ve had good luck with magazines through Rewards Gold in the past; I don’t think I’ve ever had one that didn’t show up in my mailbox. Thanks, Goob!

  • LaurenHack

     @Odette15  I did that with my Martha Stewart Home Living ant they sent it through after my other subscription ran out. So it hopefully should go through!

  • kimberly1904

    how many surveys do u have to fill out for this to work?

  • kimberly1904

    how many surveys do i have to fill out for this to work?

  • Alane Simpson Taylor

    Just a plot to get your info.

  • ShinkansnBullet

    I had to fill out 2 surveys and 6 mini reviews. But I think that was because I didn’t have enough points

  • Ranata Denise

    I just made up crap and crap. LOL. Im a celeb junkie. Free is for me.

  • Terri

    Wow, that is the best deal!!  2 years of US!!  I’ll be so up on my celeb news!!!  Thanks Goob!!!!

  • TdoggRLx

    I just made up bogus answers, then copied and pasted to all the blanks.  Anyone know off hand if they’ll reject me cuz of my goofy answers??

  • Jordan

    Same here! When I realized I was getting a bunch of magazines I really don’t read, I felt terrible for stealing the subscription from someone who would of enjoyed them. :(  So I stated saving them and dropping them off at small doctors and dentists offices that might not have their own. Afer they all run out tho, I’m only getting the ones I REALLY want from then on!! :)

  • Jenn

    @Dawn I order them all then donate them to the local schools/nursing home etc where appropriate =)

  • Wausaukatiebug

    Great find!

  • LisaMarie01

    “No longer available” … boo hoo… :(  But – it says Forbes is!!

  • laurie

    I believe my subscripton was for 18 months. The surveys kept asking me for more and more words. I don’t know how much more i could say about soap and deodorant!

  • Judy Healy

    Says my first issue will be on its way in 6-8 weeks. Nice find!

  • Amanda Martin

    I was able to get US Weekly for 18 months!! First issue will be in 8-10 weeks.

  • Tina

    Ahhhhh! Seems as though the questions took two days to However, it didn’t. It was well worth the freebies. :)

  • mbern003

    Got it and after it showed I could get self and then after that w

  • Piquebu

    Once you sign up for this, they’ll keep on adding free years. These magazines are almost useless now that you can get celeb news within seconds online.

  • Arthur Rightus

    They aren’t useless. Many people in nursing homes enjoy reading them. We subscribe to every free magazine out there even if it’s not something we read. We donate them to nursing homes or Good Will.

  • Arthur Rightus

    Tina, you don’t have to answer all the survey questions. Just refer one friend. I refer my wife. LOL

  • kerry l

    Just a warning to anyone wanting to take advantage of this–I did this years ago and had no problem with it, other than the questions taking forever to fill out. Then I tried it again a couple of years ago, filled out the looooooong questionnaire, and it said my issues would be on the way. They never arrived, and after many, many e-mail conversations back and forth with RewardsGold (and after them saying they would fix the problem), they finally told me they would NOT be giving me the subscription, because I had done it in the past. Just FYI!!

  • potfarmer

    No it don’t work that way at all. As for the questions it’s very few boxes. The numbered ones where you type is not necessary, just copy/paste the same 30 words in each field, they don’t read it. Solve your issues.

  • kerry l

    What do you mean, it doesn’t work that way? That is exactly what they told me. I did all the work, and at first they said they’d make sure I got my issues, and then after several months of waiting and following up with them, they changed their minds and said they would NOT honor their promise because I had gotten a free Us Weekly subscription via this promotion in the past. That was definitely my experience!

  • Dang, that sucks to hear Kerry! RewardsGold certainly screwed up, because these offers SHOULD stack on top of any subscriptions you currently have.

    If you’re still interested in the US Weekly, I’d fill out the form and do two things: Change your last name (add a Z to your current one, that’s what I do) and use a new email address. I bet you’ll get the subscription then!

  • kerry l

    Thanks for the ideas, Goob! Sneaky, devious, and awesome ;) I’ll give it a try!

  • kerry l

    So, I did just go and fill it all out, and tried to pick the Us Weekly subscription, but the fine print does say “Us Weekly Subscription – 78 Issues!
    No Credit Card Required!
    New Subscribers Only.
    One per household.”

    So, since it does say “New Subscribers Only,” I wonder if it will work? I guess we’ll see! I used my address (of course), but a slightly different last name and a different e-mail address, but I do already have a current subscription to Us Weekly…

  • Mariah

    Jeez .. 8-10 weeks before delivery
    Thanks anyway though!

  • txmtnbiker74

    nice thats its free, but its just so rag mag these days