Free 2014 Roadside in Bloom Calendar

Free 2013 Roadside in Bloom Calendar

Every year the state of West Virginia gives away a free Roadside in Bloom calendar and every year I’m reminded that West Virginia ain’t half bad! I hear NYC tried making one of these as well, but it turns out we only have 7 trees that bloom every year.

  • cinwol

    Thank you !!

  • butterfly_net2

    Thanks, Goob!

  • newyawker

    Aww Goob–that is only true for Manhattan—-come visit us in Queens, Brooklyn and Staten Island! We have trees, farm animals and some farm land also. Not everyone lives in the concrete jungle of skyscrapers. :)

  • Carolina Cooper

    I ordered one of these calendars for 2013 and I have really enjoyed it. Thanks for letting us know about the offer for 2014.

  • Yaz

    Am I just dumb and not understanding how this works? I keep clicking the links and getting blank pages. Help?!

  • Beth

    Thanks, Goob! I’ve really enjoyed the 2013 calendar and was hoping they’d renew the offer this year.

  • Sandy Kessler

    Yay a Mountaineer!!

  • Prof59

    Of all the calendars I had this year, this is the one I used. Very nice! Thanks!