Free 2013 Pillsbury Calendar

Free 2013 Pillsbury Calendar

This free 2013 Pillsbury calendar is only for folks who were already for club members as of 10/29/2012. It’ll probably go fast too (they always do), so if you miss it at least sign up so that you’ll qualify for future giveaways.

Did you vote today? You should go vote. Otherwise you’re not allowed to get any freebies from HIF until you vote in 2014. So go vote. Vote. Did I mention the vote part yet?

  • Lynn

    Thank you so much!  I thought I was a member but wasn’t sure….and I was!  And, yes, I voted!!

  • Richard

    Only existing members are eligible for the calender, apparently.  Oh well.  Thanks anyway!  Vote! Vote! Vote!

  • elaine1029

    Soooo glad I am a member…Can’t wait for my calendar! Thank you Pillsbury.

  • HollyL

    RATS. I really wanted this, too. Well, if anyone doesn’t care for theirs, I’ll take it! lol

  • AJB

    I didn’t know I was a member but apparently I am. They have a whole bunch of coupons too, it looks like for just about every product they make!

  • EdwardDraper1

    uh, the voting part, don’t you mean until 2016?

  • frizzhead

    @EdwardDraper1 There’s an election every year, just not for president. Next year’s election will be for local government.

  • HollyL

    @frizzhead  @EdwardDraper1 If that’s what he meant, why didn’t he say 2013? It’s 2012, in case you didn’t notice.

  • Goob

    @HollyL  @frizzhead  @EdwardDraper1 I was referring the next time there are any national elections, which is 2014 when the House of Representatives and a handful of senators are up for election.

  • DawnSnyder

    How do you sigh in

  • goodtobeme

    well i just became a member and don’t qualify because quantities are limited to anyone who became registered before 10/29/2012

  • robin emerson

    How do i become member?