Free 8×10 Walgreens Collage Print

Free 8x10 Walgreens Collage Print

Interested in a free 8×10 Walgreens collage print? Cool, I can help with that. Simply use code DADCOLLAGE at checkout before June 16, select in-store pickup, and you won’t pay a dime. Or a quarter. Or even a buffalo nickel!

  • Esra Deville

    the code is not working i have correct size quanity and code but its not working

  • Tina

    Make sure you order a collage print, not a regular 8×10 print/enlargement. The code worked great for me. Thanks!

  • jen

    ordered it, and my son picked it up last night on his way home from work, looks great!

  • carissa moreno

    Just ordered mine with no problem! It will be ready at 6 today (it’s 4:50) :) Thanks!