Free 8×10 Walgreens Photo Collage

Free 8x10 Walgreens Photo Collage

Code COLLAGE4YOU will net you a free photo collage at Walgreens through Saturday, May 11. As usual, make sure to select “in-store pickup” to avoid a shipping fee then forget to pick it up for at least three weeks. Or maybe that last step only applies to me.

[thanks to everybody who sent this in!]

  • Kassie

    I do the same thing. With all these free photo offers. I don’t have a walgreens near me, so when I make my monthly trip for groceries, I pick up all my stuff =)

  • Katrina

    Worked Great, thanks!

  • nellen

    Bet they’ll have one around Fathers’ Day too. Love this freebie! You still have a few hours. Make one!

  • I made one for my mom to pick up where she lives. I realize it sucks to send her on an errand for a gift, but I’m sure she will like the surprise.

  • I used this to get a nice collage of pictures of my boyfriend and our toddler son together. He loved it! Thanks so much for putting a grin on his face, Goob!