Free $5 Audible Audiobooks Voucher

1 FREE Audiobook Credit RISK-FREE from

If you signed up for a free trial membership last week (or are already a member), be one of the first 100,00 to add $5 worth of free credit to your account. Simply log-in then visit this promotion page to get the free credit.

I’m not sure if they have any items listed under $5, but how about this. For $5, I’ll come to your house and follow you around for a few weeks while periodically reading aloud your latest book.

  • Beth

    Now THAT would be worth five bucks! And you are in luck because this week I am headed up north for a mini vacation. You could follow me to the beach! Water, sun, sand dunes, and Goob reading to me. Priceless.

  • Address please! :D

  • Eva Bach Engelhard

    I got mine! It looks like the promo runs through today (8/26).