Free $35 Uber Credit

Free Uber Credit

To my fellow Hiffers living in metropolises (metropoli?), you’ve probably heard of Uber. It’s an on-demand car service that I honestly find a bit pricey, especially when I can wait around on the corner for an extra few minutes and hail a cab. However they’re occasionally amazingly convenient, like last week when I had a hot plate of food in one hand and a gift in the other while it was snowing. Ordering a car by my phone was about as much multitasking as I could handle at that point and within minutes a driver was outside my building.

Luckily Uber offers free credit to new users from time to time, which is the case today! New users always get a free $10 credit upon signing up. But after signing up, head to Amazon Local to score another free $25 Uber credit! That should give you more than enough for a comfy free car ride sometime soon!

  • jrdunn

    amazon code only good for new users too so can only use one