Free 2012 Ontario Travel Calendar

I never thought much of traveling to Canada. Not until I moved to Washington, that is. Now? Its like when I was in Florida and people talked about going to Puerto Rico – minus the fact you can’t just drive there quickly in a few hours.

So even though I’m closer to Vancouver than Ontario, maybe I’ll get some use out of this free 2012 Ontario travel calendar after-all. Of course, I’d need some vacation time for that first…

  • Mary

    Did the registration, filled out my address..then someone else’s name/address came up to ship the calendar to. WEIRD! But, re-did it and it said I would receive my calendar in 2-3 weeks. Cool! Love free calendars. Thanks Goob!

  • Kelly

    I got mine, thanks!

  • Corrina

    Adam, don’t you ever get frustrated when people call you Goob? LOL

  • Shari

    You have to create an account in order to get the calendar & answer a ton of questions. Thanks but no thanks.

  • Shari

    Created account now I am getting error messages and can’t order the calendar. Something is wrong with this website, I keep going in circles. Not worth the trouble.

  • Adam

    As many years as its been, Corrina, I’ve sort of gotten used to it… ;)